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Copyright © 1996-2004
D. M. Brockman
25 December 2007

Season 8

#212: The Case of the Missing Button 9/24/64
Julie Adams as Janice Blake
Ed Nelson as Dirk Blake
Claire Wilcox as Button Blake
Dee Hartford as Lois Gray
Anthony Eisley as Vince Rome
Otto Kruger as Judge Norris
Alan Baxter as Roger Gray
Lysa D'Anjou as Naomi Sutherland
Mike Mazurki as Cully Barstow
Stanley Adams as Pancho Morado
David Macklin as Mike Sommers
Charles Irving as Judge Blanchard
Ruth Packard as Miss Smithers
Garland Thompson as Lab Expert
Pitt Herbert as Coroner's Physician
Jean MacRae as Woman At Motel
Robert Riordan as Janice's Lawyer
Joe Dominguez as Bartender
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Richard Geary as Scuba Diver
#213: The Case of the Paper Bullets 10/1/64
Richard Anderson as Jason Foster
Lynn Loring as Susan Foster
Patrick McVey as Harry Mardig
Jan Shepard as Margaret Foster
Melora Conway as Alma Rice
Ford Rainey as Randolph Cartwell
Arthur Space as Edgerton Cartwell
Frank Marth as Carl Rohr
Booth Colman as Prosecutor
Stewart Moss as David Cartwell
Carl Prickett as Rufus Findley
House Peters, Jr. as Lt. Jeffers
Lou Krugman as Gambling Boss
Joel Fluellen as Bartender
Paul Barselow as Coroner's Physician
Jason Johnson as Judge
William Tracy as Photographer
Ann Ayars as Woman Reporter
Robert Rothwell as Campaign Worker No. 1
John Truax as Taxi Driver
Barry Brooks as Croupier
Jack Fife as Campaign Worker No. 2
Charles Stroud as Court Clerk
#214: The Case of the Scandalous Sculptor 10/8/64
June Lockhart as Mona Stanton Harvey
Stuart Erwin as Everett Stanton
Sue Ane Langdon as Bonnie
Sean McClory as Hannibal Harvey
Dan Tobin as Dickens
Nydia Westman as Ivy Stanton
Simon Scott as Rex Ainsley
Carlos Romero as Nonno Volente
Isabel Randolph as Lottie Porter
Willis Bouchey as Judge
Jonathan Hole as Whitey
Ellen Atterbury as Secretary
Ralph Manza as Yard Man
Frances Morris as Matron
Don Washbrook as Messenger
Don Anderson as Bartender
#215: The Case of the Sleepy Slayer 10/15/64
Phyllis Hill as Rachel Gordon
Hugh Marlowe as Doctor Lambert
Robert Brown as Tracey Walcott
Gigi Perreau as Phyllis Clover
John Napier as Bruce Jay
Karl Swenson as Charles Norman
Joan Tompkins as Sadie Norman
J. Edward McKinley as Harlan Farrell
Richard Hale as Abner Gordon
Morris Ankrum as Judge
William Woodson as Medical Examiner
Douglas Evans as Salesman
Alfred Hopson as Clark
John Rayborn as Pusher
Gilbert Frye as Chef
#216: The Case of the Betrayed Bride 10/22/64
Anne Farge as Marie Claudet
Dianne Foster as Elaine Meacham
Michael Forest as Pierre Dubois
Jeanette Nolan as Nellie
Guy Stockwell as Jimmy Meacham
John Larkin as Todd Meacham
Jacques Aubuchon as Roger Brody
Neil Hamilton as Victor Billings
Paul Dubov as Monsieur Arnaux
Grandon Rhodes as Judge
Joey Wilcox as Boy
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Robert Gormley as Officer
#217: The Case of the Nautical Knot 10/29/64
Tom Tully as Harvey Scott
Anne Whitfield as Joanna Monford
