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Episode #120: The Case of the Misguided Missile

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Jeanne Bal from #120
Actor Page Jeanne Bal
Simon Oakland from #120
Actor Page Simon Oakland
Robert Rockwell from #120
Actor Page Robert Rockwell
George Neise from #120
Actor Page George Neise
Stephen Roberts from #120
Actor Page Stephen Roberts
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Bruce Bennett as Dan Morgan *
Actor Page Richard Arlen as Dr. Harrison
Actor Page William Schallert as Dr. Bradbury *
Actor Page Med Flory as Captain McVey
Actor Page Richard Shannon as Colonel Sloan
Actor Page Ronnie Knox as Sgt. Lewis
Actor Page Larry Gray as Brig. Gen. Bishop
Actor Page Clark Howat as Lt. Col. Fremont
Actor Page Alan Dexter as Dr. Stanton *
Actor Page Paul Lees as Air Policeman
Actor Page James Sikking as Civilian Engineer

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