From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
When word gets out that Louisa Holbrook died leaving her eighteen-year-old daughter Trudy with $10 million, the door is left open for men claiming to be Trudy’s long-lost father.

The first claimant (played by Hayden Rorke, the shrink on I Dream of Jeannie) appears right after Louisa’s funeral, and Trudy falls for him hook, line, and sinker. The rest of Trudy’s family is less than thrilled, especially her blind uncle Lawrence (played by silent screen hero Francis X. Bushman), the only one who knew Trudy’s real father.

Then private investigators locate another man claiming to be Trudy’s father. But before old uncle Lawrence can decide who is the impostor, someone crunches him with a poker. As Trudy’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and she admits to having had a fight with her uncle, Tragg arrests her for murder. Naturally, Perry must clear her.