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Episode #117: The Case of the Cowardly Lion

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Carol Rossen from #117
Actor Page Carol Rossen
Fred Beir from #117
Actor Page Fred Beir
Phyllis Coates from #117
Actor Page Phyllis Coates
Leslie Bradley from #117
Actor Page Leslie Bradley
Warren Kemmerling from #117
Actor Page Warren Kemmerling
Betty Lou Gerson from #117
Actor Page Betty Lou Gerson
Mack Williams from #117
Actor Page Mack Williams
Ralph Manza from #117
Actor Page Ralph Manza
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page O. Z. Whitehead as Harry Beacom
Actor Page Paul Birch as Sec. Officer Crawford
Actor Page Paul Langton as Prosecutor Green *
Actor Page Eddie Quillan as Bookkeeper Keller
Actor Page Bill Quinn as First Judge
Actor Page Norman Leavitt as Crime Lab Technician *
Actor Page Art Lewis as Immigration Clerk
Actor Page Bert Remsen as Lt. White

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