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Copyright © 1996-2004
D. M. Brockman
25 December 2007

Season 7

#182: The Case of the Nebulous Nephew 9/26/63
Beulah Bondi as Sophia Stone
Ron Starr as John Brooks
Kate Manx as Irene Stone
Mark Roberts as Wayne Jameson
Hugh Marlowe as Ernest Stone
Ivan Dixon as Caleb Stone
Meg Wyllie as Nineveh Stone
Arthur Space as Leonard
Irene Tedrow as Sister Theresa
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
William Woodson as Coroner's Physician
Linda Marshall as Young Nun
Kathy Willow as Stewardess
#183: The Case of the Shifty Shoe-box 10/3/63
Constance Ford as Sylvia Thompson
Benny Baker as John Flickinger
Billy Mumy as Miles
Denver Pyle as Frank Honer
Joseph Sirola as Bill Sheridan
Ray Teal as Joe Downing
Diane Ladd as Miss Frances
Russ Conway as Deputy Sheriff
Willis Bouchey as Judge
Jim Boles as Night Man
Pat Coghlan as Chuck
Henry Travis as TV Announcer
Lincoln Wilmerton as Deputy No. 2
#184: The Case of the Drowsy Mosquito 10/10/63
Arthur Hunnicutt as Sandy Bowen
Russell Collins as Banning Grant
Kathleen Crowley as Lillian Bradisson
Clinton Sundberg as Deputy Coroner Chute
Robert J. Wilke as Deputy Sheriff Connors
Archie Moore as Jason Sparks
Strother Martin as Gerald Sommers
Robert Knapp as James Bradisson
Ann Doran as Nell Wyatt
Woodrow Parfrey as George Moffgat
Richard Derr as Hayward Small
Garry Walberg as Asst. D.A. Northridge
Charles Stroud as Man No. 1
Jack Fife as Man No. 2
#185: The Case of the Deadly Verdict 10/17/63
Julie Adams as Janice Barton
Joan Tompkins as Emily Green
Erin O'Brien-Moore as Letitia Simmons
Jan Shepard as Paulette Nevin
Stephen Franken as Christopher Barton
Lee Bergere as Dr. Nevin
Hollis Irving as Violet Barton Ames
Mike Mazurki as Arthur Jacks
Marie Worsham as Elizabeth Carson
Sally Hughes as Dr. Faulkner
S. John Launer as Judge Ryder
Robert Gibbons as Foreman
Olan Soulé as Court Clerk
Michael Fox as Dr. Hoxie
Holly Harris as Matron No. 2
Kathleen O'Malley as Matron No. 1
Sherry Hall as Bailiff
Bernie Gozier as Indian Guide
#186: The Case of the Decadent Dean 10/24/63
Milton Selzer as Dr. Aaron Stuart
Joan Tetzel as Marian Stuart
Lloyd Corrigan as Harvey Forrest
H. M. Wynant as Tobin Wade
Eddie Firestone as Jenkins
Paul Lukather as Chuck Emmett
Kelly Thordsen as Sheriff Ward Vincent
Blair Davies as John Marshall Baxter
Lauren Gilbert as Mr. Ryan
Stanja Lowe as Janet Gwynne
Richard Simmons as Mr. Ogden
Lewis Martin as Judge One
Albert A. Vail as Judge Two
Geraldine Wall as Mrs. Perkins
Rand Brooks as Ted Richert
Willis Robards as Mr. Baker
Tommy Alexander as John
Don Parker as Bruce Perkins
Shelley Ames as Grace Witt
#187: The Case of the Reluctant Model 10/31/63
John Larkin as Otto Olney
Robert Brown as Goring Gilbert
Joanna Moore as Grace Olney
Margaret Hayes as Leslie Rankin
John Dall as Colin Durant
Erin O'Donnell as Maxine Lindsay
Carl Prickett as Oscar Pickering
Charles Irving as Judge
Shirley Mitchell as Ticket Woman
Kitty Kelly as Agnes Newton
Walter Mathews as First Reporter
Dick Garton as Second Reporter
Noel Drayton as Art Expert
Ida Mae McKenzie as Housewife
Julia Faye Thomas as Assistant In Art Gallery
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Lindsay Workman as Yacht Steward
Louise Lane as Critic
#188: The Case of the Bigamous Spouse 11/14/63
Pippa Scott as Gwynn Elston
Patrick McVey as George Belding Baxter
Karl Swenson as Corley Ketchum
Michael Conrad as Felton Grimes
Allan J. Melvin as Carl Jasper
Jacqueline Loughery as Nell Grimes
Charles Irving as Judge
Claude Stroud as Bolton
Betsy Hale as Little Girl
Ann Mitchell as Mrs. Gillette
