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Episode #73: The Case of the Blushing Pearls

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Nobu McCarthy from #73
Actor Page Nobu McCarthy
George Takei from #73
Actor Page George Takei
There are 2 pictures.

Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Christine White as Alice Carson *
Actor Page Benson Fong as Itsubi Nogata *
Actor Page Steve Terrell as Grove Nichols
Actor Page Angela Greene as Thelma Nichols
Actor Page Ralph Dumke as Hudson Nichols
Actor Page John Gallaudet as Municipal Judge *
Actor Page Joe De Reda as Edgar Beals *
Actor Page Rollin Moriyama as Ito Kamuri
Actor Page John Barclay as Judge
Actor Page Bill Walker as Watchman
Actor Page Lia Waggner as Maid
Actor Page Tom Wilde as Detective
Actor Page Jack Carol as Technician
Actor Page Martha Wentworth as Landlady *

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