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CARS: 1958 Cadillac convertible, black, white top up (Mason). From The Cars by Greg Cockerill.

We see Perry wearing a tuxedo in the first half of this show. Paul had worn a tuxedo earlier in TCOT Crooked Candle. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 5 June 2008.

Old-time cowboy star Johnny Mack Brown has a prominent role here. This would be the only time after 1934 that he is to act in anything other than a western show. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 5 June 2008.

Prior to becoming a Hollywood Cowboy, Johnny Mack Brown was an All-American Halfback at the University of Alabama and was one of the star players in the 1926 Rose Bowl Game. Submitted by Teejay 6/13/2012

There are several camera angles in the courtroom that normally do not appear in the other shows. One is from behind the judge’s right shoulder that shows a wide view of the jury. In most shows the camera angle is from the jury box. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 5 June 2008.

STOCK MUSIC: YouTube presentation of the music edited in this episode, especially featuring Bernard Herrmann. Link immediately below:

Submitted by filmscorerundowns:

This also appears to be the first episode that has the witness box ahead of the bench so the defense table can see all the witness rather than just the head of the witness at best with the prior courtroom setup. This setup seems to have been what was used for the majority of the run. Submitted by Perry Baby 12/17/14

There is a photograph of Rose Calvert on the mantle of her husband Fred Calvert’s home. The next day this same photograph would be on the front page of the Los Angeles Chronicle newspaper. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 21 October 2008.

The picture above the fireplace in Mrs. Griffith’s apartment (you can see it when Mavis Jordan is looking at Griffith’s shoes) is Girl with a Watering Can by Pierre Auguste Renoir. See here. I think this painting appears in other episodes. The distinctively patterned “window” in Mrs. Griffith’s apartment is used in a number of Perry Mason episodes. Submitted by billp, 1/21/2009.

Sightings: The elderly lady in the jury who skittishly handles the gun appears in many Perry Mason episodes, usually as a spectator. billp 1/21/2009.
+ We call her Little Old Lady in a Hat or simply Little Old Lady #1. Read more about her and other favorite frequent faces on the Who Is That? page and see a picture of her with the gun here. Submitted by gracep 8/23/2010, updated 11/21/2010.
+ Is this the Only episode where the Jury handles the exhibits? (The weapon was a .38 caliber Smith/Wesson.) Mike Bedard 4.28.15
+Distinguished Gentelman #1 sits in court on Burger's side. Submitted by BigBill767, Nov 11, 2016.

Location: The establishing shot for the “Hotel Redfern” is the Bryson Apartment Hotel. This same footage is also used in #33, TCOT Long-legged Models. Submitted by billp, 1/21/09.
+ The Bryson was also used in episodes #33 and #62. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 11 January 11.

Sightings: At Empire Drug, Distinguished Gentleman #1 steps out of a phone booth as Conway heads for his. One of the jurors is Distinguished Lady #1, who also magically appears in the gallery during the elevator operator’s testimony. Little Old Lady #2 is also in the gallery throughout the trial. More about them here. Submitted by gracenote, 8/31/2011.
+ One of the jurors is played by Distinguished Lady #4. Submitted by gracenote, 9/6/2011.

Uncredited Actors: At the last session of court, Don Anderson appears among the returning spectators on the defense side. As everyone rises for the judge, we can see former heavyweight boxer Tom Kennedy in the gallery as well. Submitted by gracenote, 8/31/2011.
+ This is one of my favorites mostly because of the elevator operator. :-) She's reading an Erle Stanley Gardner book under his pen name A. A. Fair, You Can Die Laughing. I loved that touch. posted by Lara Fabans on Perry Mason Yahoo Group, 11/3/18.

Character Names Mavis' last name is "Jordan". jfh 29May2018

This is the first of ten PM episodes for H.M.Wynant. According to imdb, Wynant may still be working at the age of 89...MikeM. 8/16/2016

This was the first of three PM episodes for Jacqueline Scott. She also appeared in The New Perry Mason in 1973. She may still be alive. Her last movie credit was in 2009...MikeM. 8/16/2016

This is the first of four PM appearances for Marie Windsor, who acted on stage, screen, and television for about fifty years. Marie Windsor's first husband was bandleader Ted Steele. In 1946, she married realtor Jack Hupp, and they remained married until Marie's passing in 2000. Jack Hupp, a USC grad and 1936 basketball Olympian, was the son of Canadian screenwriter/actor/director Earle Rodney...MikeM. 5/29/2018
+ Ms. Windsor can be defined in her own right, not only in terms of her relationships to men. Ms Windsor was a wonderful actress who had a great "B-movie" and film noir career, including The Narrow Margin (1952), City That Never Sleeps (1953), and The Killing (1956), then transitioned successfully to TV. jfh 29May2018