Within the first 2 minutes of the episode, Everett Dorrell tells Richard Hammond that he will lend $15,000 to Hammond that evening, saying "Come to the house tonight....You better make it 9." At 8:55 PM Dorrell is at home reading, wearing what look like pajamas and a bathrobe, when he gets a phone call from the bartender at the Oasis Inn, saying that Helen Austin is threatening to kill herself. Dorrell responds, "All right. I'll be there in a few minutes."

He changes into street clothes including an overcoat, and runs out to his car (hopefully after leaving an explanatory note for Hammond). Shortly thereafter, Dorrell hits Helen Austin with his car, killing her, when Hammond drives up from the opposite direction. After they discuss what to do about the accident, Dorrell reaches into his overcoat for his billfold while telling Hammond "I've got your money here too. In cash." Why was Dorrell carrying $15k in cash to the Oasis Inn? Why didn't he leave it at home, like in a safe? Submitted by (lowercase, with a comma and period) masonite, 02/07/19.
+ In 2021 money that $15k would be just over $131k. A lot of money to be walking around with in cash! And Alex Hill's $17.50 tie would cost $153, just to put things into perspective. OLEF641 2/10/21

A “blooper” takes place when Perry and John Conwell arrive at Conwell’s home as it’s clear that it’s been raining. The street and parked cars are wet, and we see rain droplets on Perry and Conwell’s jackets as well as Tragg’s hat. Yet when the scene shifts to the driveway, everyone is completely dry. Submitted by Kenmore, 07/05/2010.

Clara Thorpe contradicts herself on the stand. Shortly after saying yet again that Helen must have had the $15,000, she tells Perry that she doesn’t claim Helen had the money. It is also odd that Helen would have told Clara about the money, considering why she needed it. In the closing scene, Paul and Hammond exit the back door and turn right. This should lead them to either the exterior wall or another office, but certainly not the way out the building. A rare episode in which we never see the victim - alive, that is. Too bad, she must have been some femme fatale. DOD 09/13/19

French Parking. The production crew included a nice touch by deliberately parking Car(a), the Renault, behind the '59 Ford in the style "á la Parisienne" (DVD 13:05). This Renault could not possibly be the same one parked in New York City in Ep#78: it would have rusted-out on the drive to LA long before it got to 1040 N. Las Palmas! Added by Gary Woloski, 9/4/12.

Once again the "two of his greatest fans," Brian Kelleher and Diana Merrill, get the episode's summary wrong. Helen Austin wasn't the former girlfriend of Richard Hammond but of his lawyer, Everett Dorrell. And she wasn't supposedly killed by Hammond's car but by Dorrell's borrowed car. It would seem "two of his biggest fans" could have done more research into a widely-syndicated episode during the long time of compiling the information for the book of their supposedly favorite series. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 12/01/13.

Perry's office has new lettering on the door. Just three episodes earlier (in production) "The Case of the Gallant Grafter" featured the stock shot of his office door with different lettering. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 12/01/13.
+ I'm glad Perry finally got the lettering on his door redone, because the original lettering, shown during the first few seasons, had the word "Law" slightly off center. Submitted by scarter, 8/20/14

Della looks especially ravishing in Perry's office at the beginning. Joe B. 4/17/19

Is there a more annoying series guest character than Aunt Clara Thorpe, played by Katherine Squire? Well, perhaps one of the other characters played by Squire in her two other series appearances (Episodes 199 and 240). Submitted by BobH, 2 December 2016.
+ I was watching "When Harry Met Sally", and checking a transcript I had for it, when I noticed that the woman in one of the old couples looked familiar. It took me a second to recognize that it was Katherine Squire, but, considerably older. She didn't speak in that part, or I would've recognized the voice immediately.
++ She has the second most annoying voice in the world (the MOST ANNOYING VOICE in the world is the lady whose voice is on all the self-serve check stands). Submitted by Arisia, 03/06/18.
+++ Actually, Katherine Squire does speak in When Harry Met Sally. The voice is not quite as harsh, but it's quite distinctive. It was her last role. Submitted by Kenmore 9/29/2020

After the trial was over I really hope Everett Dorrell dumped Barbara Claridge without a second thought. She's a little too snobbish to be a good wife for anyone... Submitted by Arisia, 03/06/18
+ Even for an unethical lawyer like Everett Dorrell? kfh 27Jan2020

Perry and Tragg pull up in Perry's car to discover Dorrell hosing down his driveway. They go into Dorrell's house to question him. After Tragg concludes that Hammond killed the girl he smugly walks away like he's leaving. I'd like to have seen the look on his face when he got outside and realized he had come there with Perry. Kilo 11/30/2019.

Interesting Closed Captioning: Comcast/Xfinity closed captioning displays 'XXXX" in place of the name "Dick". jfh 27Jan2020