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Episode #58: The Case of the Caretaker's Cat

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Benson Fong from #58
Actor Page Benson Fong
Robert Knapp from #58
Actor Page Robert Knapp
Maxine Cooper from #58
Actor Page Maxine Cooper
Anthony Eustrel from #58
Actor Page Anthony Eustrel
Barney Biro from #58
Actor Page Barney Biro *
Anthony Jochim from #58
Actor Page Anthony Jochim
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page John G. Agar as Kenneth Baxter
Actor Page Judy Lewis as Winifred Oakley
Actor Page Dick Crane as Dr. Douglas Keene
Actor Page Raymond Bailey as Mr. Hilliard
Actor Page Bill Erwin as Paint Store Clerk *
Actor Page Michael Fox as Autopsy Surgeon *
Actor Page George E. Stone as Court Clerk *
Actor Page Jacqueline Lee as Nurse Watson

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