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Veteran movie actor Tom Conway makes his only Perry appearance here as Guy Penrose. This would also be his final credited screen appearance as he would die at age 62 in 1967 from the effects of alcohol. Tom Conway is best known for the ten appearances he made in the 1940s playing the RKO detective “The Falcon.” He is also known for being the brother of Academy Award-winning actor George Sanders. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 12 September 2009.
+ Tom Conway co-starred with Barbara Hale in two episodes of "The Falcon" series -"The Falcon Out West" and "The Falcon in Hollywood," both in 1944. I suppose a nice reunion for them both, although it's sad reading about Conway's last years. Submitted by Robert-O, 26 March 2015

Bus Driver: Don't forget about Donald "Red" Barry who played Mr. Doyle. Among his many credits he appeared in numerous westerns. He was one of several actors to play the part of Billy the Kid on film [I Shot Billy the Kid (1950)]. Submitted by H. Mason 3/25/15

This is somewhat unusual in that the Judge in Superior Court No.2 says not a word. This rarely happens on Perry. And we get to learn his name, Henry Trase (as printed on the door), which is also a rare happenstance. Submitted by gracenote, 2/18/2011.
+ It's actually Trask, with a k at the end. See the 2012 Paramount DVD at 34:46. Submitted by masonite, 12/6/12.

Also unusual is that the murder victim never utters a word either despite being in two scenes, one of which he is being directly addressed to by other characters. Submitted by Kenmore 7/26/2012
+In episode 179 - TCOT Skeleton's Closet - the judge had no lines and wasn't mentioned in the credits and another character didn't speak but was identified. Added by H. Mason 3/28/15

Victor Buono plays a very similar character type in TCOT Absent Artist, Episode #146. --Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 1 August 2014.
+Virginia Field kind of plays a similar role as in TCOT Prodigal Parent where she claims "I am your mother" and in this episode she claims "I am NOT your mother". HamBurger 9/3/2016

CAR. The only motor vehicle in this episode is an intercity bus. We've previously seen the exact same bus in episodes 80, 99, 117 & 135:

  • a 1949-1952 Aerocoach P-372 in "Trailways" paint scheme (as in linked image) and a large sign "Simon Weatherly COMPANY FOUR" on each side. Trailways lettering is absent but fleet# "130" is visible at each top corner. Doc Rushing's identification and description is at Ep#80 TCOT Violent Village trivia.

The bus interior has notionally been converted to a lounge for the touring COMPANY FOUR. Most of the bus-interior scenes were not shot inside the P-372 but rather on an in-studio mock-up of a bus interior different from the P-372's. The episode opens as the bus arrives in Flagstaff: watch as the bus passes the camera and turns, noting the shape and wide spacing between the rear window halves. The rear window halves in the later bus-interior shots are different and have only a narrow separation. In the bus-interior shot with the camera facing forward at 31:13 the real bus is used: Aerocoach can be read backwards on the separator between the front entry steps and the passenger compartment. Added by Gary Woloski, 1/26/15.
+ What a beautiful bus! By the way, though, the lettering on the bus really does read 'The COMPANY of FOUR. The lowercase letters are a little swirly, that's all. Submitted by catyron, June 7th, 2018

Court: Actor Jay Barney was the prosecutor (Harry Clark) in episode 146 TCOT Absent Artist [Victor Buono was also in that story]. That case was in Port Harmony, approximately 120 miles from L.A. This time he was also away from the city as District Attorney in Santa Barbara, approximately 90 miles from L.A. Submitted by H. Mason 3/25/15

This is the fifth of six PM appearances for English-born Virginia Field, whose father was a judge...MikeM. 1/12/2017

The murder - and so, presumably, the trial as well - takes place in Santa Barbara, but unfortunately the producers failed to use anything other than a generic establishing shot, thus depriving viewers a glimpse of its magnificent Spanish-themed courthouse (would the "Seaside Beach" venue have it's own Docent Council site ?? I doubt it !!) Notcom, 042417.

This is the only PM appearance for prolific character actor Malachi Throne, who was the son of Austro-Hungarian Jewish immigrants Samuel and Rebecca Throne...MikeM. 5/24/2018