Lisa Gaye as Pamela Blair
Arline Judge as Emmalou Schneider
Henry Brandt as Rick Scott
Barbara Bain as Elayna Scott
Mark Roberts as Ben Scott
Whit Bissell as Laurence Barlow
Francis McDonald as Peg-Leg Jasper
Lane Bradford as Rider On Horseback
Renata Vanni as Rosa Martinez
Maurice Wells as Captain Vinson
Fern Barry as Esther Larson
Glen Vernon as Steward
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
Thomas Hasson as Bellboy
Willis Robards as Banker
#218: The Case of the Bullied Bowler 11/5/64
Michael Connors as Joe Kelly
Anne Seymour as Bonnie Mae Wilmet
Milton Selzer as Dr. Max Taylor
Patricia Morrow as Marla Carol
Robert Harland as Bill Jaris
Paul Lukather as Alan Jaris
Jeff Donnell as Rose Carol
Charles Gray as Jack Baker
Maurice Manson as Orson Stillman
Patricia George as Linda Terry
John Gallaudet as Judge
William J. Tannen as Sergeant
Elizabeth Harrower as Sadie Noymann
Lonie Blackman as Marge
Allan Hunt as Marla's Boyfriend
#219: The Case of a Place Called Midnight 11/12/64
Gerald Mohr as Alan Durfee
Harry Townes as Colonel Owens
Robert Emhardt as Frank Appleton
Werner Klemperer as Hurt
Eddie Firestone as Phil Morton
Susanne Cramer as Greta Koning
Fred Vincent as Frederic Ralston
Robert Cornthwaite as Duval
Jim Davis as Joe Farrell
Ivan Triesault as Dr. Kleinman
Eva Soreny as Madame Jurgen
Peter Mamakos as Juan Carlos Ramirez
Monique LeMaire as Stewardess
Peter Hellmann as Max
Jean Bartel as Helga
Will J. White as M.P. Sgt.
Jan Arvan as Swiss Bank Clerk
Werner Reichow as Mechanic
Charles Stroud as Policeman
Ike Ivarson as Swedish Sailor
Ken Willer as Juggler
#220: The Case of the Tragic Trophy 11/19/64
Richard Carlson as Anthony Fry
Paul Stewart as J. J. Pennington
Constance Towers as Joanne Pennington
Patricia Huston as Lydia Lawrence
John Fiedler as Howard Stark
George Brenlin as Coley Barnes
Mimsy Farmer as Kathy Anders
Alvin Childress as Janitor
Reed Hadley as Medical Examiner
Robert Bice as Uniformed Man
Walter Mathews as Second Reporter
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
E. J. Andre as Druggist
Alex Bookston as First Reporter
Charles McDaniel as Third Reporter
Jack Swanson as First Cameraman
Russ Whiteman as Second Cameraman
Bobby Johnson as Red Cap
#221: The Case of the Reckless Rockhound 11/26/64
Audrey Totter as Reba Burgess
Bruce Bennett as Malone
Elisha Cook as Reelin' Pete
Ben Johnson as Kelly
Doug Lambert as Kinder
Jeff Corey as Bascom
Donald Buka as Clark
Ted de Corsia as Polek
Roy Barcroft as Murphy
Lenore Shanewise as Mrs. Munger
Ralph Moody as Jenkins
Robert C. Gormley as Guard
Nick Nicholson as Police Sergeant
Harry Stanton as Judge
#222: The Case of the Latent Lover 12/3/64
Lloyd Bochner as Eric Pollard
Jason Evers as Roy Galen
John Lasell as Dean Franklin
Gilbert Green as Harlan Talbot
Marion Moses as Sibyll Pollard
Charlotte Fletcher as Aimee Wynne
Douglas Dumbrille as Judge Robert Adler
Alexander Lockwood as Autopsy Surgeon
Armand Harrison as Nat Rudick
Emory Parnell as Leo Mann
John Matthews as Dr. Richard Jenkins
