This is a list of the original Perry Mason TV series episodes and who the killer was.  I have been maintaining this list for twenty years now and I still haven't seen them all.  It seems to be getting harder and harder to see those that I've missed.

I have run across several excellent sites devoted to Perry Mason that cover the show in far greater detail than I do but, so far, I haven't found any with a list like this.  One of my favorites is Big Dave's Perry Mason Pages. I highly recommend it ! He also has links to several other great sites.

Thanks to Dave Brockman, Charles Jenkins, George Karakey, and Tony Shelton for helping me compile this list.

At this point in time I do not have a collection of tapes but I am thinking about starting one.

If you have an addition, correction, or comment you can send email to me here.
The excel spreadsheet I use for this is here.

Question marks mean that I'm not certain if the correct killer or spelling is listed.

Last update : 30 April 2005

Episode Case Title The Killer
146 Absent Artist Monty Montrose
195 Accosted Accountant Phil Jenks
151 Ancient Romeo Carl Bruner
148 Angry Astronaut Matthew Owen
113 Angry Dead Man Ben Otis
7 Angry Mourner Sam Burris
207 Antic Angel Harry Niles
202 Arrogant Arsonist Ross Walker
78 Artful Dodger Joyce Fulton
263 Avenging Angel Hetty McLeod (?)
193 Badgered Brother Nicolai Wright
254 Baffling Bug Dr. Malcolm Scranton
14 Baited Hook Abigail E. Leeds
115 Barefaced Witness Alfred Needham
77 Bartered Bikini Madge Wainwright
88 Bashful Burro Crawford Wright
61 Bedeviled Doctor Barbara Heywood
216 Betrayed Bride Aunt Nellie
188 Bigamous Spouse Nell Grimes
37 Black-eyed Blonde Norma Carter
114 Blind-Man's Bluff Edgar Whitehead
224 Blonde Bonanza Dillard
167 Bluffing Blast Donella Lambert
73 Blushing Pearls Hudson Nichols
154 Bogus Books George Pickson
256 Bogus Buccaneer Ann Eldridge
149 Borrowed Baby Florence Wood
52 Borrowed Brunette Grant Reynolds
192 Bouncing Boomerang Walter Jefferies
198 Bountiful Beauty Gideon Long
135 Brazen Bequest Marcus Tate
218 Bullied Bowler Jack Baker
45 Buried Clock Philip Strague
63 Calender Girl Frank Fettridge
244 Candy Queen Wanda Buren
196 Capering Camera Harper Green
155 Capricious Corpse Olive Omstead
140 Captain's Coins Evans
247 Carefree Coronary Jerry Ormond
208 Careless Kidnapper John Lathrop
235 Careless Kitten Matilda Shore
58 Caretaker's Cat Kenneth Baxter
18 Cautious Coquette Stephan Argyle
245 Cheating Chancellor Shirley Logan
102 Clumsy Clown Gerry Franklin
169 Constant Doyle Liza Givney
40 Corresponding Corpse Glenn McKay
150 Counterfeit Crank Jay Fenton
117 Cowardly Lion Harry Beacom
270 Crafty Kidnapper Alex Tanner
97 Credulous Quarry Alexander Hill
8 Crimson Kiss Shirley Tanner
145 Crippled Cougar Arnold Keith
11 Crooked Candle Larry Sands
89 Crying Cherub Thomas Clark
128 Crying Comedian Ed Brigham
44 Curious Bride Carl Reynolds
65 Dangerous Dowager Robert Benson
28 Daring Decoy Fred Calvert
267 Dead Ringer Mr. Grimes ( Raymond Burr )
236 Deadly Debt Kitty Delaney
24 Deadly Double Johnny Hale (?)
66 Deadly Toy Ralph Jennings
185 Deadly Verdict Christopher Barton
186 Decadent Dean Harvey Forrest
16 Demure Defendant Captain Hugo
27 Desparate Daughter Edward Bannister
191 Devious Delinquent Edith Summers
116 Difficult Detour Phil Edwards
159 Dodging Domino Jerry Janda
157 Double-Entry Mind Clem Sandover
