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Episode #261: The Case of the Scarlet Scandal

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Will Hutchins from #261
Actor Page Will Hutchins
There is 1 picture.

Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Gene Evans as Moose Dalton
Actor Page Luana Patten as Cynthia Perkins
Actor Page Mala Powers as Elaine Bayler *
Actor Page Lloyd Gough as Richard Bayler
Actor Page Clint Sundberg as Aaron Chambers
Actor Page Richard Devon as Ed Kesko
Actor Page Dee Pollock as Howard Bayler
Actor Page Connie Gilchrist as Natasha
Actor Page Blair Davies as C. A. Woodmire *
Actor Page William Keene as Judge Seymour *
Actor Page Walter Stocker as Charlie Horgan
Actor Page Carl Prickett as Mark
Actor Page Jack Swanson as 1st Deputy
Actor Page Alex Bookston as 1st Reporter *
Actor Page Paul Sorensen as 2nd Deputy
Actor Page Pat McCaffrie as 2nd Reporter

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