There's an interesting bit of business in this episode, one of Don Anderson's three billed appearances in the Mason series as one of Simon Atlee's attorneys. When Mason is shown into Atlee's office, Anderson and another extra depart, with Anderson stopping long enough to nod to Mason and greet him as "Counselor". Despite listening to Burr's reply a number of times, I can't quite make out whether he calls Anderson, "Faversham", "Haversham", "Favorson" or some other variation of his actual name. Whatever it was, the name seems to have been unexpected, as Anderson nearly laughs in response, and Burr seems quite amused at his reaction. It may have been a bit of ad-libbed fun by the actors. Submitted by FredK 18 May 2012.
+ The closed-captioning on the DVD reads the name Perry says as "Stuyvesant." Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 7/07/13.
++ It sounds like Burr says "Haversham". It is implied that Perry and "Haversham" knew each other at least professionally. And it may have been an ad-lib on Burr's part, although it's difficult to tell. Submitted by Kenmore 9/07/2020

+++ Maybe it's my New York City bias, but at 29 minutes into the MeTV version I hear "Stuyvesant." JohnK, 29 September 2022

Why does Paul leave the courtroom when court is adjourned for the day? Shouldn't he see if Perry needs anything? Indeed, immediately after he leaves, Perry asks Della to call Paul and tell him to meet him at the Dunbar building. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 7/07/13.

Third time unlucky?? This is June Vincent's appearance #3 on PM - she will eventually appear in 2 more, making her one of the show's more prolific performers - and she plays different types of people in each one: a tough-as-nails shady character in Hesitant Hostess, a quiet, standby wife in Jilted Jockey, and a flighty schemer here. Submitted by Notcom, 101315.

One of the best lines in this episode occurs right at the beginning, after Madge Wainwright calls Rick Stassi a swindler. He glances momentarily at her outfit before looking directly at her and saying, "Madam, you really should wear a tighter girdle with that." Submitted by Dan K, 8/16/17.

Narcissist? Rick Stassi's mailbox simply has the name "RICK". Submitted by Kilo 5/8/2018.

Oops! When Paul pulls up to the Bud Ferrand building at night in his Thunderbird he bangs his car door against the building when he gets out to talk to Charlie. Kilo 2/4/2019.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

T-Bird Tracks. Perry's utterance of "Thunderbird" wasn't just a Product Placement; the similarity of Madge's and Paul's cars is an essential plot element providing an obscure and late clue:

  • Tragg testifies that he found "marks of tires similar to a car belonging to Mr Paul Drake" at the murder scene; and
  • shortly thereafter, Madge stands and proclaims "I do have a Pink Thunderbird!".

The word "Thunderbird" had to be written in to the script because it was part of the story. Bonus to Ford: Two Prime Time Plugs for their product. Added by Gary Woloski, 8/20/12.