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Episode #265: The Case of the Fanciful Frail

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Joan Huntington from #265
Actor Page Joan Huntington
Coleen Gray from #265
Actor Page Coleen Gray
There are 2 pictures.

Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Pippa Scott as Ethel Andrews
Actor Page Barry Kelley as Mr. Park Milgrave
Actor Page Arch Johnson as Frank Carruthers *
Actor Page Abigail Shelton as Peggy Sutton *
Actor Page John Rayner as Tierney
Actor Page Hunt Powers as Bruce Strickland *
Actor Page Phil Arthur as Pit Boss *
Actor Page Henry Hunter as Reverend Alford *
Actor Page Vera Marshe as Mrs. Alford *
Actor Page Roy Engel as Detective *
Actor Page S. John Launer as Judge *
Actor Page Ray Montgomery as Attendant *
Actor Page Timothy Blake as Waitress
Actor Page Marshall Kent as Ed Thomas
Actor Page Seamon Glass as Driver
Actor Page Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice *
Actor Page Mildred Harrison as Chambermaid

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