#149 Sara Taft

Birth and Death By Date

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Born on Date

NameBorn DiedAge
Actor Page Belle Mitchell September 24, 1889 February 12, 1979 89
Actor Page Julia Faye Thomas September 24, 1893 April 6, 1966 72
Actor Page Fern Barry September 24, 1909 September 9, 1981 71
Actor Page Doug Odney Doug Odney September 24, 1923 95
Actor Page Arthur Malet September 24, 1927 May 18, 2013 85
Actor Page Dee Pollock September 24, 1937 December 27, 2005 68

Died on Date

NameBorn DiedAge
Actor Page Sara Taft Sara Taft July 5, 1893 September 24, 1973 80
Actor Page Neil Hamilton Neil Hamilton September 9, 1899 September 24, 1984 85