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Trivia By Episode
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  1. TCOT Restless Redhead In the office scene after Tragg impatiently arrives, look for a T-shaped mark on the floor when Della goes to pour the coffee for Tragg. Oops! See here. Posted by Dedra Kaye DeHart to the Della-Perry group, 10/14/07.
  2. TCOT Angry Mourner In one courtroom scene, Della is not seated at the defense table. Three seconds later, she is! The next time we see the table, she's gone but soon is seen entering through the courtroom door. See here. Submitted by Leah, 7/22/02.
    Jamie Forster plays the judge but is not credited even though he is quite involved in the action and has many lines.
  3. TCOT Crimson Kiss In the restaurant scene, early in the show, we learn that Della's private number is HOllywood 2-1799. Submitted by Paul Chrisney, 6/10/04.
  4. TCOT Runaway Corpse A great blooper! Two of the main characters, Myrna Davenport and her cousin Louise, are in conference with Perry in his office. "Louise" turns to "Myrna" and says "Louise, there's something I didn't tell you...Ed's very ill..." Submitted by Rodney Pendell, 7/11/02.
    The Gauges on the oxygen tank in the motel room show pressure when Dr. Renault checks them. A few seconds later, there's no pressure. Pictures here.
  5. TCOT Negligent Nymph The boat featured in this episode is famous! Who knew? It's a Skagit Boat, a classic of fiberglass made in the 50s and 60s by Skagit Plastics Inc. in LaConner, WA. Many are still in use and there's a Skagit Boat Club in Seattle. Picture here. Submited by Bill Roberts, 2/28/01, with follow up information by Gerald Markham.
  6. TCOT Moth-Eaten Mink This show was the pilot episode of the series. It was filmed in October 1956. Source: Perry Mason: The Authorship and Reproduction of a Popular Hero by J. Dennis Bounds who cites Jim Davidson, “Writing the Perry Mason Pilot: Interviews with TV Writers Ben Starr and Lawrence Marks,” National Association for the Advancement of Perry Mason Newsletter, no. 46, Winter 1990–91, 3, as his source.
  7. TCOT Baited Hook Watch the night cleaning man that Della convinces to let her into the Tydings & Dawson office. As he graciously opens the door for her, he magically acquires a pair of black rimmed glasses as the camera angle changes to inside the office. See here. Submitted by "BB," 2/4/04.
    Shortly after Abigail E. Leeds leaves Perry's office for the first time, Della takes a call from Paul and relays the message to Perry. He says "Call Paul back. Tell him I'll meet him downstairs." Della replies "Oh, that's where he is. Down at Clay's Grill." I think that this is the fiirst mention of "Clay's Grill" in the series and that we don't encounter Clay or his Grill again until the last season. Submitted by Mitch English, 6/28/05.
    Perry's office number, MA 5-1190, makes it's first appearance as the number for the Tydings and Dawson office. Paul gives it to the operator when he makes his warning call to Perry from the phone booth. Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 12/13/06.
  8. TCOT Fan Dancer's Horse Perry's office number, MA 5-1190, makes its second appearance. Perry gives the number to the hotel operator when he calls police headquarters from the detective's room across the hall from the murder victim. It's first used for Perry's office in episode #17, TCOT Sun Bather's Diary. Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 6/30/05.
  9. TCOT Sun Bather's Diary In that scene where Perry's driving along with Arlene and the cops are following them, the view out of the rear window doesn't match that in the rear view mirror.
    Perry's office number, MA 5-1190, makes it's third appearance, this time actually for Perry's office. George Ballard, reading a newspaper ad, says it aloud. The number was previously used in #14, TCOT Baited Hook, and #15, TCOT Fan Dancer's Horse. Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 6/30/05.
  10. TCOT Cautious Coquette The background music for the pool scene can be heard as a song playing in the murder room and elsewhere in #75, TCO Paul Drake's Dilemma. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 3/4/05.
