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Episode #262: The Case of the Twice-Told Twist

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Victor Buono from #262
Actor Page Victor Buono
Lisa Pera from #262
Actor Page Lisa Pera
Beverly Hills from #262
Actor Page Beverly Hills
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Kevin O'Neal as Lennie Beale
Actor Page Scott Graham as Bill Sikes
Actor Page Lisa Seagram as Robin Spring
Actor Page Nicolas Surovy as Tick Gleason
Actor Page Marc Rambeau as Jody Laird
Actor Page Keg Johnson as Lester
Actor Page Judson Pratt as Tom Loman
Actor Page Harlan Warde as Sgt. Roddin *
Actor Page Harry Holcombe as Judge #1 *
Actor Page Byron Morrow as Judge #2 *
Actor Page Helen Kleeb as Welfare Worker
Actor Page Will J. White as Deputy D.A.
Actor Page Coby Denton as 1st Officer
Actor Page Jim Farley as 3rd Officer

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