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This episode reunites Wendell Corey with fellow Rear Window alumnus Raymond Burr. Submitted by billp, 15 November 2009.

Wendell Corey, whose later acting career was marred by alcoholism, seems to be in a constant state of inebriation (e.g. slurring of words, bleary-eyed expression) through the course of his appearance. He still manages to turn in a good performance, however, as a despicable murder victim candidate. Submitted by BobH, 21 December 2015.

Gloria Talbott, who makes her final of four appearances here on Perry playing Minna Rohan, will forever be known to sci-fi fans as the woman who Married A Monster From Outer Space in the 1958 movie. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 16 December 2009.

Paul Brinegar makes the second of his two Mason appearances, the first being the very minor role of Tom Sackett in the 1958 episode, TCOT Sun Bather’s Diary (#17). In the intervening years, he appeared as trail cook George Washington Wishbone on Rawhide (1959–65). His characterization of Jason Rohan is pretty much a reprise of the Wishbone persona. Submitted by alan_sings, 20 January 2012.

Frank Biro Judged 2 Perrys, a Get Smart & a Streets of San Francisco; he was 1 of 9 actors who presided over 2 episodes {IMDb; Statistics page]. Mike Bedard 3.11.15.

Perry once again gets his coveted on-street parking space right in front of the courthouse! ;-> Submitted by mesave31, 03/12/15.

This is the only PM appearance for Danielle De Metz, who was born in Paris in 1938...MikeM. 4/6/2017

This the second of two PM appearances for Marilyn Erskine, whose 1945 marriage to producer/director Stanley Kramer was annulled in two months...MikeM. 4/12/2018