From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Amy Jo Jennings is an aspiring folksinger all too fresh from the hills and full of dreams of being a big star. But besides being very naïve, Amy Jo is also very rich, having inherited her father's successful Home Folk’s Remedy Company. This explains talent agent Harry Bronson’s interest in her. He’s offered her a starring role in a cross-country musical—for $50,000, that is. Amy Jo finally wakes up and smells the coffee at a swinging party at Bronson’s house thrown by Bronson. She goes looking for Bronson at his house, but he appears to be asleep. Actually, he’s dead. As Amy Jo has the best motive for the crime, she's soon singing a sad song of murder to Perry.

This episode features Gary Crosby (Bing’s son), Lee Meriwether, and Mark Goddard, who portrayed Don West on Lost in Space.