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Episode #230: The Case of the Feather Cloak

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Jon Hall from #230
Actor Page Jon Hall
David Opatoshu from #230
Actor Page David Opatoshu
John van Dreelen from #230
Actor Page John van Dreelen
Wende Wagner from #230
Actor Page Wende Wagner
Joyce Jameson from #230
Actor Page Joyce Jameson
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Michael Dante as Douglas Kelland
Actor Page James Frawley as District Attorney Alvarez
Actor Page Miriam Goldina as Auntie Hilo
Actor Page Keye Luke as Choy *
Actor Page Tony Scott as Jon Kakai
Actor Page Tom Palmer as Attorney Roberts
Actor Page Arthur Wong as Judge Kee
Actor Page Bob Okazaki as Pet Shop Owner
Actor Page Thomas Carlisle as First Man Surfer
Actor Page Steven Blair as Second Man Surfer
Actor Page Diane Swanson as First Girl
Actor Page Gunilla Hutton as Second Girl

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