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Copyright 1996-2007
D. M. Brockman
26 December 2007

Location Trivia Page
The Real World of Perry Mason
This page has moved to the Wiki and will no longer be updated here.

Trivia By Episode
About places seen. Most recent addition(s) marked with . Last updated 26 December 2007.

  1. TCOT Negligent Nymph Paradise Cove is just as they state in the episode. I lived there for 5 years! There are some great shots of the way things used to be. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 9/21/07. You can see some of the show's locations in the Old Malibu Photo Gallery at the Paradise Cove website.
  2. TCOT Violent Village "Fawnskin is in the San Bernardino National Forest, not in the Sierras. It is located on highway 38 on the North shore of Big Bear Lake." Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 10/20/06. Show pictures and more here.
  3. TCOT Prudent Prosecutor "I believe the opening scene here is at the corner of Kanan Rd. and Agoura Rd. in the parking lot of a place called Whizins." Submitted by Mitch English, 10/2/05. Google map here. This is in Agoura Hills, CA. There was a Whizins restaurant at "Cornell Corners" near the time of the series. Today, the Whizins Shopping Center is located northeast of the intersection of Cornell Road and Agoura Road This is about a mile east of Kanan Road.
  4. TCOT Barefaced Witness In the scene where Paul is on his way to W. L. Picard's office, two California state highway signs can be seen, one for route 23 and the other for route 118. These roads actually converge in the city of Moorpark, not in the "Pinon City" of the show. See here. Submitted by Steve Fox, 10/7/04.
    That Mysterious Black Bar that appears in the scene with the roadsigns is there to cover up a sign. More here. From a post to the Perry_Mason group by Rich Erickson, 12/16/06.
  5. TCOT Brazen Bequest Some exterior shots were filmed at the University of Redlands and at the somewhat "modernized" old La Posada (aka La Pasada) hotel on State Street (long since torn down) in downtown Redlands, CA (not far from Big Dave's home town). Submitted by Tom Southard, 4/29/00.
  6. TCOT Double-entry Mind The interior seen in the opening is that of the Bradbury Building. The large center opening has been used in many show shots. Show picture and more here. Submitted by Mitch English, 1/11/06.
  7. TCOT Two-faced Turn-a-bout The Laff in the Dark ride featured in this episode was at the Long Beach Pike. The "airport protest" scene was staged outside the lobby of the Long Beach Arena, a few blocks from the Pike. Show pictures here. Submitted by D. A Supernaw, 6/21/05.
  8. TCOT Arrogant Arsonist Look for the real L.A.F.D Fire Station 99 in this episode. See here. Submitted by Steve Fox, 1/12/05. Additional info from Barbara Brafman, 1/13/05.
    Vincent Thomas Bridge A pan shot of this bridge is used to open the scene by the fireboat dock. See here. Submitted by Mitch English, 3/3/05, and D.A. Supernaw, 3/4/05. Also seen in the pan shot is L.A. City No. 2 (Fireboat).
  9. TCOT Missing Button The early scene where Perry and Paul walk down a ramp to a dock on their way to the Blue Nymph sailboat was filmed near the Alamitos Bay Marine Bureau building. See here. Submitted by D. A Supernaw, 3/17/05.
  10. TCOT Blonde Bonanza In an early sequence, Della makes a call from a phone booth on Ocean Avenue across from Palisades Park in Santa Monica. The following pier scene is at Santa Monica Pier. Submitted by Mitch English, 4/2/05. The restaurant appears to be the Belle-Vue. Look for the Surf View Cafe on the pier. Later, there's a glimpse of the Breaker's Motel sign. See more here.
  11. TCOT Thermal Thief A swimming pool next to a marina is seen in the home movies of Dion near the beginning of this episode. This is at the Long Beach Yacht Club at 6201 Appian Way. See here. Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 4/26/05, 2/11/07.
  12. TCOT Carefree Coronary Right after the scene where Della says Paul is dying, there's an establishing shot of a building. It's the L.A. County USC hospital in Boyle Heights known as "Big County." See here. Submitted by Mitch English, 5/21/05.
    Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena An establishing shot of the arena appears early in the show. See here. Submitted by Scott Pekeris, 7/1/05.
  13. TCOT Runaway Racer Towards midway, Perry and Paul drive up to Olivers Stone's estate in Paul's Corvette. The house is actually "The Magic Castle" in Hollywood. See here. Submitted by D. A Supernaw, 10/28/05.

Establishing Shots
Those short scenes showing a building or locale are used to set the scene for upcoming action. Click the picture for more information.

The Hall of Justice
Seen in a panning shot before a scene in the jail. Built in 1925, this building also housed the criminal courts until 1973. See it here.
The "Brent Building"
Seen in an upwards pan shot before a visit to Perry's office. In real life, it was the Bank of California building at 6th and Flower.
Las Vegas etc.
A popular dwelling place for people that put pressure on Perry's clients, the shots usually feature some familiar signage.
County Hospital
Seen throughout the series, from various angles, before a hospital scene.
Bars and Clubs
Popular locations for moving the story along, exteriors are occasionally seen. Shown here: Red's Reef Bar and Grill.
Chatsworth/Iverson Ranch
Eric Cooper points out some exterior scenes that look like the area near Chatsworth, California. (9/21/07)