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26 December 2007

Trivia Lists Page

This page has moved to the Wiki and will no longer be updated here.

Everybody loves lists! So, here are few featuring the actors from the Perry Mason series. If some of these lists look familiar, it's because they were once on the Famous People page. Special thanks to Charles Richmond and D. A. Supernaw for the suggestions that led to this page. Extra thanks to Charles Richmond for checking all of the the Perry Mason actors at the Internet Movie Database.

See the Actors Lists for appearances in the series. Name links go to the actor's Internet Movie Database filmography. So, look 'em up and read all about 'em.

These people have provided information for this page by e-mail. Their contributions are marked with the bracketed number in front of their name. Many thanks to all!

[1] Charles Richmond, 12/17/03
[2] D. A. Supernaw, 10/22//04
[3] Howard M. Berlin, 5/10/97
[4] Keith Cutler, 7/8/97
[5] Sue Lees, 10/2/01
[6] Thomas Smith, 8/19/99
[7] John Sayer, 4/13/04
[8] Julie Corson, 11/13/04
[9] Patti Wilkins, 7/10/99
[10] Mitch English, 10/30/04
[11] Michelle Moore, 4/23/03
[12] Robert Hopkins III, 12/26/02
[13] Rick Byrne, 6/18/03
[14] Jeff Hornick, 7/7/03
[15] Sue Lees, 10/2/01
[16] Mark Stumpf, 1/21/05
[17] John Sayer, 4/13/04
[18] Deril Dorius, 11/12/04
[19] Robert Hopkins III 12/26/02
[20] Brian Quinn, 11/11/99
[21] Duane Drummond, 1/9/02
[22] John Gaither, 6/11/02
[23] John Overall, 5/11/01
[24] Tom Rankin, 8/17/97
[25] Carl Weidling, 9/1/05
[26] Jim Melnyk, 4/25/06

The Lists

Recent Additions
10/13/07 Add George and John Eldredge to Just Plain Family list.
10/13/07 Add Hal Lynch to Their Demise, By Suicide list.

. . . lists of actors associated with brands or products

Brand Characters
Norm Alden Lou the Mechanic in AC Delco TV ads [1]
Virginia Christine Mrs. Olson for Folger's Coffee TV ads [2]
Jim Davis House guest in Carnation non-dairy creamer TV ads [2]
Stacy Keach Clarence Birdseye in Birds Eye Frozen Foods TV ads [2]
Tiger Joe Marsh Model for the original Mr. Clean print ads [2]
David McLean The Marlboro Man in TV ads [2]
House Peters, Jr. The original Mr. Clean in TV ads [2]
Marge Redmond, Sarah Tucker for Cool Whip [1]
Ludwig Stossel Little Old Winemaker for Italian Swiss Colony wine [1]
Jesse White The Maytag Repair Man [2]
Dick Wilson Mr. Whipple: "Please don't squeeze the Charmin!" [2]
Product Spokepersons
Claude Akins AAMCO Transmissions [2]
Harry Bartell Petri wine [1]
Truman Bradley, Roma Wine, Raleigh Cigarettes [2]
Raymond Burr Independent Insurance Agents of America [2]
Dick Clark KOST 103 FM in L.A., national ads [2]
Mike Connors Rascal scooters [2]
Leo Gordon Top Coverage (bald spot hair spray) [2]
Barbara Hale Amana appliances (in the 70s) [2]
Dale Ishimoto Nissan cars [1]
Stacy Keach National Liberty Insurance [2]
George Kennedy Breath-A-Sure breath-freshener [2]
Kay Kuter Hershey's Kisses [1]
Harry Landers Taster's Choice coffee [1]
Richard Loo Toyota cars [1]
Mary Ann Mobley SelectComfort matttress [2]
Burt Reynolds MAACO Colision Repair and Auto Painting [2]
Robert Rockwell Werthers Original Candy [1]
Karen Sharpe White Rain shampoo [1]
Arthur Shields Italian Swiss Colony wine [2]
William Talman American Cancer Society anti-smoking [2]
Dub Taylor Hubba Bubba bubble gum [1]
Audrey Totter Lustre Creme shampoo [1]