Jim Drum as Plainclothesman
#189: The Case of the Floating Stones 11/21/63
Victor Maddern as Gilbert Tyrell
Irene Tsu as Juli Eng
Joyce Jameson as Lorraine
Gertrude Flynn as Agatha Culpepper
Walter Brooke as District Attorney
Ken Lynch as Wendel
Jerry Oddo as Ralph Iverson
James Forrest as Tudor Sherwin
James Hong as Louis Kew
Richard Loo as Mr. Eng
Bill Zuckert as Judge
Dale Ishimoto as Lao
Gil Stuart as Inspector Mac Ritchie
Walter Janowitz as Doctor Lefcourt
Baynes Barron as Chowen
Marshall Reed as Fisherman
#190: The Case of the Festive Felon 11/28/63
Jon Hall as Max Randall
Sherry Jackson as Madeline Randall
Kathie Browne as Carla Eden
Anne Seymour as Hetty Randall
Jeff Morrow as Lawton Brent
Ray Stricklyn as Reed Brent
Gilbert Green as Chester Brent
Elisabeth Fraser as Eloise Brent
John Howard as Justin Grover
Nelson Leigh as Judge
Anne Barton as Bebe Brent
Michael Fox as Surgeon
Marshall Reed as Policeman
Louise Lewis as Mrs. Taylor
#191: The Case of the Devious Delinquent 12/5/63
John Washbrook as Tim Balfour
David Winters as Chick Montana
Virginia Christine as Edith Summers
Otto Kruger as Timothy Balfour, Sr.
Barton MacLane as Harold Minter
Frances Rafferty as Miss Adler
David Lewis as Luke Balfour
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
Hal Baylor as Proprietor
Jon Lormer as Medical Examiner
John Harmon as Expert
William Benedict as Old Man
David Clegg as Greasy Neal
John Mitchum as Operator
John McKee as Officer
#192: The Case of the Bouncing Boomerang 12/12/63
Rod Cameron as Grover Johnson
Diana Millay as Eula Johnson
Paul Picerni as Walter Jefferies
Parley Baer as Willard Hupp
Berkeley Harris as Les Gilpin
Wright King as Sidney Weplo
Alan Hale as Nelson Barclift
John Pickard as Sheriff
Ed Peck as Prosecutor
Nelson Olmsted as Doctor Lewis
Frederic Downs as Judge
Ralph Moody as Mr. Morgan
#193: The Case of the Badgered Brother 12/19/63
Patrice Wymore as Jane Alder
Robert Harland as Todd Baylor
Nancy Kovack as Carla Rinaldi
Patricia Blair as Nicolai Wright
Peter Walker as Martin Baylor
Gregory Morton as Joseph Rinaldi
L. Q. Jones as Lewis
George Petrie as Orin Leslie
John Gallaudet as Judge
Arthur Peterson as Doctor McBurney
Vera Marshe as Maid
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Lindsey Workman as House Man
Orville Sherman as Hotel Clerk
Pat Conway as Model
Ed Prentiss as Taped Voice
Alida Van as Model No. 1
Norma Clark as Model No. 2
Annabelle George as Model No. 3
Carol Anderson as Model No. 4
#194: The Case of the Wednesday Woman 1/2/64
Phillip Pine as Phillip Stewart
Lisa Gaye as Joyce Hadley
Douglas Dick as Lester Ormesby
Marie Windsor as Mrs. Helen Reed
Phyllis Hill as Mrs. Katherine Stewart
John Hoyt as Thomas Webber
Michael Pate as Jack Mallory
Alvy Moore as Cabbie
Ralph Manza as Amos Elwell
Morris Ankrum as Judge
Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez as "Rosie" Dell
William Fawcett as Pawn Broker
John Cliff as Guard
Greta Granstedt as Manager
Bill Idelson as Ticket Agent
#195: The Case of the Accosted Accountant 1/9/64
Richard Anderson as Edward Lewis
Dee Hartford as Leslie Ross
Murray Matheson as B. K. Doran
Gail Kobe as Gertrude Lewis
Lynn Bari as Sylvia Cord
Leonard Stone as Arthur Sutton
J. Edward McKinley as Walter Cord
Jean Engstrom as Vera Hillman
Robert Armstrong as Phil Jenks
John Gallaudet as Judge Penner
#196: The Case of the Capering Camera 1/16/64
Elaine Stewart as Irene Grey
Margo Moore as Judith Blair
Paula Raymond as Katherine Ames
Karyn Kupcinet as Penny Ames
Byron Palmer as Harper Green
Mark Dempsy as Norman Ames
Kurt Kreuger as Karl Kadar
