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Episode #159: The Case of the Dodging Domino

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David Hedison from #159
Actor Page David Hedison
Ellen McRae from #159
Actor Page Ellen McRae
Rusty Stevens from #159
Actor Page Rusty Stevens
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Jeff Morrow as Alex Chase *
Actor Page Lloyd Corrigan as Rudy Mahlsted *
Actor Page Robert H. Harris as Jerry Janda *
Actor Page Eddie Firestone as Leonard Buckman *
Actor Page Janet Ward as Freda Chase
Actor Page James Forrest as Phil Schuyler *
Actor Page Maureen Arthur as Vera Jordan
Actor Page Tom Palmer as Frank MacManus
Actor Page Herbert Rudley as Charles Noymann *
Actor Page Barney Biro as Judge *
Actor Page Amanda Randolph as Grace (Maid)
Actor Page Pat Goldin as Old Man
Actor Page Orville Sherman as Kirkwood
Actor Page Diana Reese as Girl
Actor Page Gary Hart as Boy No. 2
Actor Page Charlotte Thompson as Operator

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