Barclift mentions adding his “John Henry” to the last document he had to sign, but he really means his “John Hancock.” John Hancock was the president of the Continental Congress, and he signed the Declaration first and in the biggest hand. John Henry was a steel-drivin’ man, who competed against a steam drill and won, and then (as the song goes) he laid down his hammer, and he died (Lord, Lord). Submitted by gracenote, 2/28/2011.
+ Coincidentally, Frederic Downs who Judged this episode was Delegate Samuel Huntington of CT in the musical "1776" [Uncredited: IMDb]; FD was 1 of the 23 actors who Judged Only 1 PM trial [Statistics page: 54 Actors played 278 credited Judges]. Mike Bedard 3.7.15.
++ "John Henry" was used again in Latent Lover/Episode 222 by a disgruntled investor. Mike Bedard 4.20.15
+++ The use of "John Henry" is popular in Texas, where Barclift was supposed to come from. Wikipedia says that the use of "John Henry" instead of "John Hancock" is 'cowboy slang'. It became popular in the western US about 50 years after John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence. Lazarus0 04/03/2016

Why would a person take out a life insurance policy naming no beneficiaries and having no heirs? jfh 10Mar2023

Yes....just who was in that cabin? Did Eula kill him too, to tie up loose ends? Inquiring PM fans want to know ... Submitted by MikeReese, 6/22/2021
+ My guess, the third conspirator. (I won't say who so this won't be a spoiler, technically.) She is unlikely to have been able to push the car off the precipice by herself. OLEF641 6/23/21

Names: Another story where a character's name wasn't given. What was the "real" name of the man pretending to be Nelson Barclift? This also happened in episode 165 TCOT Polka Dot Pony. In that story the killer used an alias and a "real" name was never revealed. Submitted by H. Mason 2/7/15
+ Not to mention the case name itself ... what does this episode have to do with boomerangs, much less bouncing boomerangs? jfh 26Dec2016
++ The fake Barclift's real name is immaterial to the story, so they didn't bother with it. As for the title, the only thing I can come up with is how Eula kept running away to San Francisco, only to return to Grover (he mentions this once again in the final scene); she certainly had "bouncing" assets ;-) OLEF641 6/23/21

The doll on Eula's bedroom dresser and plush lion and Harlequin doll on her bed seem out of keeping with Eula's character. Submitted by Miss Carmody, 8 Nov. 2023

"Odontology is the study of teeth for the investigation of identity & crime...In the US courts, dental evidence was 1st presented in 1849 when the incinerated remains of a George Parkman were identified by a Nathan Cooley Kemp through a Partial Denture he had made for this patient. He proved identification by fitting the prosthesis onto the cast that had been used for its manufacture. The evidence led to the conviction & execution of a J. W. Webster for murder ["Odontology: Historical Cases" World of Forensic Science: 2005,]." Mike Bedard 3.10.15.
++ I just viewed (again) the episode of a COLUMBO where he takes down an arrogant, corrupt lawyer who thinks he has committed a perfect murder. Columbo puts him on the scene of the crime by finding a piece of cheese the killer bit into, thus leaving an imprint that could be cross checked by viewing his dental chart... I won't give away the name of the actor who is the killer, I'll just say that he's done this role in COLUMBO more than once, and few people can play the arrogant suspect as well as he can... Submitted by MikeReese, 2/14/2021

Why the title, "Bouncing Boomerang?" Otto Gervaert, 2/8/21
+ Is it Eula, buxom and with a habit of "bouncing back and forth" between Grover and San Francisco? OLEF641 6/23/21
++This interpretation calls to mind an old joke fom the Carol Burnett Show: "Howard Hughes' two biggest discoveries: Jane Russell." Notcom 070722.
+++Perhaps because the plot "boomerangs" back onto the conspirators? Submitted by Miss Carmody, 8 Nov. 2023

Is it just me, or does the actor playing Sidney Weplo look an awful lot like Strother Martin? OLEF641 6/23/21

Both he and Les seem to be channeling Strother. And is Sidney wearing the Violent Vest? DOD 02/23/22

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

This episode really needed a more detailed summation. Just who was the phony Barclift, and how did he get involved? How were they able to duplicate the real Barclift's bridgework? Just how was this insurance/phony land sale scheme supposed to work? [unsigned entry at unknown date]
A. The phony Barclift's real identity, as well as how he got involved, is immaterial to the story, so they didn't go into it.
B. Jefferies knew about the real Barclift and his bridge from trying to locate him in regards to the revolving door case four years before.
C. Eula and Jeffries killed the fake Barclift in the staged auto accident. His accidental death policy (obviously bought from Jeffries' company as part of the planning for the scam) paid out just the right amount to cover the amount owing on the Johnson's land. Once Eula got her half of the money, she and Jefferies would scram -- I wouldn't give a plugged nickel for her living too long after that . . . OLEF641 6/23/21