All in the Family
. . . lists of actors with a family connection

Related by Marriage (status)
Frank Aletter, Lee Meriwether, divorced [2]
Michael Ansara, Barbara Eden, divorced [1][2]
Malcolm Atterbury, Ellen Atterbury, unknown [1]
Joby Baker, Joan Blackman, divorced [2]
Dan Barton, Anne Barton, her death [1]
Frank Behrens, Amzie Strickland, unknown [2]
Philip Bourneuf, Frances Reid, divorced [1]
Richard Bull, Bobbie Collentine, married since 1948 [1]
Barry Cahill, Judith Ames, married since 1968 [2]
William Campbell, Susan Morrow, in-laws [1]
Harry Carey, Jr., Paul Fix, in-laws [2]
Gary Collins, Mary Ann Mobley, married since 1967 [1][2]
Stuart Erwin, Julie Sommars, in laws [1]
Jason Evers, Shirley Ballard, his death [2]
Byron Foulger, Dorothy Adams, his death [2]
Byron Foulger, Dorothy Adams, Barry Cahill, in laws [1]
Arthur Franz, Doreen Lang, her death [2]
Richard Garland, Beverly Garland, divorced [2]
Kevin Hagen, Susanne Cramer, her death [1]
Dean Harens, June Dayton, her death [1]
Don Harvey, Jean Harvey, his death [1]
Myron Healey, Adair Jameson, divorced [1]
Cecil Kellaway, Estelle Winwood, cousin-in-law [1]
Robert Lynn, Helen Mayon, his death [1]
Edward Mallory, Joyce Bulifant, divorced [1]
Hugh Marlowe, K. T. Stevens, divorced [10]
Frank Maxwell, Maxine Stuart, divorced [2]
Frank Maxwell, Rita Lynn, her death [2]
Tony Miller, Patricia George, divorced [2]
George Mitchell, Katherine Squire, unknown [1]
Guy Mitchell, Jacqueline Loughery, divorced [1]
Leonard Nimoy, Susan Bay, married since 1988 [2]
Ryan O'Neal, Joanna Moore, divorced [1]
Frank Overton, Phyllis Hill, his death [1]
Melville Ruick, Lurene Tuttle, unknown [1]
Karl Swenson, Joan Tompkins, his death [1]
Larry Thor, Jean Howell, unknown [2]
Patrick Waltz, Lisa Davis, his death [1]
Jack Weston, Marge Redmond, divorced [1]
Bill Williams, Barbara Hale, his death [1][2]
Carleton G. Young, Madlyn Rhue, in laws [1]
Just Plain Family
Jose Gonzales Gonzales, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, siblings [1]
James Anderson, Mary Anderson, siblings [1]
George Eldredge, John Eldredge, siblings [1]
Jean Engstrom, Jena Engstrom, mother, daughter [1]
Byron Foulger, Dorothy Adams, parents of Judith Ames [1]
Elizabeth Harrower, Susan Seaforth, mother, daughter [2]
Nolan Leary, Phyllis Hill, uncle, niece [1]
Richard Miles, Gigi Perreau, Laurie Perreau, siblings [1]
Mort Mills, Mary Treen, cousins [1]
Jeanette Nolan, Holly McIntire, mother, daughter [1]
Ryan O'Neal, Kevin O'Neal, siblings [1]
Rex Reason, Rhodes Reason, siblings [1]
James Stacy, Louis Elias, siblings [1]
Lyle Talbot, Stephen Talbot, father, son [1]
Charles Tannen, William Tannen, siblings [2]

. . . actors who made it to 100 years of age

Bruce Bennett, 1906-2007, age 100 [1]
Charles Lane, 1905-2007, age 102 [1]
Estelle Winwood 1882-1984, age 102 [1]