  11. TCOT Haunted Husband "At the end of The Case of the Haunted Husband, Lt. Tragg moans, 'Oy gevalt' when Mason explains how he cracked the case. This a Yiddish expression that translates as a combination of amazing and awful." Any other examples of Yiddish in the series? Submitted by Rabbi Mayer Schiller, 7/23/07.
  12. TCOT One-eyed Witness Perry and Della dine at the classy Ferrolds Cafe. Perry complains about the $1 price of coffee. Across the room is a picture of a woman in a white dress. It's an 1895 poster of May Milton by Toulouse-Lautrec. No wonder Mr. Ferrold charges so much! Learn more at the San Diego Museum exhibition. Submitted by Leah, 7/12/02.
  13. TCOT Empty Tin In the opening scene, John Lowell deftly tears an ad from a newspaper and hands it to Doris Hocksley. As she looks at it, we see there's no printing on the back. How odd! See here. Submitted by Eli Kaminsky, 10/3/05.
    If you look closely at a high quality source ( DVD) of the show, there is indeed printing on the back of that newspaper clipping. See here. Submitted by Richard Childers, 12/25/06.
    Small world: Miriam Hocksley (played by Mary Shipp) says "My father's name was Adam Hocksley. He had a biblical turn of mind. He called me Miriam." Olive Deering, who plays Rebecca Gentrie, also had a biblical turn of mind. She played Miriam in the biblical epics The Ten Commandments and Sampson and Delilah. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 12/23/05.
    Small world 2: In a strange twist, Olive Deering gets to play Miriam once again when, in this episode, she calls Perry pretending to be Miriam Hocksley about to commit suicide. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 10/11/07.
  14. TCOT Screaming Woman The same setup shot is used for the "Dr. Barnes Seaside Hospital" as in #54, TCOT Foot-Loose Doll. See here. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 6/2/04.
  15. TCOT Long-Legged Models Joe De Santis was both a murderer and a victim. See the Statistics page for more info about defendants, murderers and victims.
  16. TCOT Prodigal Parent Dr. Hoxie (Michael Fox) testifies that death was "caused by the passage of the bullet through the rib cage, the peritoneum and left ventricle of the heart." Oops! He should know that it's the pleura in the chest cavity. The peritoneum lines the abdominal cavity. Note that Michael Fox is credited as Dr. Samuel Anders. See the Credits Anomalies page. Submitted by Thomas Grossman, 3/9/04.
  17. TCOT Terrified Typist Alan Marshall was both a defendent and a murderer. See the Statistics page for more info about defendants, murderers and victims.
  18. TCOT Lucky Loser In the scene where Bruce Bennett is hiding outside a cabin and his wife leaves through the front door and then goes down some steps and gets into her car, closely watch the rear window of the car as she backs out. If you're quick enough, you will see the reflection of a cameraman in the window. Submitted by Allan Barnie, 10/10/01.
  19. TCOT Buried Clock Watch for the unusual split-screen special effect when Perry and Dr. Blane talk on the phone.
  20. TCOT Fancy Figures Look for the black actor and director Frank Silvera playing lead Jonathan Hyett. A somewhat daring situation in 1958. Submitted by Karl Eggert, 5/7/05.
  21. TCOT Shattered Dream Listen closely to the scene in Perry's office where Paul reads from his notebook and refers to a woman named Bedford. What is her first name? Some will say it's not the name of the character but the name of the actress that plays her. Submitted by Mitch English, 10/9/04.When I checked this, I heard the character name but, when I listened again later, I was shocked to hear the actress name. On listening yet again, the character name returned. It was really quite weird!
  22. TCOT Foot-Loose Doll The same setup shot is used for the "Dr. Barnes Seaside Hospital" as in #30, TCOT Screaming Woman. See here. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 6/2/04.
  23. TCOT Fraudulent Foto In the third office scene, dictating to Della, Perry says "U.S. Code, Annotated, Section 454, U.S. against Thomas, D.C. Washington, 1943." This is very likely a real case. Submitted by Steve Fox, 10/8/2004.