209 Drifting Dropout Grove Dillingham
4 Drowning Duck Martha Norris
184 Drowsy Mosquito Gerald Sommers
68 Dubious Bridegroom George Denby
238 Duplicate Case Charlie Parks
121 Duplicate Daughter Hartley Elliott
177 Elusive Element Ned Chase
25 Empty Tin Rebecca Gentrie
108 Envious Editor Lori Stoner
15 Fan Dancer's Horse Jasper Fenton
265 Fanciful Frail Park Milgrave
49 Fancy Figures Jonathan Hyett
232 Fatal Fetish Curt Ordway
243 Fatal Fortune Gordon Evans & Beth Fuller (?)
230 Feather Cloak Jarvis Logan
190 Festive Felon Carla Eden
164 Fickle Filly Roberta Harper
110 Fickle Fortune Mrs. Hollister
31 Fiery Fingers Vicky Braxton
200 Fifty-millionth Frenchmen Ninette Rovel
271 Final Fade-Out Leif Early
95 Flighty Father David (the chauffeur)
189 Floating Stones Lorraine Iverson
54 Foot-Loose Doll Marjory Davis
81 Frantic Flyer Zack Davis
55 Fraudlent Foto Cleveland Blake
201 Frightened Fisherman Helen Bradshaw
226 Frustrated Folksinger Lionel Albright
253 Fugitive Fraulein Gerta
22 Fugitive Nurse Angela Kirby
84 Gallant Grafter Arthur Siddons
237 Gambling Lady Jacob Leonard
203 Garrulous Gambler Ben Wallace
72 Garrulous Go-Between Madame Zillia
34 Gilded Lily Harry Mitchell
142 Glamorous Ghost Walter Richey
53 Glittering Goldfish Darrell Metcalf
76 Golden Fraud Elliot Hale
255 Golden Girls Corrinne Richland
173 Golden Oranges Courtney Osgood
228 Golden Venom Tony Claus
259 Golfer's Gambit Danny Bright
178 Greek Goddess Dan O'Malley
21 Green-Eyed Sister Addison Doyle
239 Grinning Gorilla Nathon Fallon
122 Grumbling Grandfather Dorine Hopkins
123 Guilty Clients Conception O'Higgins
26 Half-Wakened Wife Marion Shelby
248 Hasty Honeymooner Guy Munford
158 Hateful Hero Jerel Leland
19 Haunted Husband Marcia Greeley
29 Hesitant Hostess Joe Gibbs
62 Howling Dog Thelma Brent
197 Ice-cold Hands Larsen Halstead
98 Ill-fated Faker Jim Ferris
206 Illicit Illusion Leslie Eden
125 Impatient Partner Frank Wells
246 Impetuous Imp Helda Dolwig
133 Injured Innocent Kirby Evans
94 Irate Inventor Lois Langely
57 Jaded Joker Buzzie
124 Jealous Journalist Tilton Stewart
47 Jilted Jockey Eddie Davis
69 Lame Canary Harry Jonson
107 Larcenous Lady Frank Sykes
222 Latent Lover Eric Pollard
242 Laughing Lady Peter Stange
100 Lavender Lipstick Charles Knudson
174 Lawful Lazarus Nora Kasner
35 Lazy Lover P.E. Overbrook
134 Left-handed Liar Rhonda Houseman
170 Libelous Locket Sidney Hawes
153 Lonely Eloper Gina Gilbert
20 Lonely Heiress Delores Coterro
33 Long-Legged Models Eva Elliot
105 Loquacious Liar Sam Crane
60 Lost Last Act Michael Dwight
231 Lover's Gamble Freddy Fell
176 Lover's Leap Willie
79 Lucky Legs J.R. Bradbury
41 Lucky Loser Harriet Balfour
163 Lurid Letter Everett Rixby
91 Madcap Modiste Leona Durant
127 Malicious Mariner Arthur Janeel
46 Married Moonlighter Luke Hickey
129 Meddling Medium Helen Garden
147 Melancholy Marksmen Tony Benson
257 Midnight Howler Barney Austin
241 Mischievous Doll Clyde Jasper
120 Misguided Missile Dan Morgan
268 Misguided Model Sharon Carmody
212 Missing Button Naomi Sutherland
126 Missing Melody Jonny Baker
13 Moth-Eaten Mink Sgt. Jaffrey
234 Murderous Mermaid Charlie Shaw
144 Mystified Miner Elizabeth Dow & Cindy Hastings (?)
86 Mythical Monkeys Viola Manley
217 Nautical Knot Pamela Blair
182 Nebulous Nephew Wayne Jameson
12 Negligent Nymph Karen Alder
3 Nervous Accomplice Herbert Dean
199 Nervous Neighbor Vera Hargrave