Their Demise
. . . lists of actors who met an untimely end (<60ish) or died by suicide or accident

By Accident (name, age, info)
John Close, 42, car accident [1]
John Dall, 52, punctured lung [1]
Eric Feldary, 55, burns from gas explosion [1]
Don Gardner, 26, road accident [10]
Ed Hinton, 39, airplane crash [1]
Theodore Marcuse, 47, road accident [1]
Dennis Patrick, 84, house fire [1]
John Pickard, 80, animal attack
Janos Prohaska, 54, plane crash [1]
Grant Richards, 47, road accident [1]
William Roerick, 83, road accident [1]
Frank Silvera, 55, accidental electrocution [2]
Joan Tabor, 36, accidental overdose of flu medication [2][1]
Judy Tyler, 23, road accident [1]
Victor Sen Yung, 65, accidental asphyxiation [1]
By Suicide (name, age, method)
Stanley Adams, 62, gunshot [1]
Keith Andes, 85, asphyxiation [1]
Donald Barry, 68, gunshot [1]
Sam Buffington, 28 [1]
Patricia Cutts, 48 [1]
Joel Fluellen, 82, apparent suicide [1]
Jon Hall, 64, gunshot to the head [1]
Douglas Henderson, 59 [1]
Joyce Jameson, 54 [1]
Hal Lynch, 78, gunshot [1]
Kate Manx, 34, overdose of sleeping pills [1]
Eve Miller, 50 [1]
Everett Sloane, 55 [1]
Gary Vinson, 47 [10]
Richard Webb, 77, gunshot [1]
Grant Withers, 55, overdose of barbituates [1]
Untimely (name, age, cause)
James Anderson, 48, heart attack [1]
John Banner, 63, abdominal hemorrhage, on birthday [1]
Fred Beir, 52, cancer [1]
Carl Betz, 56, cancer [1]
Olive Blakeney, 56, unknown [1]
Mari Blanchard, 43, cancer [1]
Nesdon Booth, 45, heart attack [1]
Lane Bradford, 50, brain hemorrhage [1]
Diane Brewster, 60, heart failure [1]
Charles Briggs, 52, unknown [1]
Victor Buono, 43, heart attack [1]
Allen Case, 51, heart attack [2]
Peggy Castle, 45, cirrhosis of the liver [1]
Michael Conrad, 58, urethral cancer [1]
Bert Convy, 57, brain tumor
Tom Conway, 62, liver ailment [1]
Joseph Corey, 45, heart attack [1]
Wendell Corey, 54, liver ailment [1]
Carolyn Craig, 36, gunshot [10]
Susanne Cramer, 32, pneumonia [10][1][2]
Richard Crane, 50, heart attack [1]
Gary Crosby, 62, lung cancer [1]
Richard Cutting, 59, kidney disease and uremia [1]
Jim Drum, 56, emphysema [1]
Nancy Evans, 53 cancer [1]
Myrna Fahey, 40, cancer [1]
Bernard Fein, 53, unknown [1]
Eric Feldary, 55, burns [1]
Peggy Ann Garner, 52, pancreatic cancer [1]
Frank Gerstle, 54, cancer [1]
Renee Godfree, 44, cancer [1]
James Goodwin, 50, spinal cancer [1]
Saul Gorss, 52, heart attack [1]
Angela Greene, 55, stroke [1]
