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Episode #139: The Case of the Shapely Shadow

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Robert Rockwell from #139
Actor Page Robert Rockwell
Dorothy Green from #139
Actor Page Dorothy Green
Elaine Devry from #139
Actor Page Elaine Devry
John Dennis from #139
Actor Page John Dennis
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Barbara Lawrence as Mrs. Theilman *
Actor Page Karl Held as David Gideon *
Actor Page George Neise as Morley Theilman *
Actor Page James Callahan as Fred Carlyle
Actor Page Willis Bouchey as Judge *
Actor Page Ray Hemphill as Henry Battle *
Actor Page John Zaremba as Autopsy Surgeon *
Actor Page Hal Smith as Moulage Man
Actor Page William McLean as Newsdealer
Actor Page Austin Green as Meteorologist
Actor Page Ollie O'Toole as Dudley Roberts
Actor Page Olan Soulé as Water Company Official *
Actor Page Phil Arnold as Smitty *

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