From Episode #212, The Case of the Missing Button

The Alamitos Bay Marine Bureau building is located at 205 Marina Drive in
Long Beach, California. Below are recent pictures of the area supplied by Dave
Kinley, Marina Supervisor. These pictures were once on the Marina's website

An aerial view of the building and immediate surroundings.

A closer view of the dock and building. In the episode, the camera was initially
located to the left of the concrete pillar on the left side of the ramp as seen here.

Compare the following pictures from the show with those above. They are from
the Hallmark broadcast of the show. In the uncut version of the show, there is
an establishing shot of the building. The color pictures were graciously provided
by D. A . Supernaw. They were taken on February 10, 2007.

Note the roof line, flagpole and ramp railing supports.

View from 2/10/07 courtesy D. A. Supernaw.

Note the concrete pillar.

Note the lamp post. It has changed a bit and moved across the ramp since.

Note the decking.

View from 2/10/07 courtesy D. A. Supernaw.

Note the pile of rocks in the background. The camera has moved.

View from 2/10/07 courtesy D. A. Supernaw.

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