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Copyright © 1996-2004
D. M. Brockman
25 December 2007

Season 5

#124: The Case of the Jealous Journalist 9/2/61
Irene Hervey as Grace Davies
Jan Merlin as Ralph Quentin
Linden Chiles as Joe Davies
Denver Pyle as Tilden Stuart
Bek Nelson as Miriam Coffey
Theodore Marcuse as Boyd Alison
Claire Griswold as Kerry Worden
Parley Baer as Seward Quentin
Paul Smith as Bartender
Frieda Inescort as Hope Quentin
Roxanne Arlen as Bonnie Mae
Lee Giroux as Newscaster
James D. Neilson as Operative
Alex Bookston as Lewis
Tom Harkness as Judge
Richard Geary as Searcher
#125: The Case of the Impatient Partner 9/16/61
Ben Cooper as Frank Wells
Leslie Parrish as Vivian Ames
Wesley Lau as Amory Fallon
Lucy Prentis as Edith Fallon
Peter Adams as Ned Thompson
Mary Young as Mrs. Murdock
Cheerio Meredith as Mrs. Temple
Jack Betts as Bert Nickols
Dan Seymour as Carlos Silva
Chet Stratton as Charles Grant
Barney Biro as Judge
Charles Stroud as Court Clerk
Paula Courtland as Margo
#126: The Case of the Missing Melody 9/30/61
Constance Towers as Jonny Baker
James Drury as Eddy King
Bobby Troup as Bongo White
Jo Morrow as Polly Courtland
Karl Held as David Gideon
Andrea King as Enid Markham
Walter Burke as Jack Grabba
Grant Richards as George Sherwin
Lorrie Richards as Midge Courtland
Crahan Denton as Templeton Courtland
Barney Kessel as Barney
Frederic Worlock as Judge
Owen McGiveney as Boyson
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Richard Geary as Detective
Irving Mitchell as Minister
Tony Mafia as Waiter
Jack Williams as First Gambler
Philip Harron as Second Gambler
#127: The Case of the Malicious Mariner 10/7/61
Sean McClory as Wenzel
Edward Binns as Charles Griffin
Roy Roberts as Arthur Janeel
Lee Farr as Griffin
Karl Held as David Gideon
Casey Adams as Frank Logan
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Penny Edwards as Julie Abbott
Robert Armstrong as Capt. Bancroft
Victor Sen Yung as Sheng
Tudor Owen as MacLean
Robert Carson as Capt. Lansing
George Ives as Lt. Gregg
Robert Foulk as Vogel
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
Pitt Herbert as Autopsy Surgeon
Douglas Evans as Capt. Wilson
George Sawaya as Connor
Roy Jenson as Officer
Rollin Moriyama as Nagata
Gordon Kee as Panjong
#128: The Case of the Crying Comedian 10/14/61
Tommy Noonan as Charlie Hatch
Jackie Coogan as Gunner Grimes
Gloria Talbott as Ann Gilrain
Sue Ane Langdon as Rowena
Med Flory as Sgt. McVey
Stacy Harris as Ed Brigham
Liam Sullivan as Tom Gilrain
John Gallaudet as Judge
Nestor Paiva as Nico
John Alvin as Manager
Louis Mercier as Remy
Ray Dannis as Reese Lordan
Art Lewis as M. C.