  24. TCOT Romantic Rogue Gary Lockwood seems to have appeared (for just a few seconds) in this episode, as a policeman in the final outdoor scene. He has no lines and is not listed in the credits. Submitted by Allan Barnie, 9/20/01.
    Maybe not! "On close inspection I believe it more likely the actor is Dick Davalos." Submitted by Ted Parker, 9/28/02. Pictures of all three here. Decide for yourself.
    Hamilton Burger on crutches! He must have slipped at a wild pot party. [Ouch!] Submitted by Patrick Herlihy, 11/8/05.
  25. TCOT Jaded Joker The book, Legal Medicine, Pathology and Toxicology, by Gonzales, Vance, Helpern and Umberger, that is discussed in court was indeed an authorative textbook on the subject at the time. Helpern was a friend of ESG.
  26. TCOT Caretaker's Cat Does Mr. Hilliard, the banker, look familiar? He might. That's Raymond Bailey who later achieved fame as banker Milburn Drysdale on The Beverly Hillbillies.
  27. TCOT Dubious Bridegroom Look for Betsy Jones Moreland playing Lorrie Garvin. Does she look familiar? She might. She returns in 1990 to play the Judge in seven of the two-hour Perry Mason movies.
  28. TCOT Blushing Pearls The famous and award-winning Jerry Goldsmith "composed and conducted" music for this episode. Submitted by Wilson Maffetano, 7/22/03.
  29. TCO Paul Drake's Dilemma The famous and award-winning Jerry Goldsmith "composed and conducted" music for this episode. Submitted by Wilson Maffetano, 7/22/03.
    An instrumental version of the song playing in the murder room and heard elsewhere in this episode is used as background music for the pool scene in #18, TCOT Cautious Coquette. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 3/4/05.
  30. TCOT Lucky Legs The door in the jail scene, opened and closed by the matron, has no lock!
  31. TCOT Crying Cherub The title painting can also be seen in Otto Gervaert's studio in #146, TCOT Absent Artist. Submitted by Xanthippe Svanström, 11/30/04.
    The "Crying Cherub" painting can also be seen in #187, TCOT Reluctant Model, in Goring Gilbert's studio.
  32. TCOT Slandered Submarine Take a close look at the flag behind the Court Marshall panel. It's a little bit out of date. Submitted by Earl Poulsen, 10/6/04.
    The official flag
    of the United States, prior to July 4th, 1959 had 48 stars. Between July 4th, 1959 and July 3rd, 1960, the flag had 49 stars. The flag did not have 50 stars until July 4th, 1960. This was because of an executive order by President Eisenhower. In addition, all existing supplies of 48 or 49 star flags were to be used until unserviceable. So, it is entirely plausible that a 48 star flag could be displayed. It could not have been a 50 star flag because the episode was filmed before this flag was available. Read more here. Submitted by Christopher Stout, 2/21/2006.
    In the scene at the dock after the murder, small signs identify the USS Sawfish (SS-276) and the USS Moray. The hull number for the Moray is hard to spot but it looks like 301, 801 being too large. The SS-301 was actually the USS Roncador. The real USS Moray had hull number SS-300. The Sawfish and Roncador were based at San Pedro and used for training at the time the episode was probably filmed. Submitted by Steve Fox, 10/8/04.
  33. TCOT Irate Inventor In a courtroom scene, Della magically changes from one dress to another and then back again. Pictures here. Found by Markus and submitted by Leah, 11/25/02.
  34. TCOT Treacherous Toupee When the judge looks at his watch to dismiss the court, if you look closely, you'll see that he isn't wearing a watch! Submitted by Will Holman, 5/7/07.
  35. TCOT Credulous Quarry Near the end of the final courtroom scene, Marvin Claridge (Vinton Hayworth) is on the stand. He says "Because Mr. Alexander Hill approached me himself the day after Helen was murdered." Cut to a shot of Mason saying "Thank you. That'll be all Mr. Claridge." Cut to a reaction shot of Hamilton Burger. Behind Burger, in the gallery to the left, we see none other that Mr. Claridge watching himself testify! Pictures here. Submited by Jeff Hanson, 1/7/03.
