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Anomaly: Elisabeth Fraser, listed as Estelle Paige, is identified as Estelle Gaige in three ways. Submitted by Lisa & Mack McLendon.

The painting “featured” in the scene where Perry confronts the murderer can also be seen in #146, TCOT Absent Artist, and #187, TCOT Reluctant Model. See the appearances here. Submitted by Leah, 1/29/2003.

This episode of Perry Mason (TCOT Sausalito Sunrise) and the first season episode TCOT Moth-Eaten Mink (#13, 1.13) are both based on the same Erle Stanley Gardner novel titled The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink. So this current episode is often considered to be a "re-make" of the first season episode TCOT Moth-Eaten Mink. See repeated episodes here. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 26 April 2013.
+ In a certain sense, this episode also remakes second season episode TCOT Purple Woman, in that both take their title from a painting ( though - happily!! - we're not reminded of the title every few minutes here). Observed by Notcom, 062316.

Uncredited Actors: Don Anderson hits another three bagger in this episode. In the opening scene at the Clune Gallery, he’s among the crowd viewing the art. He wears his tux and dark-rimmed spectacles. Mid-episode, the glasses disappear when he’s the non-speaking one of two San Francisco plainclothesman who surprise Paul Drake at the bus depot parcel check. At the trial, his glasses reappear so he can better watch the action from the last row of the gallery on the defense side of the courtroom. Submitted by FredK, 28 December 2010.

There must have been something about actor Donald Murphy that just screamed “Art!” to the Mason team. In this episode he’s art gallery owner Francis Clune. In Episode #48, TCOT Purple Woman, he plays art critic Wayne Gordon. And in Episode #231, TCOT Lover’s Gamble, he’s philandering art professor Dr. Philip Stark. Submitted by FredK, 28 December 2010.

+Donald Murphy became an interior designer and antiques expert in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Talk about life imitating art. Submitted by BobH, 24 June 2016.

Sightings: Two favorite faces appear in the courtroom gallery today: Quiet Old Man #1 and “Miss Carmody.” The young brunette also appears in the courtroom on the prosececutor's side on the back row. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/16/14

Fate must have been working overtime in the casting of Paul Genge as the thug who tries to kill Bobbi Dane twice, once in her hospital room, then dies in a fiery crash trying to hijack Paul Drake as an undercover truck driver. In about two years he will try the same actions in Peter Yates' Bullitt, though in that case he's chased through the hospital and fatally run off the road by Steve McQueen. Submitted by FredK 5 June 2012.

During WWII, "Sausalito was a shipbuilding town with 6 shipways operating 24 hours...A cast of 20,000 filled this stage,...launching 93 ships...The war effort ended and the shipyards were cleared for the next production -- a 1950s art film featuring painters, sculptors, dancers, writers, musicians, mask makers, bohemians, hippies & houseboaters," the City Of Sausalito website observes: that heritage made Sausalito the Logical Location for this episode. Mike Bedard 3.4.15.

"LOCATION" Where is Clune Galleries? At the 2 minute mark when Bobbi leans up against the wall in the Clune parking lot you can see the famous, now demolished, Tiny Naylor's Googie style Coffee shop with the Mobil Gas Station on the other corner. The Mobil station is still there. The intersection is Sunset and La Brea. That would put Clune Galleries just above what is now Jim Henson Studios. It was originally Charles Chaplin studios and in the early 50s was where the Adventures of Superman were shot. In the 70s it was A&M Records. But what was this studio used for from 1962 to 1966? Some show called Perry Mason. A minute or 2 later we see the Pop Art Premiere and you can see "Hotel Roosevelt" sign which would be a couple blocks due North. Eric Cooper, 24 June 16

This is the second of two PM appearances for Francine York, who worked almost to the time of her passing in January 2017...MikeM. 3/30/2017