Alan Reynolds as Dr. Iverson
Carl Milletaire as Bolin
Charles Stroud as Court Clerk
#129: The Case of the Meddling Medium 10/21/61
Virginia Field as Sylvia Walker
Kent Smith as Dr. Arthur Younger
Mary La Roche as Helen Garden
Sonya Wilde as Bonnie Craig
Karl Held as David Gideon
Paul Smith as Michael Craig
Ann Carroll as Elaine Paisley
Lea Marmer as Princess Charlotte
James Forrest as Philip Paisley
S. John Launer as Judge
James Chandler as Sgt. Bradley
Dr. Andrija Puharich as Dr. Andrija Puharich
#130: The Case of the Pathetic Patient 10/28/61
Skip Homeier as Dr. Edley
Frank Cady as Joe/Hiram Widlock
Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Osborn
Richard Eastham as Prosecutor Parness
Mort Mills as Sgt. Ben Landro
Peter Whitney as Roger Gates
Bek Nelson as Janice Edley
Edward Kemmer as Leslie Hall
Charles Irving as Judge
Wally Brown as Mr. Morgan (Manager)
Percy Helton as Asa Cooperman
Bill Erwin as Autopsy Surgeon
Maura McGiveney as Miss York
Wayne Heffley as Grif Roland
Thomas Freebairn-Smith as Banning
#131: The Case of the Travelling Treasure 11/4/61
Jeff York as Scot Cahill
Lisa Gaye as Rita Magovern
Arch Johnson as Karl Magovern
H. M. Wynant as Max
Vaughn Taylor as Prof. Sneider
Ron Kennedy as Ben Wylie
Jack Searl as Leon Ulrich
Addison Richards as Smith
Baynes Barron as Charlie Bender
Hardie Albright as Jones
Frank Gerstle as Allen
Richard Adams as Jaygee
Jim Drum as Ambulence Driver
Nacho Galindo as Mexican Bartender
Robert Whiting as Assistant
Gil Frye as Police Officer
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Tony Miller as Second Seaman
Richard Geary as First Seaman
Tom Harkness as Judge
Lionel Dante as Watchman
#132: The Case of the Posthumous Painter 11/11/61
Stuart Erwin as Austin Durrant
George Macready as Dr. Vincent Kenyon
Carol Rossen as Linda Burnside
Lori March as Edna Culross
Karl Held as David Gideon
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Jason Evers as Clint Miller
Britt Lomond as Jack Culross
James Griffith as Walter Hutchings
Nelson Leigh as Judge
John McNamara as Robert Shelby
Vera Marshe as Woman
Don Lynch as Deputy
Paul Barselow as Resident
Chuck Hamilton as Postal Inspector
#133: The Case of the Injured Innocent 11/18/61
John Conte as Kirby Evans
Frank Maxwell as Dr. Mooney
Audrey Dalton as Kate Eastman
Alejandro Rey as Vincent Danielli
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Jess Barker as Walter Eastman
Linda Lawson as Erin Mooney
Phil Arthur as Ralph Townley
Raymond Bailey as Dr. Bell
Noel Drayton as Ellis
S. John Launer as Judge
Pitt Herbert as Autopsy Surgeon
Cindy Ames as Secretary
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
#134: The Case of the Left-handed Liar 11/25/61
Ed Nelson as Ward Nichols
Leslie Parrish as Veronica Temple
Les Tremayne as Bernard Daniels
Maggie Pierce as Casey Daniels
Karl Held as David Gideon
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Dabbs Greer as Buzz Farrell
Alan Baxter as Eugene Houseman
Joan Banks as Rhonda Houseman
Richard Derr as Dr. Harrison Berry
Amzie Strickland as Miss Clara Prentice
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
John Harmon as Lab Technician
Claude Stroud as Masters
Barbara Pepper as Fat Woman
Wallace Rooney as Handwriting Expert
Henry Hunter as Mr. Baxter
John Reach as Policeman
Cynthia Patrick as Woman Fencer
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
#135: The Case of the Brazen Bequest 12/2/61