Kipp Hamilton, 45, unknown [26]
Don Harvey, 51, heart attack [1]
Allison Hayes, 46, blood poisoning [2]
Hal Hopper, 58, emphysema [1]
William Hopper, 55, pneumonia [1]
Nancy Hsueh, 39, unknown [1]
Steve Ihnat, 37, heart attack [1]
Harry Jackson, 50, unknown [1]
Frank Jenks, 59, cancer [1]
Gordon Jones, 52, heart attack [1]
Joe Kearns, 55, cerebral hemorrage [1]
Douglas Kennedy, 57, cancer [1]
Peggy Knudsen, 57, cancer [1]
Marc Krah, 67, nephrosclerosis [1]
Karyn Kupcinet, 22, homicide [1] #196 [2]
James Lanphier, 48, stroke [1]
Joi Lansing, 43, breast cancer [1]
John Larkin, 52, heart attack [1]
Henry Lascoe, 52, heart attack [1]
Jody Lawrance, 55, unknown [1]
Anthony Lettier, 47, heart attack [1]
Jack Lomas, 48, unknown [1]
Robert Lowery, 58, heart attack [1]
Lea Marmer, 55, brain tumor [1]
Alan Marshall, 52, heart attack [1]
Margaret Mason, 58, heart attack [1]
Paul Maxey, 56,unknown [1]
Harp McGuire, 44, coronary sclerosis [1]
Gertrude Michael, 53, unknown [1]
Gerald Mohr, 54, heart attack [1]
Susan Morrow, 53, unknown [1]
Robin Morse, 43, heart attack [1]
Theodore Newton, 58, cancer [1]
Tommy Noonan, 46, malignant brain tumor [1]
Cathy O'Donnell, 46, cerebral hemorrhage from cancer [1]
Frank Overton, 49, heart attack [1]
Luana Patten, 57, respiratory failure [1]
Barbara Pepper, 54, coronary thrombosis [1]
Edward Platt, 58, heart attack [1]
Sue Randall, 49, cancer [1]
Mabel Rea, ~36, unknown
Maxwell Reed, 55, cancer [1]
Richard Reeves, 54, cirrhosis of the liver [1]
Werner Reichow, 51, cancer [1]
Stafford Repp, 56, heart attack [1]
Alejandro Rey, 57, lung cancer [1]
Dick Rich, 58, unknown [1]
Paul Richards, 50, cancer [1]
Robert Riordon, 56, heart attack [1]
Dan Riss, 60, heart attack [1]
Dan Sheridan, 46, unknown [1]
Rudy Solari, 56, cancer [1]
Rickie Sorensen, 47, cancer [1]
Fay Spain, 49, cancer [1]
Karen Steele, 56, unknown [1]
Bert Stevens, 59, heart attack [1]
Chet Stratton, 54, heart attack/stroke [1]
Gil Stuart, 58, cancer [1]
John Sutton, 54, heart attack [1]
William Talman, 53, lung cancer [2]
Joan Tetzel, 56, cancer [1]
Larry Thor, 59, heart attack [1]
Sid Tomack, 55, heart ailment [1]
William Tracy, 49, unknown [1]
Wende Wagner, 55, cancer [1]
Geraldine Wall, 57, pneumonia [1]
Patrick Waltz, 47, unknown [1]
Richard Wessel, 52, heart attack [1]
James Westerfield, 58, heart attack [1]
Peter Whitney, 55, heart attack [1]
Martha Vickers, 46, cancer of the esophagus [1]
Grant Williams, 54, peritonitis [1]

