From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Fay Wray plays Mignon Germaine, a voodoo dancer whose son Larry (played by actor/talk-show host Gary Collins) is no less than the assistant of Hamilton Burger.

Larry is handling a case of criminal fraud against Allied Chemical, a charge he’d like to drop. But then the firm’s lawyer claims that Larry compromised himself by having his girlfriend, Carina Wileen, broker a deal on the fraud case in exchange for a partnership in the law firm representing Allied. Hamilton has no choice; he suspends Larry.

Larry’s voodoo-dancer mother will do anything to help him. During a performance, Mignon approaches Carina's table and pins a voodoo doll to the table with a ceremonial dagger. Carina immediately falls into a coma. Is it black magic or something more mundane but no less malevolent? Larry doesn’t help his résumé any when he is later found in Carina’s hospital room, standing over her body, which has the ceremonial dagger protruding from it.