Phyllis Avery as Mary Cromwell
Alan Hewitt as Dr. Marcus Tate
Karl Weber as Charles Cromwell
Mort Mills as Sgt. Landro
John Wilder as Dick Wilson
Barbara Stuart as Maizie Freitag
Strother Martin as Pete Gibson
Joseph Julian as Deputy D.A. Horner
William Allyn as Robert Haskell
Will Wright as James Vardon
James Millhollin as Prof. Grove
Charles Irving as Judge
Elvia Allman as Julia Slovak
Nelson Olmsted as Dr. Hunterlin
Dick Whittinghill as Jerry
Ernest Sarracino as Rafael Sandoval
Sally Mills as Nurse Talbot
Charles Tannen as Cabby
Frank Behrens as Autopsy Surgeon
Morris Erby as Jonas
Herbert Lytton as Motel Clerk
Richard Geary as Deputy Sheriff
Sandy Shaffer as College Girl
#136: The Case of the Renegade Refugee 12/9/61
Frank Overton as Father Paul
Dick Foran as Harlan Merrill
Paul Lambert as Lawrence Vander
John Sutton as Clifton Barlow
Karl Held as David Gideon
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Ronald Long as Arthur Hennings
Jennifer Howard as Winifred Dunbrack
Donna Atwood as Phylis Merrill
Denver Pyle as Emery Fillmore
John Gallaudet as Judge
William Boyett as Buck Osborn
John Lormer as Autopsy Surgeon
Robert Nash as Colonel
Victor Izay as Mr. Jones
Jess Kirkpatrick as Lou Kouffman
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Jo Summers as Miss Gibsone
#137: The Case of the Unwelcome Bride 12/16/61
Torin Thatcher as Walter Frazer
Gerald Mohr as Medeci
Diana Millay as Sue Ellen
De Forest Kelley as Peter Thorpe
Alan Hale as Lon Snyder
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Melora Conway as Amanda Thorpe
Bryan Grant as Gregson Frazer
Willis Bouchey as Judge
Ben Young as Cary Duncan
George E. Stone as Court Clerk
Emile Meyer as Patrolman
#138: The Case of the Roving River 12/30/61
Sarah Marshall as Judy Bryant
Bruce Bennett as Matt Lambert
Paul Fix as Prosecutor
Philip Ober as Harvey Farrell
Karl Held as David Gideon
June Vincent as Chloris Bryant
J. Pat O'Malley as Seth Tyson
Harry Carey, Jr. as Frank Deane
Kelly Thordsen as Sheriff Ward Vincent
Robert Lowery as Amos Bryant
Dirk London as Neil Gilbert
Sherwood Price as Ralph Ordway
Lewis Martin as Judge Libott
Ed Prentiss as Judge Holmes
#139: The Case of the Shapely Shadow 1/6/62
Robert Rockwell as Cole B. Troy
Dorothy Green as Carlotta Theilman
Elaine Devry as Janice Wainwright
Barbara Lawrence as Mrs. Theilman
Karl Held as David Gideon
George Neise as Morley Theilman
James Callahan as Fred Carlyle
Willis Bouchey as Judge
Ray Hemphill as Henry Battle
John Dennis as Lt. Sophia
John Zaremba as Autopsy Surgeon
Hal Smith as Moulage Man
William McLean as Newsdealer
Austin Green as Meteorologist
Ollie O'Toole as Dudley Roberts
Olan Soulé as Water Company Official
Phil Arnold as Smitty
#140: The Case of the Captain's Coins 1/13/62
Jeremy Slate as Philip Andrews
Arthur Franz as Evans
Joan Patrick as Evelyn Farraday
Jay Novello as Nickolas Trevelian
Herbert Rudley as Ben Farraday
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Parley Baer as Edward Farraday
Don Beddoe as Carter Farraday
Henry Beckman as Garth
Allison Hayes as Jane Weeks
Lauren Gilbert as Henry Cosgrove
Morris Ankrum as Judge
Eddie Quillan as Photographer
Tom Palmer as Charles Noymann
Will J. White as Sailor
Tafa Lee as Mrs. Ionescu
#141: The Case of the Tarnished Trademark 1/20/62
Karl Swenson as Axel Norstaad
Osa Massen as Lisa Pedersen
Marie Windsor as Edie Morrow
Malcolm Atterbury as Maigret
