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Location: The early scene where Perry and Paul walk down a ramp to a dock on their way to the Blue Nymph sailboat was filmed near the Alamitos Bay Marine Bureau building. See here. Submitted by D. A Supernaw, 3/17/2005.

Sightings: Distinguished Gentleman #1 peeks in between a blonde lady and Pancho Morado as they make a bet. He moves aside and continues to stand next to her as the two gamblers play. The Gentleman shouts, “He got ’em! Got ’em all!” Then he says, “Come on, pay up, Pancho!” And he laughs with another spectator. This may be the first time we ever hear him speak!!! Submitted by gracenote, 3/25/2011.

The new season starts off with Ray Collins in the credits, but his character, Lt. Tragg, is absent again. Submitted by gracenote, 3/25/2011.

Through that remarkable transformation of the time-space continuum known as Daily Syndication we have David Macklin appearing less than two weeks after his last performance (Simple Simon), whereas in reality the appearances were separated by almost six months. Further testing our faith in the illusion of theatre is the fact that - at just eighteen - he's actually younger than his character is probably intended to be...a novelty for PM (or many shows of the period). Submitted by Notcom, 041916.

David Macklin seems miscast as a lobster trapper with the clean cut looks. Submitted by Perry Baby, 10.17.16

Uncredited Actors: Don Anderson plays another (silent) double role in this episode. In the final courtroom scene, he is a spectator in the front row of the gallery, and in the last scene at the La Playa Bar & Motel, he is a background bartender. Submitted by gracenote, 3/25/2011.

Sightings: In the middle of the courtroom gallery sits Quiet Old Man #1. Submitted by gracenote, 3/25/2011.

Location: About 19 minutes in there is a quick shot of the historic Hall of Justice on the corner of Temple and Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. It was badly damaged in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 12 August 2011

Location: The finale takes place around historic Echo Park. It has been a favorite film location starting with Laurel and Hardy and Our Gang. Chinatown, Kentucky Fried Movie and even Gilligan's Island shot scenes there. Perry and crew drive around the lake in his sweet ride then take the nearby onramp onto the Hollywood Freeway when Della spots the missing girl. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 12 August 2011

Names 1: This was the ninth time actor Charles Irving appeared as a judge and called Judge Blanchard. In episode 173 TCOT Golden Oranges he was given the name Judge Stanley. Submitted by H. Mason 4/4/15
+Charles Irving [Zipperman] Judged 11 Perrys & 3 Bonanzas; he prosecuted Charles Dickens (played by Jonathan Harris) in Bonanza's "A Passion for Justice" [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 4.6.15

Names 2: The Pitt Herbert character was called Dr. Wyler. In episode 79 TCOT Lucky Legs he was named Dr. James Latham. Submitted by H. Mason 4/4/15

Bank: The check Dirk Blake wrote to Vince Rome was from an account at the Pacific National Bank. That bank was mentioned in episode 173 TCOT Golden Oranges. Submitted by H. Mason 4/4/15

Props It appears the model used for the murder reenactment is the Eldon Racing Sloop a popular toy of the period ("Popular", in this case meaning I had - and still have - one.) Brought into court by Notcom, 041916.

This is the only PM appearance for Claire Wilcox who, like Raymond Burr, was born in Canada...MikeM. 1/23/2017