Charles Irving as Judge No. 2
Harold Gould as Lawrence West
Olan Soulé as Court Clerk
Henry Travis as 1st Spectator
Richard Reeves as Taxi Cab Driver
Robert J. Stevenson as Police Officer
Patricia Joyce as 2nd Spectator
#223: The Case of the Wooden Nickels 12/10/64
Will Kuluva as Homer Doubleday
Phyllis Love as Minerva Doubleday
Nancy Berg as Vivian Norman
Murray Matheson as Howard Hopkins
Walter Burke as Panhandler (Kelso)
Berry Kroeger as Rexford Wyler
Hunt Powers as George Parsons
Grandon Rhodes as Judge
Penny O'Donnell as Cigarette Girl
Vera Marshe as Woman Apartment Manager
Sherwood Keith as Museum Curator
Thomas Freebairn-Smith as Hotel Desk Clerk
Karen Norris as Matron
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
#224: The Case of the Blonde Bonanza 12/17/64
Mary Ann Mobley as Dianne Adler
Michael Constantine as Dillard
Bruce Gordon as Mr. Winlock
Vaughn Taylor as Montrose Foster
Paul Gilbert as Harrison Boring
Ruth Warrick as Mrs. Winlock
Jonathan Lippe as Marvin Palmer
John Gallaudet as Judge
Larry Blake as Plainclothesman
Jack Pepper as Waiter
Len Hendry as Police Officer
Jim Henaghan as Delivery Boy
#225: The Case of the Ruinous Road 12/31/64
Grant Williams as Quincy Davis
Barton MacLane as Archer Osmond
Joan Blackman as Hilary Gray
Allen Case as Adam Conrad
John Howard as Harley Leonard
Meg Wyllie as Marguerite Keith
Les Tremayne as Ed Pierce
Bert Freed as Joe Marshall
Willis Bouchey as Judge
Frankie Darro as Messenger
Patricia Joyce as Secretary
#226: The Case of the Frustrated Folk Singer 1/7/65
Gary Crosby as Jazbo Williams
Bonnie Jones as Amy Jo Jennings
Mark Goddard as Lester Crawford
Robert H. Harris as Harry Bronson
Richard Garland as Lionel Albright
Joyce Meadows as Audrey Stemple
John Considine as Chris Thompson
Leonard Stone as Al Siebring
Gale Robbins as Evelyn Bronson
Lee Meriwether as Natalie Graham
S. John Launer as Judge
Sidney Clute as Taxi Driver
Eddie Hanley as Photographer
BeBe Kelly as Starlet No. 1
Linda Burton as Starlet No. 2
#227: The Case of the Thermal Thief 1/14/65
Barry Sullivan as Ken Kramer
Bettye Ackerman as Amy Reid
Burt Metcalfe as Jeff Mills
Kathie Browne as Lona Upton
Robert Strauss as Pete Kamboly
Richard Eastham as Roland Canfield
Nina Shipman as Maxine Nichols
Joyce Van Patten as Fay Gilmer
Noel Drayton as Mr. Costelni
Dick Whittinghill as Barman
Irene Martin as First Girl
Mimi Dillard as Second Girl
Mark Tapscott as First Officer
John Hart as Dion
Don Lynch as Third Officer
Harlan Warde as Desk Sergeant
Joan Sudlow as Stella (Maid)
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
#228: The Case of the Golden Venom 1/21/65
Lee Philips as Kevin Lawrence
Noah Beery as Tony Claus
Frances Reid as Lucille Forrest
Carole Wells as Mirna Lawrence
Frank Ferguson as Walter Coffee
Mort Mills as Sgt. Ben Landro
Arthur Malet as Ralph Day
Cal Bartlett as Joe Sullivan
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
Richard Reinauer as Doctor
#229: The Case of the Telltale Tap 2/4/65
Linden Chiles as Clyde Darrell
