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CARS: 1958 Pontiac Bonneville 2dr hardtop, 2-tone: medium color & white, 1958 Buick convertible, white, top down, 1958 Cadillac convertible, black, all-white interior, top down (Mason). From The Cars by Greg Cockerill.

In this episode, Bertrand Allred (played by Neil Hamilton) is the stepfather of Patricia Faxon (played by Yvonne Craig). In the Batman TV series of the 60s, Neil Hamilton (as Commissioner Gordon) again portrayed the father of Yvonne Craig (playing Barbara Gordon, alias Batgirl). Submitted by Charles Richmond, 12/10/2008.
+ Neil was in Batman: The Movie, the Batgirl TV short & 120 Batmans; Yvonne was in the Batgirl TV short & 26 Batman episodes [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 5.7.15

Francis Cockrell, the screenwriter, also was a regular writer for "Batman." cgraul 7.5.12

Len Hendry who plays a police officer in this episode also appeared with Raymond Burr in Rear Window, where he played a policeman. Hendry appears in six Perry Mason episodes, always portraying a police official. Besides the instant case, Hendry appeared in “Lucky Loser,” “Treacherous Toupee,” “Capering Camera,” and “Blonde Bonanza.” Submitted by billp, 15 November 2009.
+ It doesn't seem that Len Hendry actually appears in this episode. The end credit appears to be in error, or else his appearance was omitted from even the DVD version. The whispering detective mis-identifed as Len Hendry in this cast list is clearly not Hendry, as can be seen when compared with Hendry's other PM roles, such as the Carmel plainclothes detective in TCOT Treacherous Toupee, and the police photographer seen in the dark room scene of TCOT Capering Camera. Added by alan_sings, 11/28/2014.

With 8 actors, this episode has the smallest credited cast of any in the series. And, Len Hendry’s role appears to be only a whisper unless I missed him somewhere. Submitted by daveb, 3/7/2011.
+ Not even a whisper. (See updated comment above.) Without Hendry, that brings the cast size down to seven. alan_sings 11/28/2014.
++ They sure saved a lot of money by not having the sheriff, Bernice's sister, the Mountain View Motel clerk and Stanley Jerome appear in the story. Also, Mrs. Allred's car was involved in the murder but never seen or described. Added by H. Mason 10/9/14

When Mason visits Bernice Archer in her apartment, we see above the mantel a copy of Renoir’s Girl with a Watering Can. We’ve seen this picture before in another episode, yes? Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 8 August 2011.

That picture and the corner etagere by the door are two of the most used props in the series, each appearing in a score or so of episodes over the years. DOD 06/07/18

Sightings: Sitting on the defense side of the courtroom are some familiar faces, Pencil Mustache Man and Distinguished Lady #4 (in a feathered hat). The court stenographer is Distinguished Gentleman #1. When court reconvenes, Little Old Lady #2 is visible in the corner of the gallery. Submitted by graccnote, 9/6/2011.

Syndicated cuts: Opening scene of Patricia driving and hitting a hedge and she and Lucille complaining about Bertrand's parking; Della telling Perry that Lucille's check is good, Allred telling Mason his wife ran off with Bob Fleetwood, Perry telling Della to get Paul to find Lucille; Paul and Perry arriving at the motel; Burger's opening statement; Bernice smiling at Perry.

Additional Hallmark cuts: Bernice asking Perry why should she be upset and Mason responding that she must have known from the papers Fleetwood ran away with another woman whose husband was murdered and was in a hospital with amnesia and asking again if she was upset; Tragg and Mason's conversation in the hospital hallway; the judge asking Mason for an opening statement and Perry responding the defense will at the presentation of its case, Fleetwood being called to the stand; the judge telling Overbrook to step down, Burger resting his case, Mason asking for dismissal, Burger objecting, the judge agreeing with Burger [In the Hallmark version the judge's words "We have reached the noon hour and court will adjourn" are dubbed over the scene of Overbrook leaving the stand followed by a close-up of the judge with the rest of his lines after the cuts]; the judge's speech to Burger and Mason about the Supreme Court's ruling of order of witnesses and that technicalities should not defeat justice. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 8/03/12.

Double Switch: Although it's Perry and Paul who are supposed to be driving to the Mountain View Motel, a closer look reveals that it's Lee Miller behind the wheel of the Eldorado, with Don Anderson in the passenger seat. Submitted by francis, 6/20/14.

Della's Impersonation: This time Miss Street claims to be Mabel Fleetwood. Usually she wouldn't say anything and let somebody believe she was another woman. Submitted by H. Mason 10/9/14

Who said that?: Paul did not say "coming and going". Perry said it. Submitted by H. Mason 10/11/14

Novel Differences: Although the "lover," Bob Fleetwood, was described as lazy several times in the novel due to pretending to have amnesia, this wasn't really mentioned in the episode possibly leading viewers wondering what the title meant. Also, while Gertie is mentioned, she doesn't appear in the episode. In the novel it was Gertie, not Della, who pretends to be Bob Fleetwood's wife, although Della did go along for the ride to Overbrook's place. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 3/22/15.

Closed-Caption anomaly: At 8:09, Perry says "I don't know what she wants, Della." In the closed-captioning on the CBS/Paramount season set it reads "I don't know what she wants, Stella." Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 3/22/15.

Frances Helm who played Bernice Archer in this one, was first married to Brian Keith. They subsequently divorced after 6 1/2 years and on the same day they divorced (06/23/1954), Brian Keith married his 2nd wife Judith Landon. WOW! Submitted by mesave31, 05/07/15.

Noted Character Actor Used as Extra: Phillips Tead or Phil Tead appears in this story as essentially a seat filler. He is seen with an older woman seated in the court room next to the two lead characters Harry Townes and Frances Helm.
+ Why?, who can say. Perhaps he had a free afternoon. But in any case he was all over TV at the time in billed roles on such shows as The Lone Ranger, the Adventures of Superman, I Love Lucy, The Burns and Allen Show, Cheyenne and Broken Arrow to name but some. And before that Tead had a long career in feature movies, going back as far as silent films. He had even appeared with Barbara Hale only a few years earlier in the major motion picture, A Lion Is in the Streets. Submitted by PerryDixon 5/7/15

This is the second of four PM appearances by James Bell. James Bell was born in Virginia in 1891. He passed in Virginia in 1973...MikeM. 8/25/2016

Yvonne Craig's first marriage was to Jimmy Boyd, who had a hit Christmas song, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus."...MikeM. 8/25/2016

This is the first of five PM appearances for Harry Townes, who was ordained as an Episcopal priest in 1974...MikeM. 9/14/2017

This is the only PM appearance for Ann Lee (Lucille Allred), who was born in Texas in 1918. Ann Lee worked on Broadway before beginning work in Hollywood in 1948. Ann Lee's last television appearance was in 1962. Ann Lee passed in Arizona in 2003 at the age of 85...MikeM. 6/7/2018