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Episode #179: The Case of the Skeleton's Closet

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Peggy McCay from #179
Actor Page Peggy McCay
Pat Finley from #179
Actor Page Pat Finley
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Keith Andes as Dave Weaver
Actor Page Frank Aletter as Harry Collins *
Actor Page Michael Pate as Richard Harris
Actor Page David Lewis as Albert McCann *
Actor Page Dabbs Greer as Jack Tabor *
Actor Page John Heath as George Layton
Actor Page Walter Mathews as Second Reporter
Actor Page Diane Mountford as Janet Layton
Actor Page Linda Marshall as Norma Weaver
Actor Page Toby Michaels as Secretary
Actor Page Sally Smith as Nancy Layton
Actor Page Pitt Herbert as Dr. Desmond *
Actor Page John Truax as Guard
Actor Page Jarone Bakewell as First Reporter

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