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Episode #88: The Case of the Bashful Burro

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George Mitchell from #88
Actor Page George Mitchell
Sue George from #88
Actor Page Sue George
Ben Wright from #88
Actor Page Ben Wright
Charles Bateman from #88
Actor Page Charles Bateman
Lewis Martin from #88
Actor Page Lewis Martin
Kay Kuter from #88
Actor Page Kay Kuter
Stephen Courtleigh from #88
Actor Page Stephen Courtleigh
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Ray Stricklyn as Gerald Norton
Actor Page Elisabeth Fraser as Hazel Bascombe *
Actor Page Hugh Sanders as Ken Bascombe *
Actor Page Wendell Holmes as District Attorney Williams
Actor Page John Pickard as Sheriff Keller
Actor Page Jack Orrison as Coroner's Physician
Actor Page Mike Mason as Cowboy
Actor Page Joan Elliott as Button Salesgirl
Actor Page Tony Michaels as Waiter

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