Edmon Ryan as Lewis Ames
Eric Feldary as Jacob Kadar
John Harmon as Fingerprint Expert
John Zaremba as Coroner's Physician
Grandon Rhodes as Judge
Len Hendry as Police Photographer
Margaret Mason as Receptionist
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
#197: The Case of the Ice-cold Hands 1/23/64
Joyce Bulifant as Nancy Banks
Dick Davalos as Rodney Banks
Lisabeth Hush as Lorraine Lawton
Dabbs Greer as Larsen Halstead
Arch Johnson as Marvin Fremont
Phyllis Coates as Inez Fremont
Paul Bryar as Burdett
John Goddard as Sgt. McClanahan
Henry Norell as Jarvis Nettle Gilmore
Willis Bouchey as Judge
Art Lewis as Man
Alex Bookston as Court Reporter
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Dorothy Edwards as Juror
Charles Stroud as Court Clerk
Jack Crowder as Officer
#198: The Case of the Bountiful Beauty 2/6/64
Sandra Warner as Stephanie Carew
Ryan O'Neal as John Carew
Zeme North as Deborah Dearborn
Douglas Fowley as Rubin Cason
John van Dreelen as Gideon Long
Maxwell Reed as Chet Worth
Jean Carson as Mrs. Mitchell
John Zaremba as Medical Examiner
Sydney Smith as Judge
George Cisar as Neighbor
Fifi D'Orsay as Mrs. Davis
Lonie Blackman as Miriam Worth
Barbara Wilkin as Switchboard Operator
Fern Barry as Maid
#199: The Case of the Nervous Neighbor 2/13/64
Paul Winchell as Henry Clement
Richard Rust as Charles Fuller
Jeanne Cooper as Mary Browne
Katherine Squire as Vera Hargrave
Sheila Bromley as Alice Bradley
Les Tremayne as George Browne
G. B. Atwater as Karl Dickinson
Booth Colman as Doctor Younger
Francis X. Bushman as Philip
Jesslyn Fax as Little Old Lady
S. John Launer as Judge
#200: The Case of the Fifty Millionth Frenchman 2/20/64
David McCallum as Phillipe Bertain
Jacques Bergerac as Armand Rovel
Roxane Berard as Ninette Rovel
Janet Lake as Carole Ogilvie
Jackie Coogan as Ron Litten
Coleen Gray as Linda Sutton
Don Collier as Peter Hayes
Arthur Franz as Ray Ogilvie
Naomi Stevens as Mrs. Kransdorf
Gene O'Donnell as Prosecutor
Tom Greenway as Dick Jenkins
Stuart Randall as Sheriff Max Taylor
Kenneth Patterson as Judge
Lisa Davis as Girl Skier
Clark Howat as Tower Man
#201: The Case of the Frightened Fisherman 2/27/64
Mala Powers as Helen Bradshaw
Connie Gilchrist as Mrs. Pennyworth
Lee Farr as Randolph James
Marian Collier as Natalie James
Ilze Taurens as Gretchen Lang
Richard Devon as Marion Devlin
Bartlett Robinson as Hudson Bradshaw
Emile Genest as Hans Lang
Bill Smith as Andy Witcoe
Connie Cezon as Gertie
Richard Cutting as Blind Fisherman
Stacy Keach as Lt. Gibson
Kort Falkenberg as Interne
Ray Walker as Fake Fisherman
Walter Stocker as 1st Police Officer
Seamon Glass as 2nd Police Officer
Richard Geary as 3rd Police Officer
Harry Strang as Lab Parking Guard
Tom Harkness as Judge
#202: The Case of the Arrogant Arsonist 3/5/64
Tom Tully as Carey York
Frank Aletter as Tommy Towne
Jeff York as Ross Walker
Wynn Pearce as Dorian York
Elaine Devry as Sylvia Gwynne
Russell Thorson as Farrell Moorefield
Byron Morrow as Captain Hillman
Connie Cezon as Gertie
Tenen Holtz as Otto Joseph
Holly McIntire as Elaine Joseph
John Gallaudet as Judge
Tommy Farrell as Herbert Baker
Michael Harris as Cameraman
Robert Chadwick as Policeman
Robert Kenneally as Radio Dispatcher
Coby Denton as Phone Dispatcher
Lester Dorr as Bailiff
#203: The Case of the Garrulous Go-between 3/12/64
Sue Randall as Amy Scott
Lori March as Madame Zillia
Jacques Aubuchon as Victor Bundy
Anthony Eisley as Howard Kern
Merry Anders as Joyce Carlton
Lillian Buyeff as Dora
John Napier as Tommy Stiller
Nelson Leigh as Judge
Charles Stroud as Court Clerk
Gilbert Frye as Apt. Hotel Clerk