  36. TCOT Lavender Lipstick The name of the door is Caresse Cosmetic Products but the logo on the building just makes no sense. Submitted by Tom Grossman, 5/2/04.
  37. TCOT Provocative Protege When Perry visits Donna just ahead of Tragg, she is playing a classical piece on the piano. Perry can't "quite place it." Later, Perry writes a note to Donna in jail and comments to Della that "I just remembered the title to a beautiful Beethoven overture." The title in the note looks like "Fidelis" but it's "Fidelio" (compare the "o" to the "s" above) as is confirmed in the closing scene. Now, Fidelio is an opera and does have an overture but isn't this an odd piece for piano solo? So what was Donna playing? Submitted by Steve Fox, 10/20/04.
    In the office scene where Perry is dictating to Della from a book, when he says "California State Penal Code, section 1362, dealing in competency as evidence when witness uh...," he is speaking of an actual and appropriate section of the CSPC. Submitted by Steve Fox, 10/20/04.
  38. TCOT Loquacious Liar Some of the exact same music from the fight scene in the quarry can be heard in North By Northwest. The connection is probably the film's original music composer, Bernard Herrmann, who also did music for Perry Mason. Submitted by Adam Kamil, 11/26/04.
  39. TCOT Haunted Husband When Lori Stoner is on the witness stand, the white streak in her hair is to the right of center. Later, in shots of her in the court seating area, the white streak is to the left of center. More here. Submitted by Daniel Jones, 7/17/07.
  40. TCOT Waylaid Wolf When Orvel Kingman and his goon Al pay a late night visit to Perry, something funny happens with the door to the apartment. Submitted by cobolpoet, 8/14/07. Some pictures here.
  41. TCOT Torrid Tapestry The card at the pawn shop shows Sarah Demay's apartment number as 204. When we arrive at her place, we find that she's moved to #203. See here.
  42. TCOT Jealous Journalist Paul enters the office and reports some new information. Misunderstanding, Perry responds "The applicable law is the Uniform Simultaneous Death Act, Section 296 of the Probate Code, Paul." There is indeed such an Act in the Probate Code. Section 296 doesn't exist today but likely did in Perry's time. Submitted by Steve Fox, 11/11/04.
  43. TCOT Travelling Treasure Watch the service ribbons on that Coast Guard lieutenant after he finds the victim on the fishing boat. Submitted by Tom Lewis, 11/17/04.
  44. TCOT Posthumous Painter The painting "The Three Witches" also appears in #187, TCOT Reluctant Model. See appearances here. Submitted by Xanthippe Svanström, 12/24/03.
  45. TCOT Captain's Coins The passenger liner seen in the opening scenes is the S.S. Mariposa. Read more about her here at Great Ships. Submitted by Steve Fox, 11/23/04.
  46. TCOT Tarnished Trademark When Edie Morrow takes the stand, she's wearing a narrow brimmed hat. When the camera angle changes, so does her hat. The original hat reappears later in the scene only to change again shortly afterwards. See all here.
  47. TCOT Absent Artist The "Crying Cherub" painting from #89, TCOT Crying Cherub, can be seen in Otto Gervaert's studio. Submitted by Xanthippe Svanström, 11/30/04.
    The "Crying Cherub" can also be seen in #187, TCOT Reluctant Model, in Goring Gilbert's studio.
    The painting that Otto Gervaert picks up in his studio can also be seen in #187, TCOT Reluctant Model, and #260, TCOT Sausalito Sunrise. See appearances here.
  48. TCOT Melancholy Marksman In one scene, Cecil the bartender (Jesse White) is just telling the punchline to a joke: "So, he says, 'If it would a happened one minute sooner, I'd had a fractured skull.'" This evidently was an in-joke of the writer's because this is the punchline of a vulgar joke known variously as "Lucky Louie" or "Lucky, Lucky, Lucky." Submitted by Henry McNulty, 6/5/03. [Jokes morph all of the time and searches on those names may not easily find this one so, as a public service, here is a similar joke.]