Roland Winters as Archer Bryant
Jeanne Bal as Vera Wynne
H. M. Wynant as Glen Holman
Indus Arthur as Nancy Bryant
Parley Baer as Ian Jarvis
William Allyn as Elliot Forrest
S. John Launer as Judge
Lester Dorr as Bartender
Seamon Glass as Karl Lewis
#230: The Case of the Feather Cloak 2/11/65
Jon Hall as Lt. Kia
David Opatoshu as Gustave Heller
John van Dreelen as Jarvis Logan
Michael Dante as Douglas Kelland
Wende Wagner as Anona Gilbert
James Frawley as District Attorney Alvarez
Miriam Goldina as Auntie Hilo
Joyce Jameson as Dolly Jameson
Keye Luke as Choy
Tony Scott as Jon Kakai
Tom Palmer as Attorney Roberts
Arthur Wong as Judge Kee
Bob Okazaki as Pet Shop Owner
Thomas Carlisle as First Man Surfer
Steven Blair as Second Man Surfer
Diane Swanson as First Girl
Gunilla Hutton as Second Girl
#231: The Case of the Lover's Gamble 2/18/65
Elizabeth Perry as Estelle Mabury
Hal Peary as Freddy Fell
Margaret Bly as Betty Kaster
Donald Murphy as Dr. Philip Stark
Joan O'Brien as Jill Fenwick
Roy Roberts as Henry Thomas
June Dayton as Frances Stark
Linda Leighton as Sarah Thomas
Grandon Rhodes as Judge
Hal Baylor as First Truck Driver
Minerva Urecal as Martha Glenhorn
Barbara Perry as Beauty Operator
Richard Reeves as Second Truck Driver
Orville Sherman as Mr. Link
Robert Hernandez as Newsboy
John Cliff as Bus Driver
#232: The Case of the Fatal Fetish 3/4/65
Fay Wray as Mignon Germaine
Karen Steele as Carina Wileen
Alan Hewitt as Curt Ordway
Gary Collins as Larry Germaine
Lynn Bari as Ruth Duncan
Douglas Kennedy as Brady Duncan
Erin Leigh as Agnes Fanchon
Richard Devon as Neil Howard
James Griffith as Jack Randall
John Gallaudet as Judge Penner
William Keene as Mr. Kenneth
Robert Chadwick as Policeman
Douglas Evans as Magistrate
Breena Howard as Nurse
Wilda Taylor as Choreographer and Dancer
Johnny Francis as Master of Ceremonies
#233: The Case of the Sad Sicilian 3/11/65
Margo as Serafina
Nico Minardos as Giangiacomo
Anthony Caruso as Enrico Bacio
Fabrizio Mioni as Paulo Porro
Rudy Solari as Massimo Bacio
Linda Marsh as Elizabeth Bacio
Dabbs Greer as Dodson
Paul Comi as Father Reggiani
Charles Irving as Judge
Dort Clark as Desk Sergeant
Alexander Lockwood as Coroner
Charles La Torre as Uncle Fiastri
Tommy Cook as Joe (Bellboy)
Jack LaRue as Cafe Proprietor
Patricia Joyce as Woman Customer
#234: The Case of the Murderous Mermaid 3/18/65
Patrice Wymore as Victoria Dawn
Bill Williams as Charles Shaw
Jean Hale as Reggie Lansfield
Jess Barker as Doug Hamilton
Richard Erdman as Ben Lucas
Lee Bergere as Dr. George Devlin
Nan Leslie as Lillian Keely
Ron Kennedy as Male Nurse
Richard St. John as Patron
Jack Carol as First Reporter
John Ward as Second Reporter
Maurice Wells as First Man
Barry Brooks as Second Man
#235: The Case of the Careless Kitten 3/25/65
Louise Latham as Matilda Shore
Lloyd Corrigan as Gerald Shore
Allan Melvin as Thomas Link
Julie Sommars as Helen Kendall
Alan Reed, Jr. as Frank Templar
Hedley Mattingly as Cosmo
Percy Helton as Hotel Desk Clerk