Movie Series
. . . lists of actors appearing in selected film series

Charlie Chan
Benson Fong, #3 son [3]
Keye Luke, #1 son [3]
Roland Winters, Charlie Chan #3 [3]
Victor Sen Yung, #2 son [3]
Three Stooges Movies
Connie Cezon, Corny Casanovas and others
Lewis Charles, TTS Meet Hercules [1]
Jerome Cowan, Have Rocket, Will Travel
Terry Huntingdon, TTS Meet Hercules [1]
Kenneth MacDonald, several films [1]
Marlin McKeever, TTS Meet Hercules [2]
Patricia Medina, Snow White and TTS
Mort Mills, The Outlaws Is Coming [25]
George Neise, TTS Meet Hercules and TTS In Orbit [1]
Benny Rubin, several films
Hal Smith, TTS Meet Hercules [1]
Greta Thyssen, three films

Musical People
. . . list of actors with musical talents

Charles Aidman, composer [1]
Keith Andes, singer [1]
Russell Arms, singer, Your Hit Parade [2]
Indus Arthur, a noted harpist [1]
Shony Alex Braun, concert violinist [10]
Rod Cameron, accomplished pianist [1]
Carleton Carpenter, songwriter and composer [1]
Allen Case, singer [1]
Virginia Christine, concert pianist, lyric soprano [1]
Bert Convy, 1950s pop singer [1]
Gary Crosby, singer, Bing's son [2]
Ken Curtis, singer with Tommy Dorsey [2]
Richard Eastham, opera singer, also Broadway [1]
Barbara Eden, nightclub singer [1]
Med Flory, played clarinet, alto saxophone [1]
Dick Foran, a singing cowboy [1]
James Griffith, musician and composer [1]
Joy Hodges, singer [1]
Hal Hopper, composer and songwriter [1]
Bob Howard, swing pianist-vocalist [1]
Joe Kearns, theatrical and radio organist [1]
Barney Kessel, much honored guitarist [2]
Werner Klemperer, concert violinist, conductor [1]
Frankie Laine, famous singer and actor [2]
Carol Leigh, Broadway composer and lyricist [1]
Robert Lowery, band singer [1]
Barton MacLane, musician [1]
Mickey Manners, singer, clubs and cruises [1]
Nobu McCarthy, singer [1]
Gertrude Michael, musician [1]
Guy Mitchell, singer, Red Garters [2]
John Mitchum, singer, songwriter, poet [2]
Billy Mumy, musician, composer [2]
Hugh O'Brian, singer, Broadway and variety shows [1]
Joan O'Brien, TV singer, sang with Harry James orch. [2]
Simon Oakland, concert violinist [1]
Michael Parks, country singer [2]
Hank Patterson, piano player [1]
Edward Platt, singer, big band, stage musicals, Broadway [1]
Gale Robbins, singer, with big bands and more [1]
Basil Ruysdael, opera singer [2]
Vivienne Segal, singer, on Broadway and in films [1]
Max Showalter, composer, songwriter, pianist [2]
Ray Teal, saxophone player and band leader [1]
Constance Towers, singer, Broadway shows
Bobby Troup, musician, composer [2]
Dick Whittinghill, vocalist with Pied Pipers [2]
Grant Williams, opera singer, pianist [1]

Radio People
. . . list of actors with a series role and/or many appearances on radio