  49. TCOT Counterfeit Crank At August Dahlgran's competency hearing, Perry intervenes saying "...Section 1461 of the California Probate Code provides that any relative or friend of the alleged insane or incompetent person may appear and oppose such a petition." There is in fact such a code and section. Read it here if you dare. Submitted by Steve Fox, 12/2/04. [Perry's statement doesn't seem to jibe with the current code.]
  50. TCOT Bogus Books Two books are mentioned in this episode. Both are real. The first is Manning and Granger's Reports, short for Manning & Granger's Common Pleas Reports. You will find it listed as "In Print" here (scroll down). The other book is The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. You can read about it here. Submitted by Steve Fox, 12/6/04. [I wonder if Perry really does have a full set of Man & G?]
  51. TCOT Double-entry Mind Watch the briefcase in the opening sequence. Clem puts it on the desk with the handle facing towards the desk chair. When next seen, the briefcase has magically turned around, ready for Clem to fill it with money.
  52. TCOT Weary Watchdog "During the last act, Mason quotes a rule of law from Flynn vs Croates. I think this was a real case." Submitted by Bill Sullivan, 1/22/06. Indeed it was! A quick visit to Westlaw and a $14 search finds: Court of Civil Appeals of Texas, San Antonio, Flinn v. Krotz, March 30, 1927. This case does apply to Perry's situation as amicus curiae. Perry's citation, "293 South Western Reporter 625," is also correct.
  53. TCOT Fickle Filly Watch for the scene in the first half where Paul reports to Perry from a phone booth. Isn't that booth just a little peculiar? Submitted by Mitch English, 1/13/05.
  54. TCOT Polka Dot Pony In an office scene near midway, Perry reads a newspaper, whose headline "Ranch Foremen Held In Beauty's Death," magically changes when he hands the paper to his client. See here. Submitted by Christopher Graul, 5/27/05.
  55. TCOT Libelous Locket Did you catch that line from Lt. Andy about "the Martian nine feet tall?" Could this be a reference to Michael Rennie's famous film The Day the Earth Stood Still? Submitted by Mitch English, 1/19/2005.
  56. TCOT Lawful Lazarus In an early view of Perry's desk, his intercom box is missing. Later, it's back. See here.
  57. TCOT Elusive Element In the office, after the first scene in court, Perry reveals some poetic depth and doth quote "I am a little world made cunningly of elements." This is from Holy Sonnet V by John Donne. Submitted by Steve Fox, 12/22/04.
  58. TCOT Shifty Shoe-box Near the beginning, Miles (Billy Mumy) sits down to watch TV. The picture can't be seen, but we can hear the sound. Recognize the voices? That's Doc and Matt Dillon. The show is Gunsmoke, another CBS hit series of the time. Submitted by D. A . Supernaw, 7/14/05.
  59. TCOT Reluctant Model The painting "The Three Witches" also appears in #132, TCOT Posthumous Painter See appearances here. Submitted by Xanthippe Svanström, 12/24/03.
    The painting seen in the hall outside Goring Gilbert's place can also be seen in #146, TCOT Absent Artist, and #260, TCOT Sausalito Sunrise. See here. Submitted by Leah, 1/29/03.
    The "Crying Cherub" painting from #89, TCOT Crying Cherub, and seen in #146, TCOT Absent Artist, can also be seen in Goring Gilbert's studio.
  60. TCOT Bouncing Boomerang The latter part of the opening scene of the car driving to the ranch is used in #248, TCOT Hasty Honeymooner. See here. Submitted by Adam Kamil, 8/2/07.
  61. TCOT Capering Camera Karyn Kupcinet, who played Penny Ames, was murdered not long after she made this episode. The murder is unsolved. Her body was found by Mark Goddard who appeared in two Perry Mason episodes. More here. Submitted by Mitch English, 2/3/05.
