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Episode #231: The Case of the Lover's Gamble

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Hal Peary from #231
Actor Page Hal Peary
Margaret Bly from #231
Actor Page Margaret Bly
There are 2 pictures.

Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Elizabeth Perry as Estelle Mabury
Actor Page Donald Murphy as Dr. Philip Stark *
Actor Page Joan O'Brien as Jill Fenwick *
Actor Page Roy Roberts as Henry Thomas *
Actor Page June Dayton as Frances Stark *
Actor Page Linda Leighton as Sarah Thomas *
Actor Page Grandon Rhodes as Judge *
Actor Page Hal Baylor as First Truck Driver
Actor Page Minerva Urecal as Martha Glenhorn *
Actor Page Barbara Perry as Beauty Operator
Actor Page Richard Reeves as Second Truck Driver
Actor Page Orville Sherman as Mr. Link
Actor Page Robert Hernandez as Newsboy
Actor Page John Cliff as Bus Driver

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