#208 Mimsy Farmer

Interactive 2: Birth and Death By Year

Enter numbers for desired Year (yyyy) and click Submit or use the "next/previous" buttons. Click the to go to the actor's Actor Page. Click the actor's name to go to the actor's IMDb page. Mouse over the for an episode list. Mouse over the for a picture. Note: JavaScript must be enabled. If there is a picture at the right, mouse over it for the episode number from whence it came and the actor's name. The picture was randomly chosen from those available for this year.


7 Actors Born in 1945

Name Born Died Age
Actor Page Allan Hunt Feb 12, 1945 76
Actor Page Mimsy Farmer pic Feb 28, 1945 76
Actor Page Cathie Merchant pic Mar 22, 1945 Feb 2, 2013 67
Actor Page Kevin O'Neal Mar 26, 1945 76
Actor Page Pamela Baird Apr 6, 1945 76
Actor Page Martin Horsey Sep 1, 1945 76
Actor Page Sandy Descher Nov 30, 1945 76

No Actors Died in 1945