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Episode #246: The Case of the Impetuous Imp

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Richard Webb from #246
Actor Page Richard Webb
There is 1 picture.

Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Stuart Erwin as Henry Simmons *
Actor Page Bonnie Jones as Diana Carter
Actor Page Hanna Landy as Helga Dolwig
Actor Page Don Dubbins as Bill Vincent *
Actor Page Jeff Cooper as Henning Dolwig
Actor Page Frank Marth as Mike Carson
Actor Page James McCallion as Harvey Blake *
Actor Page Byron Morrow as Judge Brawley *
Actor Page Michael Fox as Dr. Lund *
Actor Page Ed Prentis as Judge Morton *
Actor Page Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice *
Actor Page Clay Tanner as Officer
Actor Page Helen Gerald as Matron
Actor Page Rand Brooks as Trainer
Actor Page Wally West as Shelter Man

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