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Episode #218: The Case of the Bullied Bowler

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Michael Connors from #218
Actor Page Michael Connors
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Anne Seymour as Bonnie Mae Wilmet
Actor Page Milton Selzer as Dr. Max Taylor
Actor Page Patricia Morrow as Marla Carol
Actor Page Robert Harland as Bill Jaris
Actor Page Paul Lukather as Alan Jaris *
Actor Page Jeff Donnell as Rose Carol *
Actor Page Charles Gray as Jack Baker
Actor Page Maurice Manson as Orson Stillman *
Actor Page Patricia George as Linda Terry
Actor Page John Gallaudet as Judge *
Actor Page William J. Tannen as Sergeant *
Actor Page Elizabeth Harrower as Sadie Noymann *
Actor Page Lonie Blackman as Marge *
Actor Page Allan Hunt as Marla's Boyfriend

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