#204: The Case of the Woeful Widower 3/26/64
Jerry Van Dyke as James Douglas
Harry Townes as Newton Bain
Nancy Gates as Mary Douglas
Joan Lovejoy as Nellie Conway
Joyce Meadows as Carole Moray
Ann Carroll as Georgiana Douglas
Shirley Mitchell as Elizabeth Bain
Allen Joseph as Prosecutor
Frank Gerstle as Sgt. Steve Toland
Connie Cezon as Gertie
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
Alexander Lockwood as Dr. Stevenson
Edmund Glover as Municipal Judge
Steve Pendleton as Duncan
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
#205: The Case of the Simple Simon 4/2/64
Victor Buono as John Sylvester Fossette
Virginia Field as Ramona Carver
Tom Conway as Guy Penrose
Doug Lambert as Douglas McKenzie
James Stacy as Scott Everett
Donald Barry as Red Doyle
Malachi Throne as Sandifer
David Macklin as Dyker
Jay Barney as District Attorney
William Keene as Rogers
Douglas Evans as Clerk
Sherwood Keith as Ogden G. Kramer
Ted Stanhope as Maitre d'
Pepper Curtis as Waitress
#206: The Case of the Illicit Illusion 4/9/64
Mona Freeman as Rosanne Ambrose
Keith Andes as Dr. Jesse Young
Ron Randell as Hubert Ambrose
Norma Varden as Winifred Wileen
Rebecca Welles as Leslie Eden
Jena Engstrom as Vera Janel
Oliver McGowan as Fillmore Garrett
Berry Kroeger as Kirk Cameron
Willis Bouchey as Judge Two
John Gallaudet as Judge
Dick Garton as Lt. Barlow
Melville Ruick as Michael Rancer
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
#207: The Case of the Antic Angel 4/16/64
Michael Ansara as Vince Kabat
George Tobias as Sidney Falconer
Peter Breck as William Sherwood
Richard Erdman as Harry Niles
Bek Nelson as Dana Kent
Cathleen Cordell as Maggie Malecki
Logan Field as Sergeant
Alexander Lockwood as Medical Examiner
Morris Ankrum as Judge
Tracy Morgan as Waitress
Billy Halop as Barman
James Cross as Panhandler
Janet Dey as Lynne Bowman
Larry Barton as Clerk
#208: The Case of the Careless Kidnapper 4/30/64
Thomas Lowell as David Pelham
Marilyn Erskine as Susan Pelham
Burt Metcalfe as John Lathrop
Mimsy Farmer as Sande Lukins
Mark Slade as Michael Da Vinci
Peter Hobbs as Gregory Pelham
Regina Gleason as Mary Manning
Tudor Owen as Capt. Horatio Jones
Ron Kennedy as Joe Velvet
Gale Gerber as First Girl
Francie Karath as Second Girl
Pamela Baird as Third Girl
Gilbert Gardner as Boy
Garland Thompson as Lab Expert
Barbara Fuller as Maid
Harry Stanton as Judge
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
#209: The Case of the Drifting Dropout 5/7/64
Cynthia Pepper as Annalee Fisher
Malcolm Atterbury as Dell Harper
Carl Reindel as Barry Davis
Vaughn Taylor as Sanford Harper
Natalie Norwick as Miss Standish
Ted de Corsia as Mort Lynch
Neil Hamilton as Grove Dillingham
Blair Davis as Prosecutor
Harry Holcombe as Judge
House Peters, Jr. as Plainclothesman
Don Haggerty as Police Chief
Alex Montoya as Neighbor
Seamon Glass as Officer
#210: The Case of the Tandem Target 5/14/64
Philip Ober as Sumner Hodge
Ann Rutherford as Mona Hodge
Lonny Chapman as Jack Talley
Paul Carr as Con Bolton
Natalie Trundy as Irma Hodge
Pat Priest as Miss Young
Dan Seymour as Leo Lazaroff
Vince Barnett as Noonan
Tom Fadden as Cooper
Barney Biro as Judge
#211: The Case of the Ugly Duckling 5/21/64
Anne Whitfield as Alice Trilling
Constance Towers as Natalie Graham
Reginald Gardiner as Albert Charity
Adam LaZarre as Anthony Usher
Max Showalter as Talbot Sparr
Ford Rainey as Harry Trilling
S. John Launer as Judge
Jay Adler as Herman
Frances Morris as Landlady
William Boyett as Police Officer
Richard Geary as Scuba Fella
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice