Watched this show on the Hallmark Channel, and I never saw Elisabeth Bain on screen. Oh, you could hear her voice many times, but I did not see her. Did Hallmark cut her out, or does she not appear? Shirley Mitchell is listed as Elisabeth Bain, but I know that Shirley Mitchell was a very busy voice over actress. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 1 October 2012.

I saw only a hand and a shadow on the 2012 Paramount DVD. Submitted by masonite, 12/6/12.

The only instance I recall that our victim is heard but never seen. DOD 02/11/20

Too Much Powder: Sgt. Toland, the prosecutor and others probably should have worn gloves when they handled the jewelry box in the robbery case. There was so much powder on it Mary Douglas got some on her hands after it was returned to the house. Should it have been cleaned before it was released by the police? Submitted by H. Mason 3/22/15

Phantom Nurses: In the murder case Nellie said (about the prescription capsule): "It was a regular thing left there every night by the nurse." Why wasn't this nurse a suspect in the robbery case? There was also a "day nurse" mentioned. Neither one seemed to have been questioned in either case. Submitted by H. Mason 3/22/15

Role Reversal: When Hamilton Burger questioned James Douglas about his CIC experience that seemed to be the type of evidence Perry would reveal in court. Submitted by H. Mason 3/25/15

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

This was the last of six episodes where the three main characters (defendant, victim, killer) are all female. The others were episodes 30,31,37,143,153. Submitted by H. Mason 9/26/14

Uncredited Actors: Don Anderson and some uncredited policemen follow Mason and Lt. Anderson into the Bain house just in time to stop Bain from strangling his late wife’s maid/companion. Anderson has barely enough time to stop (and be recognizable) before Lt. Anderson orders him back out to catch Bain. Submitted by FredK, 7 April 2011.

Different Ending: Different twist on the ending. In the first season episode TCOT Fiery Fingers (#31, 1.31) the jewelry loving nurse/maid was not the murderer but in this case she is. HamBurger 9/2/2016
+ I think this episode is a good example of the advantages of the story wheel process: the various plot elements - invalid wife, nurse, visiting relative - are all relatively independent of each other, and it's easy to switch the identity of the murder; but one side effect - tho perhaps it was intentional - is that Jerry VanDyke's character, who seems something of a bufoon thruout the episode, is ultimately proven correct. Notcom, 061319.