Raymond Guth as Veterinarian
Francis De Sales as Doctor
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
#236: The Case of the Deadly Debt 4/1/65
Chris Robinson as Carl Talbert
Joe De Santis as Louie Parker
Gregory Morton as Steve Radom
Joan Huntington as Kitty Delaney
Max Showalter as Charles Judd
Robert Quarry as Danny Talbert
Allison Hayes as Stella Radom
Sheila Bromley as Mrs. Talbert
Willis Bouchey as Judge
Madgel Dean as Mrs. Johnson
Emile Meyer as Ed Talbert
Alex Bookston as Station Master
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Johnny Silver as Eddie (Waiter in Night Club)
Jimmy Cross as Waiter in Hotel
#237: The Case of the Gambling Lady 4/8/65
Peter Breck as Peter Warren
Jesse White as Tony Cerro
Ruta Lee as Irene Prentice
Myrna Fahey as Myrna Warren
Benny Baker as Jerome Bentley
Kevin Hagen as Jacob Leonard
John Rayner as Ned Beaumont
Dan Seymour as Croupier
Harry Holcombe as Mr. Big
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
Willis L. Robards as Business Man
Pitt Herbert as Coroner's Physician
Bebe Kelly as Cocktail Waitress
Pepper Curtis as Secretary
Adair Jameson as Teller
#238: The Case of the Duplicate Case 4/22/65
Martin West as Herbie Cornwall
Don Dubbins as Burt Blair
Susan Bay as Millie Cornwall
Steve Ihnat as Charlie Parks
David Lewis as A. K. Dudley
Herbert Voland as Ernest Hill
Audrey Larkin as Miss Dahlbet
Dave Willock as Bartender
Douglas Dumbrille as Judge
Irene Anders as Elevator Operator
Robert Nelson as Detective
Don Lynch as Policeman
Gil Frye as First Technician
Larry Barton as Second Technician
#239: The Case of the Grinning Gorilla 4/29/65
Victor Buono as Nathon Fallon
Charlene Holt as Helen Cadmus
Robert Colbert as F. A. Snell
Lurene Tuttle as Josephine Kempton
Gavin Mac Leod as Mortimer Hershey
Bartlett Robinson as Sydney Hardwick
Harvey Stevens as Benjamin Addicks
Robert Foulk as Sergeant Deputy
Jim Boles as Estate Guard
Tommy Farrell as Jefferson
Janos Prohaska as Gorilla
True Boardman as Morgue Attendant
Ted Stanhope as Waiter
Charles Stroud as Animal Regulation Man
#240: The Case of the Wrongful Writ 5/6/65
James Shigeta as Ward Toyama
Philip Abbott as Harry Grant
Peter Whitney as Capt. Otto Varnum
Bobby Troup as Smitty
Katherine Squire as Esther Norden
Douglas Henderson as Frank Jones
Henry Beckman as Albert King
Nobu McCarthy as Sally Choshi
Francine York as Ursula Quigley
Bill Zuckert as Judge Simpson
Douglas Evans as Judge
#241: The Case of the Mischievous Doll 5/13/65
Ben Cooper as Jasper
Mary Mitchel { Dorrie Ambler
Minerva Minden
Allyson Ames as Rita Jasper
Marge Redmond as Henrietta Hull
Paul Lambert as Del Compton
Phil Arthur as Joe Billings
Kenneth MacDonald as Second Judge
Charles Martin as Judge
Stanley Clements as Second Taxi Driver
Byron Foulger as Airport Clerk
William Boyett as Police Sergeant
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Holly Harris as Woman Bystander
Alan Fordney as Man Bystander
Philip Harron as First Taxi Driver
Jack Fife as Man at Airport
Ann Staunton as Woman at Airport