Perry's Finest Hour: The producer asked Perry what it would take for him to keep quiet & received this reply: "The assurance that it's in the Best Interest of BOTH my client AND JUSTICE." Mike Bedard 2.27.15.

The apartment set looks like the same as used in “Silent Six” DOD 05/07/21

The original Summary called the fictional TV series Bad Buccaneers, but the name that flashes on the television screen in the opening scene is The Bennet Buccaneer Show. Unfortunately, the “Bennet” part is almost indecipherable in the syndication print as it “blasts out” from overexposure, and it requires playing a recording of the episode at slow speed to see it clearly. Summary has been changed accordingly. Submitted by gracenote, 5/26/2011.

There is an older gentleman in the second row behind the defense that cannot stay awake. His head is down often and trying to prop it up. Must have been a long day. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/23/17.

The combo of Rhodes Reason, Richard Jaeckel, Steve Harris, and John Milford gives this episode a particularly high hunk factor. DOD 04/11/19

Pitkin-esque. Actor Rhodes Reason's birth name was . . . Rhodes Reason. And there is no truth to the rumor that Rhodes's parents consulted with Erle Stanley Gardner before settling on "Rhodes." (See Episode # 18 for an explanation of ESG's fondness for Pitkinesque names.) Submitted by BobH, 4 February 2017.

Is this the only episode in which the Title appears on a Front Page: "Preliminary Trial Begins in Bogus Buccaneer Case"? Mike Bedard 7.7.17.

Character Error: In the opening scene Grace Knapp turned on the TV with the channel selector knob. Later she turned down the volume with the channel selector knob. If you're old enough to remember (and I know that you are) TV sets of that era had a manual channel selector to select channels 2-13 and an outer knob around the selector knob used to fine tune the channel. The on/off/volume switch on Grace's set is on the left hand side. Kilo 11/5/2018.

A big "Atta Girl!" to Della for her clobbering Clayton Douglas with that cast iron skillet! No shrinking violet she! OLEF641 9/21/21

Perry mentions at the end being one of the baby's "three godfathers". That's the title of a John Wayne movie, third remake of a 1916 movie with that title. I have a feeling there really isn't any connection, except maybe it was a favorite of the scriptwriter and ended up there unconsciously? OLEF641 9/21/21

I wonder how well the police analyzed and managed the evidence at the murder scene. On the witness stand near the end of the episode, a testifier states, "She [Grace Knapp] grabbed me by the hair. I fought back and I got the hook from her. And then I hit her." As the police (and a competent attorney like Perry) know, every contact leaves a trace. So, even if this struggle did not break one of the victim's fingernails, what did the police make of the detritus under her fingernails and whatever was in or on the hook itself? Also, the police would have seen that the apartment had a back entrance that neighbor Mrs. Webb could not see. All this could have exonerated Tony Polk at the 10-minute mark. Submitted by (lowercase, with a comma and period) masonite, 07/11/13.

On the stand Perry challenged Mrs. Webb's view of the hook in the right hand and the back hand swipe but clearly the hook was done overhanded so should have been clearly visible to Mrs. Webb. If you watch it carefully, after the swing, Grace Knapp falls in the background and no where near the actual swing of the hook next to the door. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/5/14
+ Perry goes out of his way to get her to persuade herself that she saw a backhanded blow. We, of course, saw the actual attack and know that what she actually saw was an overhand blow. This is a typical defense manoeuvre to undermine a prosecution witness into impeaching their own testimony and introducing "reasonable doubt". OLEF641 9/21/21