    Okay, just this once: Elaine Stewart, who plays Irene Gray, is married to Merrill Heatter who was executive producer of the game show Runaround which was hosted by alum Paul Winchell which gives her a Mason number of 2 in the Six Degrees of Perry Mason. Submitted by Thom Smith, N8DXR, 7/17/05.
  62. TCOT Ice-cold Hands The radio broadcast of the horserace is called by Jim Healy, who, while not credited for the part, does actually announce "this is Jim Healy." Mr. Healy was a well known radio and television sports personality in the Los Angeles area for 30+ years. Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 2/24/05.
  63. TCOT Bountiful Beauty Check here for Perry's office address and telephone number. The girl in the scene doesn't seem to be wearing colored nail polish but the pointing finger is. The same finger is also seen in #265.
  64. TCOT Woeful Widower Take note of the hats worn by Nellie Conway. You'll see them again in #250, TCOT Wrathful Wraith. The hat with the rickrack is also seen in #256, TCOT Bogus Buccaneers. Submitted by Karrin Kain, 2/14/05.
  65. TCOT Careless Kidnapper The Lumberlady, "that old freighter at the pier," was a U. S. Army Transport during World War II. She was at dock in Long Beach (CA) in October 1941 and delivering troops to San Francisco in December 1945. Back in the Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor, her "businesslike" name got her mentioned in a tourism ad for southern California in 1955. Research by Big Dave, submitted by Steve Fox, 1/14/05.
  66. TCOT Drifting Dropout Paul examines a counterfeit $10 bill. Later, Perry looks over the plate used by the counterfeiters. Oops! Maybe not. See here. Submitted by Markus Raab, 3/8/03.
    Additional information regarding the the printing plate has come to light! Use the link above to see it. Submitted by Roger Kirk, 1/1/04, and Charles Richmond, 6/6/04.
  67. TCOT Scandalous Sculptor In the final scene, listen closely to Hannibal Harvey's good-bye. It sounds like he starts to say "Bye Ray!" (as in Ray Burr) but he catches himself and then adds another "Bye" to cover. Submitted by Adam Kamil, 10/23/04.
    Uncredited actors with a line or two are seen occasionally in the show. But, in this episode, the actress playing "Mrs. Banks" really should have been credited. Her scene lasts about 90 seconds as she is questioned by Perry in court. Submitted by Mitch English, 3/23/05. It looks like this is Shirley Mitchell. See here. Her scene is completely missing in the Hallmark version of this show.
  68. TCOT Bullied Bowler The babysat baby in this episode is Alan Rice. Picture here. Submitted by Alan Rice, 9/11/01.
  69. TCOA Place Called Midnight This episode may have been inspired by real events that occurred in 1959 and 1963 involving Nazi loot found in Lake Toplitz. More here and here. Submitted by Steve Fox, 12/26/04.
  70. TCOT Thermal Thief S. John Launer plays the judge but is not credited even though he has lines.
    The yacht featured in the Dion home movie still exists! Read more here. Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 2/8/07.
  71. TCOT Telltale Tap Paul gives the MA 5-1190 office number to the operator on his cool high tech car phone when he calls Della for Perry. Submitted by Paul Chrisney, 3/19/04.
  72. TCOT Deadly Debt Watch for some unusual camera work in this episode. The director artfully uses an ornamental screen in the High Hat Club as a picture frame in a couple of scenes. Submitted by Mitch English, 4/20/05.
  73. TCOT Duplicate Case In the early scene where Herbie asks Millie for some money, look at the wallet that she pulls out of her desk. It's a man's wallet! Seems kind of odd, her being a lady and all that. A slip-up by the Property Master perhaps. Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 9/21/05.
