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Episode #213: The Case of the Paper Bullets

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Richard Anderson from #213
Actor Page Richard Anderson
Patrick McVey from #213
Actor Page Patrick McVey
Melora Conway from #213
Actor Page Melora Conway
Ford Rainey from #213
Actor Page Ford Rainey
Stewart Moss from #213
Actor Page Stewart Moss
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Lynn Loring as Susan Foster
Actor Page Jan Shepard as Margaret Foster *
Actor Page Arthur Space as Edgerton Cartwell *
Actor Page Frank Marth as Carl Rohr
Actor Page Booth Colman as Prosecutor
Actor Page Carl Prickett as Rufus Findley
Actor Page House Peters, Jr. as Lt. Jeffers
Actor Page Lou Krugman as Gambling Boss
Actor Page Joel Fluellen as Bartender
Actor Page Paul Barselow as Coroner's Physician *
Actor Page Jason Johnson as Judge *
Actor Page William Tracy as Photographer
Actor Page Ann Ayars as Woman Reporter
Actor Page Robert Rothwell as Campaign Worker No. 1
Actor Page John Truax as Taxi Driver
Actor Page Barry Brooks as Croupier *
Actor Page Jack Fife as Campaign Worker No. 2
Actor Page Charles Stroud as Court Clerk

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