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Episode #217: The Case of the Nautical Knot

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Tom Tully from #217
Actor Page Tom Tully
Anne Whitfield from #217
Actor Page Anne Whitfield
Lisa Gaye from #217
Actor Page Lisa Gaye
Arline Judge from #217
Actor Page Arline Judge
Hank Brandt from #217
Actor Page Hank Brandt *
Barbara Bain from #217
Actor Page Barbara Bain
Whit Bissell from #217
Actor Page Whit Bissell
Kenneth MacDonald from #217
Actor Page Kenneth MacDonald *
Willis Robards from #217
Actor Page Willis Robards *
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Mark Roberts as Ben Scott *
Actor Page Francis McDonald as Peg-Leg Jasper *
Actor Page Lane Bradford as Rider On Horseback
Actor Page Renata Vanni as Rosa Martinez
Actor Page Maurice Wells as Captain Vinson
Actor Page Fern Barry as Esther Larson
Actor Page Glen Vernon as Steward
Actor Page Thomas Hasson as Bellboy

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