Phillip Terry as Latham Reed
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Dennis Patrick as Martin Somers
Morgan Woodward as Carl Pedersen
Edward Norris as Sam Hadley
Francis De Sales as Floyd Chapman
S. John Launer as Judge
Tommy Farrell as Salesman
William Tracy as Motel Manager
Thom Carney as Policeman
Don Dillaway as Ramsey
Robert Ball as Clerk
Stafford Repp as Bartender
Lisa Davis as Secretary
James Hansen as Attendant
Frank Hagney as 1st Workman
Harry Strang as 2nd Workman
Ted White as Foreman
#142: The Case of the Glamorous Ghost 2/3/62
Mary Murphy as Eleanor Corbin
Jeanne Cooper as Ethel Belan
Ziva Rodann as Suzanne Granger
Merry Anders as Sadie Hepner
Douglas Dick as Walter Richey
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Coleen Gray as Olga Jordan
Vinton Hayworth as Homer Corbin
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
Jon Lormer as Dr. Oberon
Jan Stine as Boy
Judee Morton as Girl
Don McGovern as Policeman
George E. Stone as Court Clerk
#143: The Case of the Poison Pen-Pal 2/10/62
Everett Sloane as District Attorney
Patricia Breslin as Karen Ross
Douglas Henderson as Peter Gregson
Bert Freed as Carl Holman
Wright King as Lee Gregson
Joan Tompkins as Florence Holman
Kathryn Givney as Wilma Gregson
Naomi Stevens as Agnes
Charles Cooper as Ben Willoughby
Harry Jackson as Matt Clark
Paul Genge as Inspector Wade
John Litel as Judge
Chrystine Jordan as Sandra Gregson
Diane Mountford as Jill Thatcher
Richard St. John as Autopsy Surgeon
Walter Kelly as Surgeon
Marshall Reed as First Officer
Diana Darrin as Mrs. Thatcher
John McKee as Woodfern
Sherry Hall as Court Clerk
Kathy Huber as Nurse
#144: The Case of the Mystified Miner 2/24/62
Kathie Brown as Susan Fisher
Josephine Hutchinson as Amelia Corning
Carlos Rivas as Alfredo Gomez
Bartlett Robinson as Endicott Campbell
Sheila Bromley as Elizabeth Dow
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
John Gallaudet as Judge
Stanja Lowe as Sophia Elliot
Louise Lorimer as Cindy Hastings
Patrick Thompson as Carlton Campbell
Michael Harvey as Ken Lowry
Helen Brown as Carlotta Jackson
Maidie Norman as Maid
Robert J. Stevenson as Myrton Abert
Lenny Geer as Station Attendant
Pitt Herbert as Autopsy Surgeon
Howard Redman as Boy No. 1
Martin Dean as Boy No. 2
Christian Pasques as Boy No. 3
#145: The Case of the Crippled Cougar 3/3/62
Bill Williams as Mike Preston
John Howard as Hugh Jamison
Rita Lynn as Lydia Reynolds
Mort Mills as Sgt. Ben Landro
Noah Keen as Harlow Phipps
John Bryant as Arnold Keith
Simon Scott as Elliot Dunbar
Abbagail Shelton as Paula Hamilton
Tom Fadden as Watchman
Willis Bouchey as Judge
Shary Marshall as Girl (Airline's Counter)
Florence Wyatt as Grace Keith
Joe Benson as Deputy
#146: The Case of the Absent Artist 3/17/62
Zasu Pitts as Daphne Whilom
Mark Roberts { Gabe Phillips
Otto Gervaert
Richard Erdman as Charles (Monty) Montrose
Victor Buono as Alexander Glovatski
Jay Barney as Harry Clark
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Arline Sax as Fiona Cregan
Wynne Pearce as Pete Manders
Pamela Curran as Leslie Lawrence
Carl Don as Myer
Lane Bradford as Arnold Buck
Bill Zuckert as Judge
Barney Phillips as Newburgh
Mabel Rea as Girl
Patrick Waltz as Court Clerk
Wes Bishop as Agnew
Marshall Kent as Man
Ann Staunton as Woman
#147: The Case of the Melancholy Marksman 3/24/62
Paul Richards as Ted Chase
Jeff Donnell as Sylvia Dykes
Mari Blanchard as Irene Chase
