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CARS: 1957 Cadillac convertible, black, white top up (Mason), 1957 Chevrolet 150 4dr sedan, V8, black (Police). From The Cars by Greg Cockerill.

Uncredited Actors: Don Anderson is one of the spectators in the courtroom. He’s seated just behind the defense table and can be seen over Raymond Burr’s shoulder in some reaction shots. Submitted by FredK 7 October 2010.

Sightings: Pencil Mustache Man is in Johnny's Bar when we first see Joyce. We see him again in court on Perry's side along with Distinguished Lady #4, Distinguished Lady #2 and Distinguished Gentleman #1. Submitted by BigBill767, Nov 12,2016.

Character Names: Johnny Hale’s middle name is Davis. Submitted by gracenote, 9/2/2011.
+ Speaking of Murray Hamilton as Johnny Hale, I knew I had seen him in something else...I think he may be best known as the egotistical mayor Larry Vaughn in Jaws (and Jaws 2). Submitted by mesave31, 04/22/15.
++ "The Case of the Repeated Surname": MH played Emory HALE in "The FBI: Ninth Man" episode ['68: IMDb]. Mike Bedard 8.11.16

Syndicated cuts: Lt. Tragg and Sgt. Grant arriving at the Crest Apartments, their conversation and Tragg noticing Mason's car; Tommy saying prayers and Sarah taking him to bed; Mason going to Hale's office, knocking and finding Hale alone, showing him the half photo and their conversation and Perry leaving [This edit makes it seem like Perry arrives at the club, fiddles with a light fixture and just barges in without knocking and making it seem strange that Hale does not comment on Mason's entering without knocking or why he is there.]; desk clerk Johnson's testimony [Johnson leaving the stand can still be seen in the edited episodes] and Burger resting his case;
Additional Hallmark cuts: scene of "Joyce" in Hale's office after Hale brings her there; Joyce's description to Crane about nightmares being senseless and having no beginning or end; Mason asking Cora Dunbar about Reed's portrait; Crane recounting Helen's nightmare 25 years ago concerning a bread knife; Perry's question of Hale concerning custody rights, Burger's objection and the judge telling Hale to ignore the question; Burger stipulating to Dr. Maitland's qualifications; reaction shots from witnesses when Mason asks Helen to try an experiment; Helen telling Dr. Maitland how frightening and difficult it is to be accused of things you didn't do and Dr. Maitland saying she's coming along splendidly. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 7/19/12.

I stopped watching the syndication ones on MeTV given they are chopped up so much. Once you see the full uncut, you real how much "ambiance" that is being left out. Submitted by Perry Baby 12/5/14.

Burger correctly identifies the murder weapon as a "Colt .45"; more specifically it is a Colt Pocket Positive,made until about 1940. Submitted by SteveP
+You must mean incorrectly on the .45 part as the Colt Pocket Positive is a .32 caliber. Submitted by HamBurger, 9/9/2017

It's for you, Mr. Mason: It's always a special moment when someone tracks down Perry in the field. This time he's cooling his heels at Reed Industries when Della finds him. Submitted by francis, 6/09/14.

Denver Pyle makes the first of six appearances on Perry Mason including the final episode: TCO the Final Fade Out. Submitted by Perry Baby 12/5/14

During Perry's first meeting in his office with Helen Reed and Robert Crane, there is a set of law book on the shelf behind Perry, the book nearest Perry (seen over his right shoulder) is turned upside down. An upside down book is shown again in the epilogue scene in episode 179, TCOT Skeleton's Closet. jfh 11May2017.

Pierre Watkin was 1 of 5 actors who Judged 3 Perrys; his 344 movie appearances included "Meet John Doe" & "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 4.22.15

This is the first of six PM episodes for writer Sam Neuman....MikeM. 8/10/2016

This is the first of seven PM episodes for British-born film and television director Andrew V. McLaglen...MikeM. 8/10/2016

This is the first of two PM appearances for Illinois-born Carole Mathews who, according to IMDb, had an uncredited movie role as a dancer in 1935 when she was fifteen. Carole Mathews passed in Murrieta CA in 2014 at the age of 94...MikeM. 5/23/2018