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Episode #212: The Case of the Missing Button

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Claire Wilcox from #212
Actor Page Claire Wilcox
David Macklin from #212
Actor Page David Macklin
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Julie Adams as Janice Blake *
Actor Page Ed Nelson as Dirk Blake *
Actor Page Dee Hartford as Lois Gray *
Actor Page Anthony Eisley as Vince Rome *
Actor Page Otto Kruger as Judge Norris *
Actor Page Alan Baxter as Roger Gray *
Actor Page Lysa D'Anjou as Naomi Sutherland
Actor Page Mike Mazurki as Cully Barstow *
Actor Page Stanley Adams as Pancho Morado
Actor Page Charles Irving as Judge Blanchard *
Actor Page Ruth Packard as Miss Smithers
Actor Page Garland Thompson as Lab Expert
Actor Page Pitt Herbert as Coroner's Physician *
Actor Page Jean MacRae as Woman At Motel
Actor Page Robert Riordan as Janice's Lawyer
Actor Page Joe Dominguez as Bartender
Actor Page Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice *
Actor Page Richard Geary as Scuba Diver *

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