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D. M. Brockman
26 December 2007

General Trivia Page
Trivia about the Series or Multiple Episodes
This page has moved to the Wiki and will no longer be updated here.

Most recently added listed first. Last updated 26 December 2007.

Did you ever notice how often a color showed up in the titles? Fifteen times! Here they are: Restless Redhead, Crimson Kiss, Green-eyed Sister, Black-eyed Blonde, Purple Woman, Borrowed Brunette, Glittering Goldfish, Golden Fraud, Lavender Lipstick, Red Riding Boots, Golden Oranges, Blonde Bonanza, Golden Venom, Golden Girls and Scarlet Scandal. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 5/17/07.

Joan Camden, it should be noted, appeared in the last episode of Season 1 (#39) and the first episode of Season 2 (#40).
Submitted by Pat Herlihy, 2/13/06.

Marshall Reed appeared in consecutive episodes #189 and 190. Has anybody else played in consecutive shows in a non-recurring part? Submitted by Mitch English, 2/16/05. Yes! Joan Camden had a lead role in #39 and 40. In minor roles: Clark Howat in #1 and #2 and Richard Geary in #211 and #212. Semi-regulars and judges excluded.

There were actually three versions of the Park Avenue Beat theme song! The first was used in seasons one and two, the second in three thru eight and the third in the final season. "In the final season, the changes are subtle, but it seems to be a slightly faster tempo, with a little more brass and saxophone." Submitted by Bill--W2XOY, 2/13/06.
There seems to be at least two versions of the Park Avenue Beat theme song in the shows. The "first" version had really "hard" drums toward the end of the intro theme. The later version softened these a bit, and sounded more like it had been recorded in a proper studio with a better engineer - a little smoother sound. Submitted by JD, 6/22/05.
Here are some MP3s from show #1, show #70 (3rd season opener) and show #242 (final season opener) for comparison. The name of the theme is explained in the note at the bottom of this page.

Anne Whitfield appeared as defendant in #211, TCOT Ugly Duckling, then as defendant again in #217, TCOT Nautical Knot, just six episodes later. Has any other actor been a defendent twice is this short of time? Submitted by Chris Graul, 11/10/05. Nope! Next best is Jean Hale as defendant appearing eight episodes apart in #234, TCOT Murderous Mermaid, and #242, TCOT Laughing Lady. Next, at 10 episodes apart, are Louise Latham as murderer in #235, TCOT Careless Kitten, and #245, TCOT Cheating Chancellor, and Mark Roberts as victim in #146, TCOT Absent Artist, and #156, TCOT Playboy Pugilist.

The TV series McHale's Navy had a lot of guest-spot Admirals, and a surprising number of the were Perry Mason alumni: John Zaremba, Willis Bouchey, Herbert Lytton, Frank Ferguson, Roy Roberts, Tyler McVey, Harry von Zell, Paul Bryar, Bill Quinn and Philip Ober. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 9/29/05.

Robert Colbert appears as F.A. Snell in #239, TCOT Grinning Gorilla, and as Carl Snell in #248, TCOT Hasty Honeymooner. Curiously, both times as the District Attorney. Submitted by Mitch English, 5/8/05.

A total of Seventy-three episodes were adapted from Erle Stanley Gardner books or stories. Two episodes were retitled from the original books. Six episodes were adapted a second time with new titles.

Frank Behrens and Amzie Strickland, husband and wife, are curiously together in the series having appeared in back-to-back episodes #134, TCOT Left-handed Liar (her) and #135, TCOT Brazen Bequest (him). Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 4/28/05.

Joe De Santis has the unusual distinction of being murdered in the Lodestar apartment hotel in two separate episodes. He was George Castle in #33, TCOT Long-Legged Models and Melvin Slater in #52, TCOT Borrowed Brunette. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 4/19/05.

Disappearing Hanky. Perry is somtimes seen heading somewhere with a hankerchief in his pocket. When he gets to where he's going, the hanky is gone! This phenomenon has been observed in at least #244, #254, #257 and #266. See a sample here. Submitted by Julie Corson, 2/21/05.

Robert Sterling was considered for the role of Perry Mason. Read it here. Submitted by Mitch English, 2/11/05.

John Larkin, who appeared in four episodes of the TV series, was the voice of Perry Mason on the radio series. Submitted by Mitch English, 1/30/05. Find out more about the radio series here. John Larkin was the last of the radio Masons; Bartlett Robinson, who appeared in six episodes of the TV series, was the first.

Perry's Desktop looks pretty blah in the first two seasons. A dull finish with little grain. At the beginning of the third season, the desktop changes. Some examples here. Submitted by Mitch English, 1/25/05.

Paul Richards (#74 and #147) and Leonard Stone (#158, #195, #226 and #156) also appeared in The New Perry Mason series. Submitted by Mitch English, 12/20/04. Also Lloyd Bochner (#222), David Hedison (#159) and Linda Marsh (#233).

The music in the Hitchcock film, North By Northwest, is very similar to that in some seasons of Perry Mason. In at least one episode, #105, TCOT Loquacious Liar, you can find an exact match. The film's original music composer, Bernard Herrmann, also did work for Perry Mason. Another connection to the show is in the cast. As listed at the IMDb, you will find no less than 43 Perry Mason players in the film. Some kind of record I think. Submitted by Adam Kamil, 11/26/04.

Perry's office moves to the Bank of California building sometime in the eighth season. Nobody notices. The quality of the marble in the hallways improves. Submitted by Earl Poulson, 10/6/04.

A musical mystery: Bits of the instrumental "Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt" by Horst Jankowski, a Berlin, Germany-based jazz pianist, can be heard as background in #126, TCOT Missing Melody (9/30/61), #146, TCOT Absent Artist (3/17/62) and #180, TCOT Potted Planter (5/9/63). The piece became a "worldwide" hit in 1965 as "A Walk in the Black Forest." So, how did it show up on Perry Mason years before? Was Horst shopping the tune around for years? Or did someone from the show hear the melody and buy the rights? Submitted by Henry McNulty, 6/5/03.

Della Street can be found in Branson, Missouri. See here ("Zoom In" to see the name). Submitted by Bill, 9/10/03.

An attorney with a rep for never losing a case appeared in the "Little Bamm Bamm" episode of The Flintstones in 1963. His name? Perry Masonary! See him in action here. Submitted by Maria Alicia Moya long ago. Posted 12/21/03. Thanks to Leah also!

The old courthouse in West Hartford, Connecticut, is located at the corner of Raymond (Road) and Burr (Street). You can see a map here. Submitted by Henry McNulty, 5/16/03.

Who is that bust in Perry's office? This question was first asked by Paul in May 2002. In the Perry Mason novels, it's Sir William Blackstone, the famous 18th century British jurist. But, the bust in the TV show is not Blackstone! On 11/1/02, Donna Bruce posted her answer on Howard Berlin's Perry Mason Message Board. It's Voltaire! Some pictorial evidence can be found here.

The series was filmed from 1957-1959 at the 20th Century Fox Western Avenue lot. From 1959-1961 (I think) it was filmed at General Service Studios and, from 1961 to the end of the series, it was filmed at La Brea Studios. This information comes from a review of the "photographic assignments" sections of back issues of American Cinematographer magazine. Submitted by Myron King, 5/31/02.