The Long Wall

Episode 231
Eighth season. The Best View.

Picture 1 The "left" side. The law library door can be seen at the left behind the bust. It's hard to tell if that segment of wall is at an angle or not. The law library door open in with the hinges at the left.

Picture 2 The "right" side.

On the right side, the end by the private door.

Picture 3 Episode 47. Second season. Note the bookcase with the bric-a-brac and the "white" walls at the right.

Picture 4 Episode 48. Second season. Similar to picture 3. The bric-a-brac has changed. The wall to the right has a new finish and seems to "jog" out.

Picture 5 Episode 78. Third season. Another configuration. This arrangement persists as can be seen in picture 2.

On the left side, the end by the door to Della's office.

Picture 6 Episode 37. First season. That's the bust at the very left and the the law library door at the right. The door opens out with the hinges on the right. Compare this to Episode 14 in the Law Library section.

Picture 7 Episode 51. Second season. A view similar to picture 6 but the wall and door are quite different. The door opens in (?) with the hinges on the left.

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