#122 Hal Dawson

Birth and Death By Date

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Born on Date

NameBorn DiedAge
Actor Page Hal Dawson Hal Dawson October 17, 1896 February 17, 1987 90
Actor Page John Marley John Marley October 17, 1907 May 22, 1984 76
Actor Page Robert Lowery Robert Lowery October 17, 1913 December 26, 1971 58
Actor Page Barney Kessel October 17, 1923 May 6, 2004 80
Actor Page Fredd Wayne Fredd Wayne October 17, 1924 93
Actor Page Julie Adams Julie Adams October 17, 1926 91
Actor Page Beverly Garland Beverly Garland October 17, 1926 December 5, 2008 82
Actor Page Don Collier October 17, 1928 89

Died on Date

NameBorn DiedAge
Actor Page Sam Flint Sam Flint October 19, 1882 October 17, 1980 97