From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Perry has been planning a fly-fishing vacation in Scotland for three years, and this time he’s going to let nothing stand in his way. But Della tells him there’s a client waiting outside that he'll fall in love with. When he sees seven-year-old Peggy Smith, he does.

Peggy lives at a boarding school and is searching for her identity, since she has no idea who her real parents are. A search of birth records leads Perry to believe that Peggy is the daughter of Clark Lawson and Margaret Jeffers Lawson. Margaret was the daughter of wealthy Courtney Jeffers, a crotchety old man who disowned Margaret after she eloped. Margaret died shortly after Peggy was born. Jeffers relents when he sees Peggy and quickly embraces her, even changing his will to leave everything to her. The next day, Jeffers is found dead, killed with a poker.

Now Peggy gets involved helping another member of the family to be cleared of Jeffers’s murder—a unique episode with a melancholy ending.

Fans. will spot John Banner, Sergeant Shultz of Hogan’s Heroes, in this episode.