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Copyright 1996-2007
D. M. Brockman
25 December 2007

Credits Anomalies

This page has moved to the Wiki and will no longer be updated here.

Listed by episode number. The actor's name appears first. The source who reported the anomaly to me is shown in brackets unless I found it myself. Thanks to all who have contributed!

To qualify as an anomaly, usage in the show must disagree with the credit or there must be an error in the actor's name. Using a name not in the credit, such as a character's given name, is no longer considered an anomaly as long as the credited name is used at least once.

Arline Sax/Arlene Martel
[Henry McNulty] points out that the actress Arline Sax in episode #146 is the same person as Arlene Martel in episode #267. More details can be found at her IMDb page. [5/16/03]

Casey Adams/Max Showalter
[Donald Smith] reports that the actor credited as Casey Adams in episodes #44, #101 and #127 later appears credited as Max Showalter in episodes #174, #211 and #236! The IMDb documents this situation and has a short biography but doesn't explain the name duality. [6/4/00]
[Charles Richmond] explains that Max Showalter's name was changed to the more bankable Casey Adams when he was hired as a featured player by 20th Century Fox boss Darryl Zanuck. Info here. [4/12/05]

Jack Betts/Hunt Powers
[D. A. Supernaw and Charles Richmond] point out that the actor Jack Betts in episodes #125 and #157 is the same person as Hunt Powers in episodes #223 and #265. [9/10/05]

Charles H. Radilac/Charles Hradilac
[Charles Richmond] notes this rather apparent typographical error. He appeared in #171 and #253. [9/21/07]

The Anomaly List

  1. Robert Bice is listed as Hurley but is identified as Frank Faulkner by Paul Drake.
  2. John Harmon, listed as Lab Man, appears as Mr. Harlan (the man from the lab).
  3. Berry Kroeger, listed as Eugene Jarech, is identified as Arthur Jarech in a building directory and by other characters.
  4. Michael Fox is listed as Dr. Samuel Anders but is, as he often is, Dr. Hoxie. [Allan Asherman]
  5. Actor Larry Jackson in the credits is really Harry Jackson.
  6. Mary LaRoche, listed as Lisa (as in Lisa Kudrow) Hiller, is called Liza (as in Liza Minnelli) throughout the show. [D. A. Supernaw]
  7. Michael Fox is listed as Dr. Hexie but is called Dr. Hoxie.
  8. Michael Dante is listed as Arthur Manning but is called Bill Manning by a witness on the stand. At other times, he is called Manning or Mr. Manning.
  9. Alex Gerry, listed as Hale, is called Elliot Hale. [David Virrill]
  10. Michael Fox, listed as Autopsy Surgeon, is called Dr. Hoxie.
  11. Jeanne Cooper, listed as Thelma Hill, is really Thelma Bell.
    Doreen Lang, listed as Mrs. Fields, is really Miss (Laura) Fields.
  12. Byron Morrow, listed as Thomas Ranger, is called George Ranger in court by Burger. H. M. Wynant, listed at Wilton (Slim) Marcus, is called Joseph Marcus in court by Burger.
  13. Gertrude Flynn, listed as Mrs. Nichols, the motel manager, is called Mrs. Nicholas throughout the episode.
  14. Jonathan Hole, the actor, is listed as Jonathon Hole.
  15. Dean Harens is listed as Morgan Riley but is called Riley Morgan several times and Morgan the rest of the time.
  16. Kathie Browne is listed as Donna Loring but is called Donna Ross. [Tom Rankin]
  17. Jeanette Nolan, listed as Emma Benson, is called Martha on two occasions and Mrs. Benson the rest of the time.
  18. Dave Willock, listed as Jay Robinson, is called Phillip Robinson in court by Deputy D.A. Sampson. [Mitch English]
  19. Benson Fong, listed as Colong Kim, is exclusively called Oolong Kim in the show. [Marc Dashevsky]
  20. Paul Barselow, listed as John Penner, is called Ben Penner by Amelia Phillips and Deputy D.A. Chamberlin in court.
  21. Bart Conrad, listed as Charlie, is called Eddie by Sgt. Ferris.
  22. Bert Freed, listed as Edward Parker, is really Harry Parker.
  23. Paul Langton, listed as Prosecutor Green, is called Mr. Telford twice by Perry in court. He was Deputy D.A.Telford in #101.
  24. Med Flory, listed as Sgt. McVey, is introduced to Perry as Lt. McVey by Lt. Tragg.
  25. Coleen Gray, listed as Olga Jordan, is called Miss Corbin by Perry and Miss Olga Corbin by Paul. [Mitch English]
  26. Ben Cooper, listed as Davis Crane, is called David or Davey by Charlie Corby, Nelly Lawton and himself! [Mitch English]
  27. Edgar Buchanan is listed as Judge Edward Daley but the sign on his office window spells his name as Daily. [Mitch English]
  28. Carlos Romero, listed as Raul Perez, is called Reyo in the show.
  29. Maura McGiveney is listed as Gloria Winters but is called Miss Withers by Valerie in the opening scene. [Mitch English]
  30. Lee Begere, listed at Dr. Nevin, is called Dr. Nivens by Perry and others. Jan Shepard, who plays his wife, is called Mrs. Nivens.
  31. Tommy Farrell, listed as Herbert Baker, is called Mr. Herbert in the show, twice by Perry. [Mitch English]
  32. Joyce Van Patten, listed as Fay Gilmer, is called Gilmore by several people.
  33. James Lamphier, listed at Marius Stone, is called Marius Stowe.
  34. H. M. Wynant, listed as Tony Mario, is called Tony Earl or Mr. Earl in the show.
  35. Grant Williams, listed as Dr. Todd Meade, is identifed as Dr. Todd Mead on his laboratory door.
  36. Elisabeth Fraser, listed as Estelle Paige, is identified as Estelle Gaige in three ways. [Lisa & Mack McLendon]
  37. Lurene Tuttle, listed as Henry McLeod, is really Henny McLeod, the owner of "Henny's Coop." [Lisa & Mack McLendon]
  38. Actor John KcKee in the credits is really John McKee.
  39. Walter Burke, listed as "Man," is called Mr. Adams. [Tom Rankin]