William Schallert as Len Dykes
Ann Rutherford as Ellen Chase
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Peter Baldwin as Tony Benson
Jesse White as Cecil
Edward Ashley as Charles Vale
Cindy Robbins as Mabel Richmond
S. John Launer as Judge
John Harmon as Expert
John Straub as Doctor
Jon Lormer as Medical Examiner
Betsy Hale as Betty Chase
Shari Lee Bernath as Anne Chase
#148: The Case of the Angry Astronaut 4/7/62
James Coburn as General Addison Brand
Robert Bray as Mitch Heller
Jeanne Bal as Linda Carey
Patricia Donahue as Bonnie Winslow
Steve Brodie as Eddie Lewis
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Paula Raymond as Terry Faye
John Marley as Matthew Owen
Robert Casper as Bruce Young
Richard Grant as Gordon Kendall
Ned Roberts as Sewell
Tom Harkness as Judge
Richard Geary as Attendant
#149: The Case of the Borrowed Baby 4/14/62
Hugh Marlowe as Jarvis Baker
Maria Palmer as Florence Wood
Corey Allen as Lester Menke
Nellie Burt as Mrs. Holly Cosgrove
Kaye Elhardt as Ginny Talbot
Gregory Morton as Dr. Paul Hogathy
Sara Taft as Mrs. Leander Kerrick
Joan Petrone as Lenora Graves
El Brendel as Court Manager
Charles Thompson as Antique Car Man
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
Ed Stoddard as Gun Clerk
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Charles Stroud as Court Clerk
#150: The Case of the Counterfeit Crank 4/28/62
Otto Kruger as August Dalgran
Jeanette Nolan as Martha Blair
Don Dubbins as Kenneth
Connie Hines as Sandra
John Larkin as Jay Fenton
Burt Reynolds as Chuck Blair
Michael King as Don Morley
William Woodson as Dr. Jackman
Paul Langton as Bertram Telford
Charles Irving as Judge #1
S. John Launer as Judge #2
William Keene as Bank Teller
John Hubbard as Joseph Tayback
Russ Bender as Deputy Bowman
Barney Biro as Judge #3
Paul McGuire as Deputy Turner
David Saber as Joe Fanning
#151: The Case of the Ancient Romeo 5/5/62
Jeff Morrow as Franz Lachman
Rex Reason as Steve Brock
Harry von Zell as Phil Scharf
Patricia Huston as Claire Adams
Antoinette Bower as Ellen Carson
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
K. T. Stevens as Margit Bruner
Kendrick Huxham as Kelvin MacRae
Robert Cornthwaite as Carl Bruner
Willis Bouchey as Judge
Donald Curtis as Amos Martin
Stafford Repp as Shipping Agent
Rosemary Day as Helen Finney
Charles Stroud as Court Clerk
#152: The Case of the Promoter's Pillbox 5/19/62
Geraldine Brooks as Miriam Waters
Dianne Foster as Nelly Lawton
George Matthews as Mike Flint
Ben Cooper as Davis Crane
Linden Chiles as Herbert Simms
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
John Lasell as Charlie Corby
Edmon Ryan as Jerome Stokes
John Gallaudet as Judge
Geraldine Wall as Mrs. Simms
James O'Hara as Kelsey
Danielle Aubrey as Alice
Dan Seymour as Markett
Michael Fox as Autopsy Surgeon
Ivan Dixon as Parness
Kitty Kelly as Ethel Mowry
Chuck Webster as Gustavson
George Conrad as Chico
#153: The Case of the Lonely Eloper 5/26/62
Jack Ging as Danny Pierce
John Dall as Julian Kirk
Jana Taylor as Merle Telford
Joan Staley as Gina Gilbert
Jorja Curtright as Olivia Langley
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson
Paul Tripp as Howard Langley
Billy Halop as Corbett
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
Carol Andreson as Margo Stevens
John Zaremba as Doctor Wales
Ralph Reed as Messenger
Pepper Curtis as Guest
Maurice Wells as Doctor
Holly Harris as Doctor's Wife