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Episode #259: The Case of the Golfer's Gambit

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Nancy Kovack from #259
Actor Page Nancy Kovack
There is 1 picture.

Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Carl Reindel as Danny Bright *
Actor Page Harry Townes as Erwin Brandt *
Actor Page Phyllis Hill as Alma Farley *
Actor Page Dennis Patrick as Chick Farley *
Actor Page Don Dubbins as Bill Vincent *
Actor Page Alan Reed, Jr. as Jim Harrell
Actor Page Bartlett Robinson as Edward "Pat" Patterson *
Actor Page Gertrude Flynn as Rosalind - Mrs. Hedrick *
Actor Page Regina Gleason as Rosalie
Actor Page Byron Morrow as Judge *
Actor Page Bill Brundige as Announcer
Actor Page Ted Stanhope as Butler
Actor Page Maurice Wells as Golf Official
Actor Page Bud Perkins as Photographer
Actor Page Maureene Gaffney as Operator-P.A. Voice

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