John Archer, Announcer for The Shadow [1]
Parley Baer, Chester on Gunsmoke, many roles [1]
Harry Bartell, many shows, many roles, characters
Truman Bradley, announcer, many shows [2]
Raymond Burr, Captain Quince on Fort Laramie
Lillian Buyeff, many shows, many roles, characters
Ray Collins, many shows, many roles, characters
John Conte, announcer on Silver Theater, many roles [1]
John Dehner, Paladin on Have Gun Will Travel, many roles [1]
Roy Engel, Sky King on Sky King [1]
John Fiedler, Homer on The Aldrich Family [1]
Virginia Gregg, Helen Asher on Richard Diamond, Private Detective
Reed Hadley, Red Ryder on The Adventures of Red Ryder [1]
Ed Kemmer, Commander Buzz Corry on Space Patrol
John Larkin, Perry Mason on Perry Mason, many roles [1]
Marvin Miller, Announcer on The Whistler, many roles [2]
Gerald Mohr, Philip Marlowe on The New Adventures of... [1]
Ralph Moody, many shows, many roles, characters
Jeanette Nolan, La of Opar on Tarzan, many roles
Nelson Olmsted, narrator and dramatic reader of short stories [1]
Hal Peary, Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve [2]
Vic Perrin, Sgt. Goerss on Fort Laramie, many roles
George Petrie, John J. Malone on The Amazing Mr. Malone [1]
Barney Phillips, Officer Ed Jacobs on Dragnet, many roles [1]
Bill Quinn, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, Just Plain Bill [1]
Isabel Randolph, Abigail Uppington on Fibber McGee and Molly [1]
Bartlett Robinson, Perry Mason on Perry Mason, many roles [1]
Basil Ruysdael, announcer and commercial spokeman, many shows [2]
Anne Seymour, Mary Marlin on The Story of Mary Marlin [1]
Hal Smith, Mr. Whittaker on Adventures In Odyssey
Olan Soulé, Bachelor's Children, many roles [1]
Karl Swenson, many shows, many roles, characters [1]
Irene Tedrow, Mrs. Janet Archer ion Meet Corliss Archer [1]
Larry Thor, Danny Clover on Broadway is My Beat, many roles [2]
Russell Thorson, One Man's Family, many roles [1]
Joan Tompkins, Nora Drake on This is Nora Drake [1]
Les Tremayne, Nick Charles on The Adventures of the Thin Man [2]
Lurene Tuttle, Effie on The Adventures of Sam Spade, many roles
Herb Vigran, The Sad Sack, many roles [1]
Dick Whittinghill, longtime DJ on KMPC in L.A. [1]
Paula Winslowe, Peg Riley on The Life of Riley, many roles [1]
William Woodson, Narrator on This is Your FBI [2]
Ben Wright, Hey Boy on Have Gun, Will Travel, many roles [1]
Carleton G. Young, Philip Gault on The Whisperer [1]

For more information, look 'em up at the RadioGoldIndex.

Sports People
. . . list of people once significantly involved in the world of sports

Archie Moore, light-heavyweight prizefighter [3]
Roman Gabriel, QB, L.A. Rams [12], Philadelphia Eagles [4]
Hal Baylor, heavyweight prizefighter [1]
Bruce Bennett, 1928 Olympics Silver Medal, shot put [1]
Bill Brundige, famous sportscaster [1]
Lindon Crow, football, L.A. Rams [2]
Roy Jenson, Canadian football [1]
Roland La Starza, heavyweight prizefighter [1]
Robert Lowery, minor league baseball [1]
Robert McQueeney, professional golfer [1]
Marion Moses, tennis champion, Ken Malansky's mom [1]
Billy Pearson, thoroughbred jockey [2]
Mel Profit, football, Toronto Argonauts [2]
Bill Smith, boxer, muscleman etc. [1]
William Talman, semi-pro baseball, amateur boxing [2]
Robert J. Wilke, expert golfer [1]

Voice Actors
. . . list of actors with voice roles of some importance in TV or film

Eleanor Audley, Lady Tremaine in Cinderella [2]
Truman Bradley, several voice roles [2]
Henry Corden, Fred Flintstone, many voices [1]
Lisa Davis, Anita in One Hundred and One Dalmatians
John Fiedler, Piglet in the Winnie the Pooh series
Betty Lou Gerson, One Hundred...Dalmatians, Cinderella [1]
Allan Melvin, Magilla Gorilla, many voices [1]
Marvin Miller, Robby the Robot, many voice roles
Tudor Owen, Towser in One Hundred and One Dalmatians
William Phipps, Prince Charming in Cinderella [1]
Sarah Selby, Prissy the Elephant in Dumbo
Hal Smith, Goofy, many voice roles [1]
Rickie Sorensen, Arthur (Wart) in The Sword in the Stone
Olan Soulé, Batman in various shows, many voice roles [1]
John Stephenson, Mr. Slate in The Flintstones, many voices [1]
Louis Van Rooten, King/Grand Duke in Cinderella
Adam West, Batman, many voice roles [1]
Paul Winchell, Tigger in the Winnie the Pooh series [1]
Paula Winslowe, Bambi's mother in Bambi
Frederic Worlock, Horace in One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Ben Wright, Grimsby in The Little Mermaid