90 Nimble Nephew Ellen Foster
104 Nine Dolls Martha Benson
93 Ominous Outcast J.J. Flaherty
23 One-eyed Witness Sam Carlin
213 Paper Bullets Edgerton Cartwell
130 Pathetic Patient Mrs. Osborn
75 Paul Drake's Dilemma Joe Marsden
50 Perjured Parrot Fred Bascomb
64 Petulant Partner Bill Shayne
42 Pint-Sized Client Charles Hays
219 Place Called Midnight Alan Durfee
156 Playboy Pugilist Jo Sands
143 Poison Pen-Pal Florence Holman
165 Polka-dot Pony Angela Fernaldi
269 Positive Negative Stanley Overton
132 Posthumous Painter Linda Burnside
180 Potted Planter David Pinter
168 Prankish Professor Esther Metcalf
36 Prodigal Parent George Durell
152 Promoter's Pillbox Jerome Stokes
103 Provocative Protege Anita Carpenter
83 Prudent Prosecutor Hal Kirkwood
48 Purple Woman Aaron Hubble
221 Reckless Rock Hound Kinder
106 Red Riding Boots Rennie Foster
187 Reluctant Model Goring Gilbert
136 Renegade Refugee Emery Fillmore
109 Resolute Reformer Lawrence Kent
1 Restless Redhead Lewis Bowles
39 Rolling Bones Willard Scott
56 Romantic Rogue Harry West
138 Roving River Seth Tyson
225 Ruinous Road Quincy Davis
10 Runaway Corpse Jason Beckmeyer
251 Runaway Racer Pappy Ryan
233 Sad Sicilian Serafina
43 Sardonic Sargeant Sgt. Smith / Cusick
260 Sausalito Sunrise Sgt. Deke Bradley
214 Scandalous Sculptor Everett Stanton
261 Scarlet Scandal Donald Hobart
30 Screaming Women Connie Cooper
139 Shapely Shadow Cole B.Troy
51 Shattered Dream Irene Bedford
183 Shifty Shoebox Frank Honer
166 Shoplifter's Shoe Pete Chennery
6 Silent Partner Lola Florey
252 Silent Six Ron Peters
205 Simple Simon John Fossette
87 Singing Skirt Slim Marcus
99 Singular Double John Ruskin
179 Skeleton's Closet Harry Collins
92 Slandered Submarine Gordon Russell
2 Sleepwalker's Niece Steve Harris
215 Sleepy Slayer Rachel Gordon
67 Spanish Cross Miriam Baker
70 Spurious Sister Ralph Hibberly
161 Stand-In Sister Nick Paolo
74 Startled Stallion Earl Mauldin
59 Stuttering Bishop Phillip Burroughs
32 Substitute Face Morgan Shreeves
5 Sulky Girl Arthur Crinston
17 Sunbather's Diary Bill Emory
172 Surplus Suitor Vernon Elliot
210 Tandem Target Walter Talley
141 Tarnished Trademark Maigret
229 Telltale Tap Archer Bryant
38 Terrified Typist James Kincaid (Duane Jefferson)
227 Thermal Thief Roland Canfield
118 Torrid Tapestry Nathan Claver
220 Tragic Trophy Howard Stark
131 Travelling Treasure Rita McGovern
96 Treacherous Toupee Arthur Colemar
264 Tsarina's Tiara Joachim DeVry
249 Twelfth Wildcat Burt Payne
262 Twice Told Twist Donna Reales
171 Two-Faced Turn-About Garrett Richards
211 Ugly Duckling Talbert Sparr
160 Unsuitable Uncle Gil Simpson
137 Unwelcome Bride Lon Snyder
266 Unwelcome Well Harry Lannon
9 Vagabond Vixen Myrtle Northrup
258 Vanishing Victim Jud Bennett
175 Velvet Claws Carl Griffin
119 Violent Vest Joy LeBaron
80 Violent Village Norman Thurston
101 Wandering Widow Riley Morgan
85 Wary Wildcatter Lucky Sterling
71 Watery Witness Tony Raeburn
111 Waylaid Wolf Edith Bristol
82 Wayward Wife Arthur Poe
162 Weary Watchdog C. C. Chang
194 Wednesday Woman Helen Reed
112 Wintry Wife Bruce Sheridan
181 Witless Witness Victor Kendall
204 Woeful Widower Nellie Conway
223 Wooden Nickels Howard Hopkins
250 Wrathful Wraith Ralph Balfour
240 Wrongful Writ Esther Norden

Trivia Items

Perry's Office : Suite 904 in the Brent Building
Perry's Office Phone Number Madison 5-1190
Della's Home Phone Number Hollywood 2-1799