  74. TCOT Laughing Lady Listen closely to the testimony of Leona Devore (Constance Cummings) and Peter Stange (Bernard Fox). During Burger's cross examination of Devore she says "I ran back to the car and started off ... and then, as the lights swept across the house, I heard her laugh, a mad hysterical laugh." It was, of course, the laugh of the Mynah bird. Later, during Perry's questioning of Stange, we learn that the bird "was outside where you left him when you heard Leona Devore's car coming." These two accounts don't jibe but no one in court seemed to notice. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 7/27/03.
  75. TCOT Cheating Chancellor In the scene where the judge adjourns court until tomorrow and everybody rises, Della has on a jumper and sweater. When court resumes, supposedly on the next day, Della has on the same outfit! See here. Submitted by Carol Barton 2/10/05.
    Keep an eye on Myra Finlay and Evelyn Wilcox in the two courtroom scenes for odd costume changes. See here.
  76. TCOT Impetuous Imp See the dog jump into the water and swim towards the boat? Why would he do that? To get the girl? Not at all. He's just fetching a ball somebody threw out there. See here. Submitted by Tammy, on the phone, c. 3/8/04.
  77. TCOT Hasty Honeymooner The car that Lucas Tolliver (Noah Beery) drives to the ranch is not the same car that he parks in front of the house. Note the location of the side mirror in this side by side picture. Submitted by Gary Delozier, 1/9/02.
    The reason the car is different, is because that driving scene was lifted from #192, TCOT Bouncing Boomerang. Pictures here. Submitted by Adam Kamil, 8/2/07.
    Hugh Marlowe and K. T. Stevens, who played Guy and Alice Munford, were married to each other in real life at the time of the show. Submitted by Mitch English, 5/8/05.
  78. TCOT Wrathful Wraith Recognize the hats worn by Mrs. Stallman? You should. They were also in #204, TCOT Woeful Widower. The rickrack number is also seen in #256, TCOT Bogus Buccaneers. Submitted by Karrin Kain, 2/14/05.
  79. TCOT Runaway Racer At the end of the show, Paul gets into a right-hand drive foreign car and is taken for a ride. Look close! The car on the track is not the same one he got into! It's a modified Corvette. That same straightaway run is also seen when Perry goes for his ride about midway through the show. See more here. Submitted by Julie Corson, 2/21/05.
    The character of Harvey Rettig, played by Anthony Caruso, may have been inspired by real-life team owner and race promoter J. C. Agajanian. See here. Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 9/29/05.
    Listen for this odd exchange when Perry and Paul visit Oliver Stone at his estate. Paul: "Now Professor, will you tell the audience what's written inside the lady's watchband?" Perry: "One dollar, forty-nine." Paul: "Right you are Professor." This sounds like the dialog from a lame clairvoyant act. Look here for the connection. Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 10/28/05.
  80. TCOT Bogus Buccaneers The rickrack hat worn by Mrs. Webb is also seen in #204, TCOT Woeful Widower and #250, TCOT Wrathful Wraith. Submitted by Karrin Kain, 2/14/05.
  81. TCOT Sausalito Sunrise The painting "featured" in the scene where Perry confronts the murderer can also be seen in #146, TCOT Absent Artist, and #187, TCOT Reluctant Model. See the appearances here. Submitted by Leah, 1/29/03.
  82. TCOT Fanciful Frail Check here for Perry's office address and telephone number. The girl in the scene doesn't seem to be wearing colored nail polish but the pointing finger is. The same finger is also seen in #198. Submitted by Paul Chrisney, 6/10/04.
    Please note that the address in the phonebook is wrong! Perry's office moved to the Bank of California building a couple of years ago. Submitted by D. A. Supernaw, 9/6/05. The office didn't exactly move. See the Brent Building page for the full story.
  83. TCOT Final Fade-Out Erle Stanley Gardner appears uncredited as the second judge in this episode. He was remembered in this role in an Associated Press wirephoto distributed with his obituary. Submitted by Thom Smith, N8DXR, 8/22/04.
    Denver Pyle was both a defendant and a victim in this episode. See the Statistics page for more info about defendants, murderers and victims.