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Episode #219: The Case of a Place Called Midnight

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Jean Bartel from #219
Actor Page Jean Bartel
There is 1 picture.

Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Gerald Mohr as Alan Durfee *
Actor Page Harry Townes as Colonel Owens *
Actor Page Robert Emhardt as Frank Appleton *
Actor Page Werner Klemperer as Hurt *
Actor Page Eddie Firestone as Phil Morton *
Actor Page Susanne Cramer as Greta Koning *
Actor Page Fred Vincent as Frederic Ralston
Actor Page Robert Cornthwaite as Duval *
Actor Page Jim Davis as Joe Farrell *
Actor Page Ivan Triesault as Dr. Kleinman
Actor Page Eva Soreny as Madame Jurgen
Actor Page Peter Mamakos as Juan Carlos Ramirez
Actor Page Monique LeMaire as Stewardess
Actor Page Peter Hellmann as Max
Actor Page Will J. White as M.P. Sgt.
Actor Page Jan Arvan as Swiss Bank Clerk *
Actor Page Werner Reichow as Mechanic
Actor Page Charles Stroud as Policeman
Actor Page Ike Ivarson as Swedish Sailor
Actor Page Ken Willer as Juggler

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