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Goof: In the scene where the judge adjourns court until tomorrow and everybody rises, Della has on a jumper and sweater. When court resumes, supposedly on the next day, Della has on the same outfit! See here. Submitted by Carol Barton 2/10/2005.

Continuity: Keep an eye on Myra Finlay and Evelyn Wilcox in the two courtroom scenes for odd costume changes. See here. Submitted by daveb, 12/11/2007.

Lee Meriwethermakes her first of two appearances here on Perry playing Evelyn Wilcox. Meriwether was chosen Miss America in September 1954, the first year the pageant was telecast. She is probably best known for playing Barnaby Jones’ daughter-in-law on the show of the same name. Submitted by Paul Drake 33, 18 August 2009.
+ I think of her more for being the Catwoman in the movie "Batman," doing the role due to the unavailability of Julie Newmar. She looked great in the outfit. cgraul 5.8.14
+ + Agreed, Lee Merriwether looks fantastic as Catwoman! She also was for a few episodes a regular member of the Mission:Impossible team, and one of the scientists at the Time Tunnel, but I think of her more for guest starring on Star Trek, "That Which Survives". Her character, Losira, is well-played as a projected image that unintentionally kills a Red Shirt or two. Submitted by Trekkie DyNama, 2014.05.09.
+ + + Lee played CRIME LAB technician Joanne Laurens in 3 "FBI" episodes of 1965 [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 2.11.15.

Location: Lee Meriwether’s Malibu beach house plays double duty by appearing in “TCOT Frightened Fisherman.” Submitted by Eric Cooper, 28 April 2011.
+ The Beach House was best known as the Mildred Pierce House. It was at 26652 Latigo Shores Dr. in Malibu until it fell into the ocean after a 1983 storm. Submitted by Eric Cooper 28 January 2013.

Sighting:The young brunette made brief appearance sitting in the courtroom on the row behind of Joe Price played by one of Robert Walker's sons, Michael Walker. Perry Baby 12/8/13

NOTICE: This story was remade as the season 3 episode of MURDER, SHE WROTE - "Murder in a Minor Key". Submitted by H. Mason 9/24/14 - Revised 11/8/14

This is the second of three PM writing credits for Lawrence Goldman, who had six writing credits on "The Millionaire" television series...MikeM. 3/9/2017

This is the second of two PM appearances for prolific character actor Peter Hobbs (James Hyatt), who was born in France in 1918 and passed in Santa Monica CA in 2011...MikeM. 3/15/2018

This is the only PM appearance for Peter Helm (Bob Hyatt), who was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1941. He was in a single episode of "Ironside" in 1967. One of his children, Tiffany Helm, is an actress. Peter Helm is now 76 years old...MikeM. 7/19/2018

'The Return of the Tudor House: Our favourite Tudor house is seen in this episode again. Submitted by catyron, July 20, 2018

This is Louise Latham's second - and final - appearance, only 10 episodes after her previous one. (According to several web sources she is still alive at 93, making her one of PM's more senior alumni.) In both cases she plays a woman who murders her philandering husband, and gives hints of such by acting in a slightly daft manner thruout the show. Observed by Notcom, 060316.